The last smart stuff I can think of in the last 45 minutes of 2017

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Do it.

—This has been a shit year in the country at large, and more on that later. But, for me, it’s been, in wholly unexpected ways, a bewilderingly good one. I’m not doing cartwheels, I’m not wealthy, or free from worries (about money, about health, about the people I love). But…

The end of 2016 was the lowest I’ve ever been in my life. In my head. Which, if you’ve ever known me, says quite a bit. Despite a lifelong and whole-other-tale aversion to the idea, I took antidepressants for the first time in my life, starting in January. It became necessary, is what I’ll leave it at. My long-suffering and indispensable therapist (named Bill, called “Doc,” in my ongoing attempt to deflect residual and increasingly irrelevant shame) walked me through the process—two other doctor visits, a little cash—and so I took my pill a day. And… “it’s worked” sounds glib, but, yeah, it has.

I also stopped drinking at the same time. Same day, actually. I’ve never liked to make myself a “thing” in talking about myself, so… here’s a short version. For two decades or more, I used alcohol (cheap beer, almost exclusively) to get through. Depression, or whatever it is, had dogged me my entire life. The ability to freely consume alcohol gradually and inexorably became my way to cope. In ways, I was the ideal drunk, in that I never got crazy, or violent, or irresponsible. My mind turned always inward, and my life did, too, with alcohol giving the retreat form, and ritual. Days were about surviving, then scurrying home in search of oblivion, and safety, of a kind I always recognized as exceptionally needy, and sort of heartbreakingly childish, when I could surface enough to consider.

The year (January 5 will be exactly that) has been marked by a surprisingly not-difficult withdrawal from all that wonted withdrawing. I started (pills—Prozac, 40mg), stopped (alcohol, completely) all at the same instant. And it was—fine. It makes me reflect that I must have been genetically lucky—with regard to alcohol, anyway. Once I made the decision, really made it, there was little bother with the sort of stereotypical white-knuckling, “walk faster past the beer cooler at the supermarket while averting your eyes” thing. I just stopped. Considering the response from the GP I had to see to get my shiny pills once he found out the extent of my alcohol consumption (both in duration and volume), I gather that he thinks I’m lucky, too.

I miss it. I just came from a good friend’s New Year’s Eve party where I’d have loved to drink as of old with good friends I don’t see often enough. I didn’t. I brought him a comically disreputable bottle of booze. I may choose to drink again, theoretically in the moderation that was always unthinkable when it was used—consciously or not—to get me through my days. I’d like to. Especially with good friends I don’t see often enough. But I didn’t on NYE, on my way to January 5 and that nice, round number that means something to me, for whatever reason.

Moving on.

I wrote all year, and for the second year in a row, that’s all I did to keep myself alive. And—I’m alive. Housed, fed, possessed of a vehicle and health care (thanks, Obama!), all thanks solely to the money I can make from my brain. Thanks to the A.V. Club, thanks to the Press Herald. Seriously. It helps that I don’t need much, or do much, but I’m calling this a win for Dennis nonetheless. I’m proud of myself. I am a professional writer, and I’m alive. I will most definitely take that.

My love, my angel, my Emily. She’s doing it, too. Writing. Living. Loving me, inexplicably. She’s always told me how proud she is of me, no matter what, and I’ve always believed her. But, this year, I feel like it’s easier for her to say that, maybe. I’m proud of that, too.


We got a cat. His name’s Cooper. And he’s made me happier than I’d thought possible. I’ve had a cat before (good ol’ Baldrick, RIP), but, as my kind sister Therese could attest once she took over his care once my life fell completely apart—that time—I never truly appreciated him. I’m going to spoil this little bastard fucking rotten, for his entire life. He’s my good little guy.

I’ve alienated the hell out of some people in my life, and, weirdly, I’m okay with that in a way I’ve never been. I’ve always been my angry, cause-happy self, but the events of this shit-cake of a year have driven me to not truly care about making people comfortable. (Even a family member or two. What are you gonna do?) I have a weird visibility online, so I use it. There’s a fascist simpleton bigot rapist Russian asset in the goddamned White House, and a controlling political party clearly determined to enable his dangerous, treasonous lunacy. So fuck it. Shit’s on. And it’s staying so.

Along those lines, while the election of said dipshit illiterate man-baby certainly helped precipitate the extremity of depression that saw me escalate my treatment thereof, this grotesque horror-clown show has also spurred me to greater engagement than ever before. An unexpected windfall at the start of the year saw me give more money to charities (the ACLU, SPLC, CAIR, Planned Parenthood, others) than, collectively, I ever have before. Beyond that, I marched with my friend and friend-hero Sam against Nazis in Boston. (I got heat stroke and he had to pull into a McDonald’s for an embarrassing post-march pit stop, but hey.)20915651_10211266445791028_6355090732767484057_n

I went to demonstrations. I held signs. I signed petitions. I made innumerable phone calls to my representatives (mainly the thoroughly hypocritical and disappointing Susan Collins), urgency quickly stripping my hatred of confrontation and cold calling in the face of the latest GOP bullshit. I started a monthly catalog of actions on this here blog, mainly, I think to reassure myself that I wouldn’t peter out in my resistance to this venal, racist, thoroughly un-American horsecrap. I finally stopped in September, mainly because I didn’t need any such encouragement. Chronicling what I was doing to battle Dipshit Trump only slowed down the actual fighting against Dipshit Trump, basically.


Everyone in my life lived through the year, more or less whole. For that I am deeply grateful, and wish only to copy and paste this same sentence on this night next year.

I have five minutes left. Lightning round. Hopes.

Write even more. Pitch bigger, broader ideas. I love writing my reviews, and am grateful for the opportunity. But it’s time to put this more positive frame of mind toward action. Time to think bigger.

Spoil Emily, Spoil Cooper. Spoil my family. Be a better friend. Reach out to people I miss, so I don’t have to miss them.


Amplify the voices of people whose work and whose words I respect. Continue to connect with others who are fighting this corrupt, hateful nonsense. Fight despair, fight fear. Fight.

One metaphor to end 2017, as I am fond of those. Every day for 40-plus years, I started out each day in a hole. If I could manage it, I clawed my way up, and out, only to crawl along the ground in a scrambling attempt to dispense with what I felt was expected of me. Then back into the hole, and start underground again the next day.

Now, I feel like I start out each day (or most days) on the ground. Like I said, I ain’t doing cartwheels. I’m not flying. But I don’t have to climb up and out just to start living. Time to keep looking around. Deciding where to walk.

Happy New Year, everyone.

—Portland, Maine. 12:01 AM, January 1, 2018.


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John Oliver explains the flaws in forensic evidence with the help of Josh Charles’ Crime Scene Idiot

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Note: Wrote this for the AV Club but it ended up not getting used for… reasons. It’s an infuriating segment and a funny skit with a lot of people I like.

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and the rest of his crack, Emmy-winning team of comedy investigators did their usual in-depth piece on an important issue that makes you want to scream and throw things once you learn what they know. This week, their topic was all that snazzy, iron-clad forensic analysis we see on literally every third channel we turn to, day or night. You know, the computer 3-D models, the brilliant, socially dysfunctional (but in a fun way) science geeks with preternatural insight, and lots and lots of that neat spray stuff that makes blood glow in the dark. Well, as Oliver presents it in his signature meticulously funny fashion, the satisfyingly crowd-pleasing cop science of your average, super cool TV procedural is, in actuality, startlingly prone to convicting the wrong B-list guest star each week.

Oliver shows how old CSI standbys like bite mark reconstruction are routinely used in courts even though the field’s most-heralded proponent now repudiates his own work in a technique independent scientists say “does not meet scientific standards.” He introduces us to a man named Santae Tribble, freed from prison after 26 years once someone finally got around to testing the stray hairs that FBI experts used to convicted him of murder, only to find that not only were none of them his, several belonged to a freaking dog. Or the Innocence Project’s assertion that a staggering number of overturned convictions (including those of at least nine people that have been executed) are based on forensic evidence that has been proven to be flawed to the point of being useless. Again, Last Week Tonight will make you throw stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 10.10.09 PM

Perhaps reasoning that, since TV has biased jurors, attorneys, and even judges in favor of the infallibility of unreliable forensic testing, only TV can fix it, Oliver called in some famous friends. Featuring Josh Charles as a David Caruso-esque, sunglasses-sporting, crime-scene-bon-mot-spouting forensic investigator, CSI: Crime Scene Idiot showed just how the cult of the slick television blood-swabber is about as realistic to actual police and lab work as Sherlock’s mind palace. Charles plays a hilariously smarmy douchebag as only he can, while more principled and scientifically rigorous colleagues Samira Wiley, Robert John Burke, Josh Lucas, and Shannon Woodward all roll their eyes and lecture him on proper procedures, the meaningless of the oft-employed phrase “a reasonable degree of scientific certainty,” and the fact that they, as forensic scientists, don’t actually work for the police. (You know, as opposed to his team of “experts,” including an old-timey prospector, two toddlers in trench coats, and a crime-sniffing pony.) Now if only this show would get picked up for 23 episodes by CBS, the word might filter down that accused people’s fates deserve a lot more deliberation that what jurors and law enforcement types see on television. Especially since a program intended to advise the DOJ about these issues was recently discontinued by Attorney General and “xenophobic Boss Baby” (according to Oliver), Jeff Sessions. Commence throwing things.

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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” September page-a-day calendar


Friday, September 1

—Trump is, naturally, attempting to pack every court in the land with the whitest, most racist extremists in all the land. Let’s not have that shit.
—And again.
One more time.
Seriously, and the Republican Party is all about that nonsense, as well. Let’s not forget them when this horrorshow crumbles.

Saturday, September 2

—We need to keep information on DREAmers from wee bigot Jeff Sessions. There’s an act that congress should pass.
—And let’s keep these slavering bigots from wrecking 800,000 DREAmers lives in the first place.
—Here’s a good one-stop shop to fight this white supremacist bullshit.
—And here’s another. Do it, you.

Sunday, September 3

—In a non-Trump palate cleanser, Pepsi is murdering the rain forests.
—Hey! Republicans want to gut Social Security to pad their pockets! I hate them! Reject H.R. 3423, the Social Security Commission Act of 2017.
They’d really like a racist Game of Thrones wall, too.
—Letter to Susan Collins urging her to continue opposing Republicans’ efforts to kill people who can’t afford healthcare.

Monday, September 4

—The Democrats really need to (learn to) stand up and take swings every time Dipshit opens his damn mouth.
—HahahahahaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaa…. Trump has nominated an Oklahoma congressman named Jim BrideOfFrankenstein Jim Bridenstein to run NASA. Great pick! You know since Dingus doesn’t believe in climate change or, you know, science.

Tuesday, September 5

Billionaire dilettante rape apologist Betsy DeVos wants to destroy the public school system. She was a Trump nominee to head the Department of Education, shockingly.
—She’s also really, really interested in protecting the rights of campus rapists. Like, it’s her hobby.
Climate change and science denier Scott Pruitt was also put in charge of the EPA. Just leaving that there.
—And let’s urge Pruitt to ban a poisonous insecticide, which he will never do because of his aforementioned corporate shilling.
—Calling all Democrats to resign from the bogus, racist Trump voter fraud commision led by Trump bigot-pitbull vote suppressor Kris Kobach.

Wednesday, September 6

—Las Vegas police arrested NFL player Michael Bennett (violently) for no discernable reason. Oh, and Bennett is black. And has sat during the national anthem at NFL games to protest, among other things, police brutality. So, yeah.
—Seth Meyers had another voice of sanity, Jake Tapper, on his show and I wrote about it for the AV Club.
—Republicans want to renegotiate NAFTA to—wait for it!—pad some motherfuckin’ pockets.

Thursday, September 7

—Hey, you know how Texas and Florida are underwater due to climate change? Trump moved to gut Obama-led rules to combat flooding—in areas affected by climate change.
—DACA. Save it.

Friday, September 8

—There is simply no reason for Trump and his white supremacist li’l kobold Jeffy Sessions to cancel DACA other than bigotry.
—Same goes for banning trans people from serving in the military. Which that bloated cane toad never had the balls to do. So to speak.
—Oh, and more DACA. Congress needs to pass the DREAM Act. Now.

Saturday, September 9

—Urging Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree to join in on a formal censure of Trump for… well, it could be a lot of things, really.
—Some pathetic, dickless little toads sure looove their Confederate flags.
—The GOP would like to know my opinion on their traditional “tax breaks for us and our wealthy donors, fuck the poor and needy” tax plans. You know, I don’t care for them, as a rule

Sunday, September 10

—North Carolina continues to vie for the “shittiest state” title (although it’s too close to call). Here is a petition calling the state’s “it’s not rape if a woman withdraws consent” law, because, as everyone in NC knows, once you get a man all revved up, he deserves to ejaculate inside you.
DACA. Save it from bigots. It really is that simple.
—Speaking of bigots and other assorted soiled weasel-bedding, here’s John Oliver beating the squirmy crap out of Trump’s buddy, racist, disgraced (then shamefully pardoned) cop Joe Arpaio in the AV Club.

Monday, September 11

—Just get rid of the electoral college already.
—Republicans are really invested in passing laws protecting people who drive their cars deliberately into protesters.
—Seth Meyers puts all this “is Trump actually an independent?” gibberish to bed. Wrote about it for the AV Club.


Tuesday, September 12

—Hey, Democrats? Yeah, Dennis here. Anyone who capitulates to Trump in the time before this flailing national nightmare comes crumbling down will be primaried. Just a heads-up on this tax break nonsense, Heidi Heitkamp and Tim Ryan, you spineless goons.

Wednesday, September 13

—Trump has picked another—wait for it!—Wall Street lawyer to regulate Wall St. So that sucks.
—Speaking of feckless greed, Wells Fargo is shitty, even for a huge corporate banking entity.
—ESPN has reprimanded Jemele Hill for, among other things, calling Donald Trump a white supremacist. Which he empirically, unquestionably is.
—For the AV Club, wrote about Samantha Bee (who I love) doing a Full Frontal segment that I found a little “white privilege-y” concerning what to do with Nazis. You decide.

Thursday, September 14

—Bernie Sanders has a dozen or so Democratic senators co-sponsoring his latest Medicaid-for-all bill. Sure.
—Not specifically Trum-ian, but Brazil’s government is looking to despoil the rainforest at an even more Earth-strangling rate.
—Wrote about journalist Katy Tur talking about Trump’s creepy, creepy, creepy obsession with alternately insulting and sexually harassing her on Conan for the AV Club. Ew.

Friday, September 15

—The GOP simply will not rest until they kill some poor people by stealing their health care. Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy are pushing another “murder the poors” plan. Jesus Christ.
Letter to Susan Collins, urging her to remain opposed to this hateful bullcrap.
—And if there’s anything Republicans love more than poor-murder, it’s despoiling public lands.
—Pumpkinhead wants money for his racist, ludicrous Game Of Thrones wall. Let’s give that to hurricane victims instead, hey?

Saturday, September 16

—Now there are rumblings that trump has caved on pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement? or not? Anyway, here’s to mayors and governors signing on in defiance of him pulling out in the first place.
—Seriously. Enough with the wall nonsense, you ninnies.

Sunday, September 17

—Donated $25 to ILAP (Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project: Maine). I don’t have a lot, but I’m donating far more to worthy causes than ever before. So, thanks, Trump, you motivationally racist scumbag!
—Facebook took over $100,000 from a Russian troll-farm (which is not nearly as magical as it sounds) during the election, and is refusing to divulge the information. Zuckerberg…

Monday, September 18

Called Susan Collins office urging her to, again, stand up against the most recent effort of her party to murder some poor people.
—Another letter to Collins and King on the same, grotesquely cruel subject.
Defend DACA from Trump and his sweaty white supremacist pals.
—So says Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. And, you know, me.

Tuesday, September 19

Called Susan Collins (still silent), Angus King (stolidly against), and Paul LePage (raving asshole-bigot-bumpkin) urging them to come out against the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal nonsense.
Another petition, on the same infuriating subject.

Wednesday, September 20

—Another delightful aspect of the new GOP health-destroyer bill is elimination of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Because, evil.


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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” August page-a-day calendar


Another month. Still here. The worst people in the country run it. The rest of us do what we do. I can’t do much, not on my own. You’ll see, as ever, a lot of petitions, a lot of phone calls, the donations I can spare to organizations full of people with more will and organizational skills and smarts than I’ve got. This blog got taken over by this monthly exercise in keeping the panic tamped down, venting profanely, and giving myself documentation of the concrete things I do each day. That way this whole rotten tangerine nightmare doesn’t just melt together into a toxic sludge of ignorance and hate and hopelessness. It actually has worked relatively well, in that respect, at least.

Regardless, not gonna stop. Not ever. The country’s on fire. Let’s go. Hit it.


Tuesday, August 1

—One of the main elements of the prison-industrial complex is disenfranchising felons. Petition to kick things off.
—Another one is locking up disproportionate numbers of young black men for weed while America marches toward legalization. Senator Cory Booker is introducing a nationwide legalization effort.
—Dead-souled corporate shill Scott Pruitt (who’s also the head of the EPA because Trump has turned America into a sick, remorseless joke) wants to gut smog regulations. He’s the head of the EPA. Just putting that out there again.
—The August Twitter offensive begins.
—Wrote about Al Franken—that’s Senator Al Franken, to you—on Colbert for the AV Club. If we have to have unlikely TV personalities as influential politicians in our lives, I’ll take him, Al Franken.

Wednesday, August 2

—Sinclair Broadcasting is the largest owner of local news stations in the country. They also force local stations to carry low-rent Fox News-esque propaganda. Maine’s Channel 13, WMPG is one such station and Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree ain’t happy. (Here’s a fine piece by John Oliver about this bullshit.)
—Hey, maybe don’t get into a shooting war in Syria. Just a thought.
—Wrote about Samantha Bee’s musical takedown of Trump’s pet racist (voter suppression variety), Kris Kobach, for the AV Club.

Thursday, August 3

—Biggest to smallest, top to bottom, the Republicans are leaving no way to hurt poor people untried. Now—let’s take away their cell phones!
—And their access to low-cost, completely necessary medications!
—And another!
Billionaire dilettante bigot Betsy DeVos (the head of the Education Department, because America is in the hands of literally the worst possible people) is meeting with rape apologists and “men’s rights activists” (you know, sad, dickless cretins) to undermine rape protections on college campuses. No, that’s not me making up crazy shit to prove a point.
—Hey look, Washington DC cops are openly wearing KKK regalia. So that’s… horrifying.
—Twweeeeeeet, damn you.

Friday, August 4

—Made a recurring donation to ProPublica, largely in response to racist little hate-kobold Jeff Sessions most recent attacks on the press.
Abortion rights are human rights. No debate. I’m done debating with people who don’t see women as human.
—Look, John McCain got all the press (as he intended) for voting against the Republicans’ loathsome health care bill. But Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is also battling cancer, and she interrupted treatment to vote against it—without having to be forced into it. Hero.
—Trump and his pet spider monkey racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions are attacking affirmative action, using the age-old white person excuse “reverse racism.” Which is the grossest proof yet of this administration’s white supremacist agenda. I mean, it’s a close race, but…
The Twitting. 

Saturday, August 5

—Trumphead is blundering ahead with his bigoted transgender military ban (differentiated from his bigoted Muslim ban). Fuck this guy.
—Pressure banks to stop funding Trump’s bigoted agenda by getting them to stop investing in his immigrant concentration camp detention centers.
—And hey, bank-folk, how please note that your funding of disputed, polluting oil pipelines has not escaped our notice.
—People in congress—including a shocking number of democrats—want to make it a felony for individuals to take part in boycotts of other nations (it’s about Israel) for political reasons. This is unconstitutional nonsense, obviously.
—The grift is on, what with the Grifter-In-Chief in the White House and all. Now he’s looking to abolish regulations that ban US companies from dodging billions in taxes.

Sunday, August 6

—Prisons are cutting off in-person visits in favor of expensive, unreliable, and isolating phone or Video-only visitation. Senator Tammy Duckworth is calling bullshit, and so am I.
—Naturally, the Republicans see Trump as their casino greeter to despoiling the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge.
—Tinyhands McGoo is looking to fire Robert Mueller, the person investigating him and his cabal for treason. Anyone who stands for this is one of those stereotypical peasants whose fruit carts get tipped over by El Comandante’s stormtroopers in a bad movie.
—The Democratic Party would like me to sign on in support of their “A Better Deal” agenda. I did so, even though the Democratic Party remains mumblingly awful at promoting itself.
—Nissan is engaging in some serious Pinkerton shit in trying to keep some of its American workers from unionizing.

There is power in a union. Also, this is just a great movie. 

—Trump turned a Boy Scout jamboree into a neckerchief-ed, short-pantsed white supremacist rally.

Monday, August 7

—Hey, GOP? Yeah, that game show host with the long history of racism and sexual harassment (at least) that you (sort-of) elected president is going to tweet us right into a nuclear war that ends life on Earth. So, thanks, dickheads.
—As cartoonishly venal as Trump is, the Republicans are doing everything they can to bull-rush every horrible thing they can get away with before… well, you know. That’s evil. Here’s where they’re trying to despoil some ocean.
—Bernie wants Medicare for all. I’m tiring of Bernie and his increasingly bro-ed out, dismissive acolytes, but sure.
—Trump’s on vacation and still managed to bring the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Wrote in the AV Club about Colbert and Meyers‘ takes on that whole… situation.

Tuesday, August 8

—Credo Action petition urging Dems to support Medicare for all while everyone’s super-pissed at the Republicans’ attempt to literally kill moms, kids, and loved ones.
—White House site petition urging Dipshit to not interfere with a governmental report about climate change. Because that’s something we have to fucking worry about now.
—Wrote about Stephen Colbert’s take on how we’re all gonna die for the AV Club. It was funny. We’re all gonna die.

Wednesday, August 9

—When billionaire bigot dilettante Betsy DeVos isn’t the worst person at the Department of Education, that’s a problem. Meet Candice Jackson, who took the side of rapists and rape apologists everywhere when she proclaimed that “90%” of all campus rapes are the result of silly drunk women lying. These are evil people, and Claire McCaskill would like Candice Jackson fired, please.
—Hey, Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a QB job. And the NFLPA (his union!) won’t say a word on his behalf. Nothing like a league-ful of old, white men deciding to punish an uppity black man for daring to speak out about equality.

Thursday, August 10

—As a palate-cleanser amidst all the racism, here’s a petition demanding UPS pledge not to ship “hunting trophies.” You know, the decapitated heads of endangered species that rich white scumbags pay thousands to shoot so they can feel like big, manly men with functional, adequate-sized penises. You know, like the dipshit sons of the dipshit “president.”


Pictured: Two trust fund halfwits grinningly holding the corpse of a creature worth approximately 5000 times more than they.

Friday, August 11

—Wrote about Stephen Colbert havin’ a li’l fun at Trump’s childishly megalomaniacal need for complete and constant validation at all times for the AV Club.
—Donated $25 more bucks to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dunno what else to do.

Twitter-wars, this night mostly about the caught-on-camera-and-soon-to-be-publically-shamed-if-I-can-help-it white supremacists rallying in Charlottesville tonight.
Anti-Nazi petition.
—”Hey Fuckhead, don’t toilet-tweet us into a nuclear war with north Korea” petition.

Saturday, August 12

—In Charlottesville, the Nazis marched, and then one of them drove his car into a crowd of anti-Nazi protesters. Many injured, 30-year-old Heather Heyer is dead. A Nazi terrorist attack in a US city. Donald Trump called out “both sides.” Refused to mention, let alone condemn, the white supremacists chanting Heil Trump and making Nazi salutes in his name while they carry torches. The president if the United States is a white supremacist. Been saying it for a long, long time, and been called a hysterical Social Justice Warrior for the trouble. Well, Heather Heyer was a Social Justice Warrior. Warrior. And so am I.
—Here’s a Twitter hashtag I started to call out and identify bigots. Flush them into the light and then flush them out to the damned sea. #MakeBigotsFamous. 

Sunday, August 13

—The NRA is a racist terrorist organization.
—In addition to human decency, Trump and his minions hate science.
James Alex Fields Jr. is a Nazi terrorist who killed a woman and injured a lot more people. Jeff Sessions is a stone-cold racist who’s also—because America is trash—the Attorney General. He will fight any attempt to call white supremacist bigots what they are, let alone prosecute them.

Monday, August 14

—There are several bills (from those wacky Republicans) seeking to make it legal to run over anti-racist protesters. Because that’s who these people are.
—And let’s not forget the whole Trump-Russia thing.

Tuesday, August 15

—So today, Donald Trump openly doubled down on his defense of the Charlottesville Nazis. Unequivocally. I don’t care if it’s Bannon, Miller, Gorka, or Satan himself whispering in this prick[‘s ear. Donald Trump has tossed in, once and for all, with Nazis. Gloves off. Shit’s on.
—And to start things off on the meekest possible note—petition! Granted, it is for Shithead Johnson to be impeached, but I’ll do better.
—Even weaker: This petition only calls for Fuckhead to be censured.
—But seriously, impeach this bitch.
—The Dems are calling for a motion of “no confidence.” Which, meh.
—Marginally better: Called Maine Republicans Susan Collins and Bruce Poliquin to tell them that they will be held accountable if they don’t immediately call for Trump’s impeachment.
—Hey, you know how Trump went out and made a point to make excuses for the Charlottesville Nazis? Stephen Colbert wasn’t having it, and I wrote about that for the AV Club.

—Wednesday, August 16

—Trump and his wee little hate-leprechaun Jeff Sessions are trying to get an anti-Trump website to turn over the personal info of over a million people who think he’s a dick. He’s a dick. Please feel free to read this website, wherein I spell out why you’re a dick. My name is Dennis Perkins, and I approve that message.
—Fire Trump’s Nazi Hutt, Steve Bannon.
—As Seth Meyers showed, Donnie doesn’t like to be told to condemn Nazis because Donnie is a big, racist boy. Wrote about it for the AV Club.
—The Twits.

—Thursday, August 17

Defend DACA. You know, against the white supremacist president.
—Bing-Bong and his fellow corporate stooges are shutting down any science that might prevent them from looting the world’s natural resources.
—Hey! Remember how Trumpies said we were being hysterical when Trump cut off funding and manpower meant to investigate the rise of white supremacist terrorism? Because I sure as fuck do.
SNL is back! Sort-of. I wrote about the Trump-heavy Weekend Update: Summer Edition for the AV Club. I don’t think I nailed Tina Fey. (Yes, I wrote that on purpose.) Still, her “sheetcaking” bit was funny, and I think there’s more going on that the criticism being lobbed at it would suggest. Regardless, I’m pissed I didn’t get into it more fully.

Friday, August 18

Wrote for the AV Club about Stephen Colbert bringing on the host of Face The Nation to get tipsy and very genteelly suggest that Donald Trump is off his fucking nut.


Saturday, August 19

—My friend Samuel James and I dove down to Boston to march against the Nazis planning their “free speech as long as we’re talking about yelling slurs at brown people, Jews, and women” rally. It was a long, restorative, inspiring day, where 40,000 people scared the piss out of the 100 or so Nazis who dared to show up (for about a half-hour). Poor babies.
—Twitter, with heatstroke.


Me, Sam. Not pictured: Nazis, who fled.

Sunday, August 20

—John Oliver took time out from ripping Trump (okay, he did some) to write about how Congress keeps kicking the nuclear waste can on down the block. Wrote about it for the AV Club.

—I had a wonderful sunny Maine afternoon looking at wild animals with my perfect niece. That’s what you call self-care, people.

Monday, August 21

—After betraying his knuckle-dragger followers (Mexico ain’t payin’ for nothin’), Dipshit wants Congress (you know, meaning those tax-paying knuckle-draggers) to pay for his racist Game Of Thrones wall.
—Amidst all his racist bullshit, never forget that Trump’s in this to loot the country.
—Bannon and Gorka are out, but let’s pressure the networks to stop booking them (and still-employed minor concentration camp commandant Steven Miller) on their airwaves.

Tuesday, August 22

—A judge messed with Texas, throwing out the Texas GOP’s bullshit, racist gerrymandering and voter suppression-for-all. Beto O’Rourke, who’s running to unseat human slime-salamander Ted Cruz wants people to sign on against the Republicans trying that nonsense again.
—Another greedhead, polluting pipeline is set to despoil some sacred Native lands. Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline, in case you’re looking for a new thing to be pissed about.

Wednesday, August 23

—Petition for news organizations to stop using the term “alt-right,” a rebranding effort by Nazis, white supremacists, and assorted dickless scumbags. All of which would be acceptable replacements for “alt-right.”
—I think people should be able to afford necessary medications. That’s what a Commie I am.

Thursday, August 24

—There’s something called the DISCLOSE Act, which would force politicians to, um, disclose sources of what’s currently called “dark money.” Strangely, they don’t like that idea. Hmm.
—Racists hate DACA. So does the Trump administration. Hmm.

Friday, August 25

—Before Trump tweets us into nuclear war from his gold toilet.
—Or gets a reporter or someone he rage-dumps at killed. Again, from his golden toilet.
—Oh, Trump wants cow cursed into human form but still possessed of a cow brain Sam Clovis to be the head scientist of the USDA. You know, despite the fact that he’s outspokenly anti-science. And a conspiracy nut. And a bigot. And not a scientist. Moo.
—Petition to stand up for science. The concept of science is under attack by these people. Science.

Saturday, August 26

—Hey, Trump voters! Dickhead wants to cut your overtime pay! Great work, gang!
—Senator Kamala Harris wants hearings on the (Trump-endorsed and aided) rise of white supremacist groups in the United States.

Sunday, August 27

—Houston is underwater, so naturally Trump’s racist shock troops at Border Patrol and ICE are using the mass evacuations of families fleeing a hurricane to look for more brown people to deport. I hate these people. Just, hate.
Seriously. Hate.

Monday, August 28

—Trump wants to use NAFTA to pillage other countries without oversight. Which is so him.
—Corporate stooge (and head of the EPA, because everything sucks now) Scott Pruitt wants to end the ban on several deadly pesticides, because they’ll only be poisoning poor people, presumably.

Tuesday, August 29

—Scotty also wants to end the Clean Water Act. There’s a buck in it.
—In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and another, possibly worse storm heading for Florida, Republicans are trying to gut federal flood insurance. There’s a buck in it.

Wednesday, August 30

—Scumbag and Scumbag Inc. want to deport DREAM-ers.
—Seriously, I hate these people.

Thursday, August 31

—Jeff Sessions really has a tiny little elf hard-on for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders.

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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” July 2017 page-a-day calendar

Onto month seven and Donald Trump is worse than even I thought. Or, at least—giving him the most drastic benefit of the doubt—he’s done every terrible thing his pre-election apologists claimed he wouldn’t do. Clichés are clichés and all, but, seriously, when someone shows you who they are, fucking believe them. Donald Trump is a dim, racist, megalomaniacal, sexist, tetchy, paranoid, inarticulate, thieving, boorish, power-lusting asshole. Who’s colluded with a dictator to steal an American election. That’s all he’s ever been, and that’s all he’ll ever be.

Honestly, after seven months of this bullshit, if you’re still whooping on the Trump train while tossing shitty American beer cans at brown people, gays, and women, then I genuinely think you’re a bad person. He told you who he was, and, if you hung on hoping that he’d just be the sort of measured conservative you really want only to hop off along the way, then we can talk. If you’re still with this fraction of a man at this point as he actively attempts to undermine American democracy and demonize anyone not exactly like him and his white, wealthy pals and donors, then, from me, go fuck yourself. The fight is on, and you’re not on my side. To it.

Saturday, July 1

—Called the Maine Secretary of State, again urging him to join in the now 27 states refusing to comply with the fraudulent voter fraud commission led by noted bigot and vote-suppressor Kris Kobach.
—Amazon is still advertising on racist conspiracy site and Trump morning toilet-read Breitbart.
—Urging the Golden State Warriors not to come to Trump’s White House for the obligatory NBA champs smile-a-thon. Sure, it won’t change one thing, but you know it would make Trump just tooth-gnashingly insane. It’s the little things.
—The Twitter-war against intellectually dishonest, ill-schooled ignoramuses continues. Like NRA spokesperson and person who never got over being a mean girl in middle school Dana Loesch.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 2.20.26 PM

I have fun.

Sunday, July 2

Wells Fargo is trying to foreclose on a dead guy’s home, all while Trump and his cronies attempt to repeal all regulations on banks doing that sort of thing.
—John Oliver did a long and alarmingly funny Last Week Tonight segment on Sinclair Media Group, which is why your folksy local newscast is gradually turning into a dimwitted mini-Fox News. Wrote about it for the AV Club.
—There’s something called the Disarm Hate Act, which makes the kooky suggestion that those convicted of committing hate crimes should be able to buy guns. Shocking, the NRA is against it, as that would cut heavily into profits.

Monday, July 3

—Another petition about the Trump-Kobach “give your SSN to Russia and steal your votes” commission.
—Trump and his lackeys are bullying the hell out of the press. Respectfully—grow a pair. Get some of that Hunter Thompson in you, media members.
—In his quest to people the US government with the absolute worst people possible, Trump wants author of the CIA “torture memo,” Steven Bradbury, to be general counsel for the Department of Transportation. Yes, Trump is so shitty, I care passionately about the general counsel for the Department of Transportation.
Twitter War.

Tuesday, July 4

—Ted Cruz has a plan to save the Republicans’ terrible health care bill. It’s terrible!
—Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden is not happy that Trump is sharing info with Russia, since they’re a brutal dictatorship who stole the election fro Trump and is engaged in ongoing attempts to infiltrate our democracy and all.
—The Tweetering.

Wednesday, July 5

—Aaaand, Trump wants to allow people to just blast sonic air guns underwater in pursuit of… something. Fuck you, whales and dolphins!
—Very few states (like one) have complied with Trump and Kobach’s voter suppression campaign. It should be none. 

Thursday, July 6

—Mitch McConnell (in the running for anti-American of the decade) is looking to subvert congressional rules to pass a corporate polluters bill, S 1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017. Letter to Susan Collins.
—Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a petition against the Republican health care bullshit.

Friday, July 7

—Susan Collins has claimed she’s a no on the Republicans’ health care (sorry “health care”) bill. Called to thank her—and, you know, remind her.
—As of today, it appears that only Arkansas is turning over its citizens’ private information to voter suppression asshole Kris Kobach. One too many.
—And another petition on the issue.

Saturday, July 8

—Ted Cruz is looking to make deals on the Republicans’ shitty health care bill now. Since Cruz is about as popular (even with other Republicans) as antibiotic-resistant VD, that doesn’t bode well for the death bill of theirs. Still, a letter to Susan Collins doesn’t hurt.
—Religious bigots are super-hard to discriminate against gay people in housing. Pass H.R. 1447, the Fair and Equal Housing Act.
Hey, remember how Trump promised a kajillion dollar infrastructure plan? Yeah, he lied. Save Amtrak.

Sunday, July 9

—Another letter to Collins on health care.
—Orrin Hatch (R-UT) wants “input from corporations” on how best to reform the tax code. Psst: They don’t want to pay any taxes, and they’re willing to spend a goodly amount of cash to people like Hatch to represent their money-grubbing interests.
—The Republican Party knows its ideas are shit. That’s why they gerrymander districts to disenfranchise non-white people and others who see through their venal, racist bullshit.
—Petition from VoteVets that the Idiot Manboy In Chief should not be able to launch military action against North Korea. Frankly, there should be a long, long series of checks before this dipshit can use his phone.

Monday, July 10

—Anything called “ACLU vs. Trump” is worth a signature of support. This case is about Trump’s bullshit voter suppression tactics.
Same goes for Common Cause.
—Hey, the Republicans are all-in on S. 1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017. Which, naturally, means it’s a real land-raper.
—You know, gun nuts like Ronald Amidon shouldn’t have any place in the government. Like, not at all.
—Li’l Donnie Trump Jr., now dad’s third-favorite child and falling, admitted that he met with Russian agents specifically to get dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign. So, that’s treason. Let’s have the little bastard in for questioning, huh?
—Wrote about Stephen Colbert’s take on Li’l Fredo’s treasonous fuckup for the AV Club.


Tuesday, July 11

—Claire McCaskill isn’t a fan of the Republicans’ health plan. Me neither.
—I’m not a fan of Tweeting at dummies, either. Oh, I do it.

Wednesday, July 12

Called Susan Collins office, urging her to hold to her opposition to the Republicans’ health care debacle and to spout off about Trump-Russia. Trump’s nominee for head of the FBI is being super-shifty in his confirmation hearing right now about the whole “the president is clearly a traitor” thing.
It’s Net Neutrality Day, wherein people attempt to stop Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, the FCC, and Trump from fucking up the internet.
—John Oliver popped by to visit Stephen Colbert, and pronounce us “turbo-fucked.” Wrote about it for the AV Club.

Thursday, July 13

—Ted Cruz just released his version of the shitty Republican health bill, which is_wait for it—incredibly shitty. It does however, attempt to buy off GOP senators in key states with baubles and beads and so forth. Angus King isn’t on board and he’s got a petition.
—League of Conservation Voters want King and Collins to protect Maine’s environment from Trumpian land-rape. It’s not like tourism is important to Maine, right?
—Tom Udall prompt on health care, in the form of a thought bubble caption. I used mine to insult Ayn Rand. You have to have fun.
The Twitter.

Friday, July 14

—The only doubt I had about signing this petition urging Trump to have a meal with people that have been granted clemency from their prison sentences is that they’d have to watch Trump eat.
Trump’s war on brown people continues apace.
—If the Republicans’ plan to gut health care to procure massive rich-dick tax cuts doesn’t pan out (and it’s looking shaky, thankfully), Orrin Hatch has another scheme for backup!

Saturday, July 15

—Petition to the convention of District Attorneys calling for opposition to cornpone racist Jeff Sessions’ plan to reinstate the failed mass incarceration drug policies of the past.
—Republicans would like to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is as shitty a thing to do as it sounds.
—Trump’s pally and Turkish sort-of dictator Recep Erdoğan loves to jail civil rights activists.

Sunday, July 16

—The appropriately sinister sounding Section 702 allows for warrantless surveillance of American citizens.
—You really want Net Neutrality. Seriously.
—The Tweeting.

Monday, July 17

—Seth Meyers and the rest of the late night hosts are back, which means so are my always Trump-adjacent AV Club Newswires. Here’s one on Meyers dissecting Donnie Jr.’s bumbling, stumbling admissions of some trust-fund treason!
—Speaking thereof, how about one of those full, independent investigations?!

Tuesday, July 18

—Hey, that pesky Republican effort to repeal, replace, and otherwise dump all over Obamacare appears to be dead. It is dead, actually, with two massive, humiliating defeats this morning and afternoon, but, knowing these sadistic goons, I’m not gonna hop up and down until I’m doing do on the grave containing its holy water-drowned ashes and covered in salted earth. Still—Fuck you, McConnell, Trump, Ryan, Bruce “I hope no one notices me, ever” Poliquin, and the rest of the GO-motherfuckin’-P. Seriously. Here’s a letter to my senators urging them to stab this thing until it is most assuredly dead.


—That being said, let’s move on the fact that in no way should this tetchy manbaby have the ability to start a goddamned war.
—There’s nothing Trump’s hand-picked, unqualified, right-wing dilettante Education Secretary Betsy DeVos likes more than shaming poor kids comes school lunchtime.
—Speaking of DeVos, a big fan of protecting rapists, North Carolina is passing a law saying it’s not rape if the woman says no when you’re all revved up. I’m paraphrasing, but the MRA crowd is feverishly masturbating over this one.
—Keegan-Michael Key resurrected Luther on Colbert last night, and I wrote about it for the AV Club. Catharsis.

Wednesday, July 19

—McConnell, Trump, and the Asshole Gang are determined to force a vote on health care, despite their humiliating defeat yesterday. Now they want to just destroy Obamacare with no plan in place to look out for the—CBO estimated—32 million Americans that would hurt. Kamala Harris isn’t having it.
—Wrote about Samantha Bee just straight-up going piñata on Republican bigot-simpletons Dana Rohrabacher, Louie Gohmert, and Iowa’s favorite white supremacist, Steve King. Wrote about it for the AV Club.

Thursday, July 20

—Stephen Colbert took some of that CBS cash and checked into the infamous pee-pee tape room (allegedly) at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. Cue the pee-puns, both from Colbert and me, in my write up at the AV Club.
The Tweets, where all the bing-bongs come out to play their racist reindeer games.

Friday, July 21

The People’s Platform want my name! I’m not sure what it is, but I gave it to them! This is my life now! Take it, take my name!
—Trump keeps yowling the word “coal” like a code word for “stuff that was good before the gays and the women and the blacks.” He has a horrible new coal plan!
—Ohio botched its last execution, but now, 3+ years later, they think they’ve got it right—so Governor John Kasich is planning to okay a 27-man execution assembly line. Considering that 9 guys who were scheduled to die for crimes they didn’t commit are sending a letter to Kasich, the least I can do is sign on.
Twitter fights.

Saturday, July 22

—Remember how Trump was all “Hillary is beholden to Goldman-Sachs and I’m gonna drain the swamp and other childish, simplistic catchphrases,” Yeah, Trump voters are even dumber than I thought.
—House Democrats have introduced a “no confidence” motion about the fact that Donald Trump is a dithering, blustering manbaby (not official bill language). It’s meaningless, as is my signature, but let’s do it anyway.
—The Tweets. 

Sunday, July 23

—Another letter to Susan Collins. She’s voting no on the GOP death care bill, but I don’t know what else to do.

Monday, July 24

—Another Trumpcare petition, this one from Martin Heinrich. Just found out that John McCain is coming back from his brain-cancer sickbed to vote on the motion to proceed tomorrow. Will the MAVERICK crawl into the chambers to vote to repeal health care for people with the exact same needs his government insurance is taking care of? Well, you know…

Tuesday, July 25

—Well, the Republicans have passed the motion to proceed on destroying health insurance for tens of millions who desperately need it. All for cash. All for fucking power. This party needs to be burned to the ground. Donated to Jacky Rosen, the Democratic opponent of Nevada Senator Dean Heller, who caved in despite speaking out against the bill just last week. It’s a start. Fuck these monsters.
Called Susan Collins about health care again.
—Wrote about Colbert on the health care assholery for the AV Club.

Wednesday, July 26

—Woke up to news that draft-dodging bigot traitor Donald Asshole Trump tweeted on the toilet and announced trans people aren’t allowed in the US military any more. It’s a sop to his bigot base, the work of Bannon and Pence, and utterly fucking unconscionable. —Called Susan Collins urging her to speak out.
—And here’s a petition.
Called Maine’s bigot-bumpkin Governor Paul LePage, urging him to speak out, as many other, better governors have done, against the GOp repeal effort. He’s human trash, but whatever.
—There’s a right-wing, climate denier group called the US Chamber of Commerce that’s supported, in part by companies like Pepsi, The Gap, and Disney.

Thursday, July 27

—That was a long fucking night. I managed to write this for the AV Club at 3 a.m., after the Republican ghouls failed. Only three of them showed some character, so I give Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and John McCain that. I’m firm but fair. As is Seth Meyers.

Friday, July 28

—Called Lisa Murkowski. Left a message to say thank you. Unsurprisingly, she and Collins are being both ignored in favor of McCain’s showboating and being subjected to a sludge-wave of sexist attacks—some from their own Republican colleagues.
—The Tweets are not getting smarter out there.

Saturday, July 29

—A petition for lots of goals Democrats should embrace! They probably won’t get to all of them!
—The Tweets. 

Sunday, July 30

—I went to the Red Sox game with my mom and little brother. Sue me. Restorative.
—Still came home with a Fenway sunburn to write about John Oliver dismantling the huckster side of loony beanbag Alex Jones for the AV Club.
—Aaaaand, Twitter.

Monday, July 31

—Trump is grumbling about firing Robert Mueller. Fox News thumb in a wig Sean Hannity is openly calling for Mueller to be fired. That would remove all doubt that Trump is making a play for dictator status at the seven-month mark.
—Speaking of getting shitcanned, adios to The Mooch. Colbert sang him out into well-deserved disgrace. Wrote about it for the AV Club. One sideshow ends, but another monthlong racist, jackass circus continues into August. Onward. Sing us out, Steve.

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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” June 2017 page-a-day calendar

It’s hard to keep track. All the duplicity, hypocrisy, buffoonery, naked corruption, and downright evil spewing from the Donald Trump White House (TM) floods daily life. I’d say that that’s their grand scheme, except it’s pretty clear that these people are as incompetent as they are vicious, which is really the only thing that gives me hope some days.

So here’s to another month of writing it all down. Of documenting in passing the horrible, mean-spirited, bigoted, thoroughly vile things these people do, in the process of fighting back, in my own puny ways. Petitions, letters, phone calls… I’m always looking for better ideas from anyone who reads this. But it’s all mostly to stay sane, to keep track, to have a record to refer back to when the shit comes down—and it’s time to hold the right people accountable.

June, 2017. Let’s do this.

Thursday, June 1

—IT just pulled the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. So that’s what we’re going to kick of June responding to. First up: Daily Kos petition.
—The Sierra Club.
—Senator Patty Murray.
—The League of Conservation Voters.
NextGen Climate. This one gets sent to Maine Governor and bigot-bumpkin Paul LePage, so good luck there.
—Palate cleanser: The Kansas City Royals are teaming up with anti-choice freaks The Vitae Society to broadcast churchy propaganda at their games?
—Back to Trump’s greedhead climate bullshit. Cory Booker.
—You have to change it up now and again: Martin Heinrich urging Republicans to stop their plans to literally murder sick and poor people.
People’s Climate Movement.
Tom Udall.
—MSNBC just beat (the shit out of) Fox News for this first time in forever, largely because people wanted actual coverage of the TrumpRussia scandal and all the other scandals, while Fox was doing its Pravda spin. So why the hell is MSNBC and NBC hiring conservative commentators and laying of young people of color for their airwaves? Seriously.
—Back to the Earth: NRDC Climate Fund.

Friday, June 2

—Kamala Harris keeping the Paris outrage rolling.
—And SumofUs, targeting the CEOs on Trump’s advisory commission.
—In case you missed it, Trump’s son-in-law/advisor/slumlord Jared Kushner is under investigation for lying on his applications for security clearance about multiple meetings with the Russians. Hey, maybe revoke his security clearance until we can get all that cleared up, huh?
—Those white terrorists at the NRA are pushing for murder insurance to cover all legal costs involved when you exercise your God-given right to shoot a black kid. Call it the Zimmerman policy.
Wrote a pair of AV Club pieces, one about Al Franken on The Daily Show, one about Michael Eric Dyson on The President Show
—Twitter, etc.

Saturday, June 3

—There were massive demonstrations around the country (and the world, as Trump’s freaked out literally the Earth) calling for the truth about #TrumpRussia. I went to the Portland #MarchForTruth, where a large crowd of appropriately crusty Mainers had had enough of this shit.


Crusty. Call the guy in green a paid protester and he will take a poke at you.

—Hey, the FEC should investigate that!
—In his purge of all US regulatory agencies, Trump wants to eliminate the US Chemical Board.

Sunday, June 4

—A guy named Desmond Phillips was shot dead by police. In front of his mom. The story is pretty damning. The cops haven’t been disciplined, or charged. Phillips was black.
Racist hate-gnome Jeff Sessions recused himself from #TrumpRussia investigation, because he’s, you know, implicated in it and stuff. Oh, and he lied to congress. He has not recused himself.
—Speaking of #TrumpRussia.
—John Oliver went comprehensively and acerbically bananas on Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. I wrote about it for the AV Club.

—The Twitter.

Monday, June 5

—Open letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, apologizing for Trump attacking British gun policy and Khan himself over the recent terrorist attack there. He didn’t do that to the Mayor of Birmingham after the terrorist incident there. The mayor of Birmingham is white. Khan is Muslim, and not white.
—The Republican Party is all about that crazy voter suppression, since their ideas are shit and they know they don’t have the votes. Oh, you know what’s comin’…

                                                  Uh huh huh, huh huh huh…

—After Trump pulled us out of the Paris agreement, numerous governors and mayors are banding together to uphold the climate goals in spite of his ignorant, flabby ass. I’d like Maine/Portland to do the same. (Although with bigot-bumpkin Paul LePage in the Blaine House, we’d better focus on the even more local.)
—A young woman with the improbable name Reality Winner has just been arrested for leaking classified #TrumpRussia information about Russian election hacking. Sadly for her, she did it to those hacks at The Intercept instead of The Washington Post or ProPublica, so she’s in trouble. Petition for the DOJ to drop the charges,
—The Republicans have introduced the Orwellian CHOICE Act, which will undo all the regulations that prevented Wall St from tanking the economy. Top-to-bottom swine, these swine.

Tuesday, May 6

—Aussie comedian and cheeky monkey jim Jefferies has a new Jim-Jeffries-infused Daily Show called… The Jim Jefferies Show. Wrote about it for the AV Club. Never enough people telling Trump to sod off.
—Another petition (sure, I know they’re mostly meaningless) about the GOP’s ongoing, blatantly racist voter suppression.
—Sinclair Broadcast Group is essentially trying to start up tiny local Fox Newses everywhere.
Tiny shrunken applehead racist Jeff Sessions is re-waging war on the black community through a return to the failed “mandatory minimums” and harsh drug sentences that were good only for swelling the US prison population, disenfranchising and destroying minority communities, and, oh yeah, doing exactly nothing to stem drug abuse.

Wednesday, June 7

—Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA) was killing it today at hearings questioning the heads of US intelligence on TrumpRussia, Trump-Comey, and other horrid things, when Republican Senator Richard Burr essentially pulled an Elizabeth Warren and told her to sit down and shut up. She’s also about net neutrality, so I signed her letter to the FCC. Donate to Kamala Harris here.
Happy that Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling has signed on to the Climate Mayors network of mayors pledging to stick to the Paris climate goals despite Ding-Dong’s decision to pull the United States out.
—Wrote email to Susan Collins urging her to vote against the AHCA. I shall be doing this a great deal.

Thursday, June 8

Called Bruce Poliquin urging him to vote against the Republicans’ attempt to repeal Dodd-Frank, so that their richest donors (and themselves) can return to the economy-tanking dishonesty of the past. Shocker: His staffer said he hadn’t made up his mind. Shocker: He voted in favor. Bruce poliquin is a spineless little greed-lump.
Called Susan Collins, urging her to vote against the Senate’s AHCA. Left a message. There’ll be a lot more, Susan.
—The calculated way Jeff Sessions is targeting every aspect of the black community is as damning as all of the corny “Beauregard” jokes. Let Sam Bee show you one particularly, nefariously overlooked strategy in this piece I wrote for the AV Club.


Friday, June 9

—Trump would like to spy on everyone. I wouldn’t trust this asshole to water my plants.
—Petition about the GOP House voting to abolish Dodd-Frank. Because of the greed. And the awful.
—Another paper airplane with the word “IMPEACH” scrawled on it.
—The Republican Party is targeting immigrants’ health care. Because fuck the Republican Party.
—Petition to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the three people who were killed by a white supremacist named Joseph Christian who was harassing two Muslim women. Trump has yet to even acknowledge this. Because of course.

Saturday, June 10

—This traitorous jackass should obviously not be allowed to name a new FBI director.
—Kris Kobach is the country’s number one voter suppression enthusiast and a stone-cold racist, so, naturally Trump put him in charge of a voting task force.
—Trump and the Republican Party have attacked the legitimate press as a depressingly successful strategy, at least with their dim-bulb, cultist followers. Petition from PFAW calling on lawmakers to stand up for the press against this bullshit.

Sunday, June 11

—Wrote about John Oliver talking Brexit, the Tories getting paddled, and, naturally, some Trump for the AV Club. You know, about James Comey calling the president a congenital liar about 10 times in front of a senate hearing. That sort of thing.
—Lots of Twitter, including an Alex Jones fan sending me a picture of racist nutcase Jones firing a gun at me. Fun times. Oh, NBC is allowing Jones on the air, being interviewed by Fox News hire and noted race-baiter Megyn Kelly.

Monday, June 12

—Call #2 on this round of Republican “murdering poor people” health care to Susan Collins.
—Look, sometimes a guy just needs confirmation that his furious tweets aren’t just disappearing into the void.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.22.37 PM  Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.23.12 PM

Tuesday, June 13

—Sent email to Angus King (I-ME), urging him to join(and encourage) Democrats in slowing down, blocking, and in every possible way scuttling the AHCA.
—Called Susan Collins urging her to vote against the AHCA.
—Called Republican (shocker!) Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL, 202-224-5744) telling the very nice staffer there that Shelby’s attempt today to restrict reporters from interviewing senators inside the Capitol Building is some anti-American, shameful bullshit. I didn’t say bullshit to the nice lady on the phone, but I asserted that this will not stand. In fact, it hasn’t, as, seemingly, Shelby has backed down in the face of, well, a lot of phone calls.
—Petition that NBC shouldn’t have lunatic racist conspiracy goon Alex Jones on their air, being interviewed by recent Fox News hire and race-baiter Megyn Kelly.
Unemployed, worthless bigot-blowhard Bill O’Reilly is embarking on a “give me some money, I’m unemployed for being a serial sexual harasser” tour. Let’s spoil that for him.
Called Collins’ Portland office on AHCA. Because I don’t know what else to do.

Wednesday, June 14

Called Susan Collins’ Portland office on AHCA. Because, again, it’s something.
—Wrote about Trevor Noah swapping Trump notes with Stephen Colbert for the AV Club. —The Tweeting.

Thursday, June 15

Collins. Again.
—Jeff Sessions is ramping up the war on drugs and Trump got a whole lot (like, an illegal amount) of money from GEO Group, the private prison company. C’mon, son.
—”Egyptian Jon Stewart,” Bassem Youssef is an interesting guy and was on The President Show last night. I wrote about it for the AV Club.
—So much Twitter, you don’t even know.

Friday, June 16

Called Collins. She will not be rid of me while this AHCA bullcrap is going on.
—Gave another $20 to Jon Ossoff, who’s not only in a squeaker in the Georgia 6th, but is also running against a real piece o’ work bigot named Karen Handel.

Saturday, June 17

—Another message for Susan Collins. I work weekends.
—PBS is airing some straight-up conservative school privatization propaganda.
—Hey, remember when jackass pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement? yeah, fuck that jackass.
—A cop named Jeronimo Yanez murdered a black man named Pilando Castile, for no reason, in front of Castile’s daughter. He just got acquitted, naturally. And although he got let go (in an attempt to keep angry people from burning the city of St. Anthony to the ground), he’s due severance. Bullshit. It’s a pitiful recourse, but all that’s left.
Trump is looting the country by, among other things, funneling foreign monies to his grotesque family from foreign payments (you know, bribes). 200 or so Democrats are suing his ass.
—Keeping up with the Trumps, Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner is also corrupt up to his shifty eyeline. He has security clearance, and should not.

Sunday, June 18

Called Susie.
—Wrote about John Oliver taking on Trump’s pandering, hypocritical coal jobs nonsense for the AV Club. He also mocked the hell out of one Bob Murray, a coal CEO who threatened to sue Oliver shoul Last Week Tonight report on his own venal hypocrisy. Bad move, Bob.

Monday, June 19

—Hey, you know how Trump tweeted that he was all mad and whiny that he’s being investigated for the obstruction of justice he admitted to on national television? Well his new lawyer says nu-uh, but then says yeah, okay, but then tells you you didn’t hear him say what he totally said. Shitshow. Wrote about it for the AV Club.


Tuesday, June 20

Called Susan Collins.
—The Twitter, including calling out trust-fund nonentity Li’l Donnie Trump for his driveling richboy nonsense. And look what happened…

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.18.12 PM

Wednesday, June 21

—Called Susan Collins. Yes, again.
—Wrote about Samantha Bee ranting ineffectually against the Trumpian assault on words, truth, and all that is. Not that the segment was ineffectual, just that there’s no defense, seemingly. You get it.

Thursday, June 22

Called Susan Collins, and that was even before the Republican Secret Thirteen allowed us to see their shitty, shutty health “care” bill which is—wait for it—even shittier than I could have imagined.
—PFAW is on it with a petition.
Signed a few more from my phone. So no links. Deal.
—And called Susan Collins again after the bill was released.
—And a DailyKos form letter to Collins.
—The guy who’s running against Paul Ryan had a petition opposing the GOP plan, too.
—The Twitter.

Friday, June 23

Collins. Call. Gonna call again.
—There’s a G20 summit in Germany, where Trumphead will try to bully other leaders into dumping the Paris climate deal like that asshole did. C’mon, Angela.
—Oddly, I believe that WalMart should pay its workers a living wage.
—The Republican Party is actively attacking the press (at times, physically).

Saturday, June 24

Called again. Told you.
—DailyKos letter prompt to Collins.
—Joe Manchin is a Democrat in name only. Chuck Schumer shouldn’t be cozying up.
—Signed a number of online petitions from my phone, while I was curled up in bed trying not to think about all the things I was signing petitions about.
—The Tweets.

Sunday, June 25

—For the AV Club, wrote about John Oliver taking on the anti-vaxxer crowd. (Of which Trump is, of course, a part.) I will not be dipping into the comments.

Monday, June 26

—Another petition on health care.
Republicans want to withdraw from an agreement to grant citizenship to foreign nationals who’ve aided the US military. Because those people are brown.
—Care2 petition on the Republicans’ tarry-souled health plans.
—AARP is also not a fan.
The Twitter. 

Tuesday, June 27

Single payer. Why not—something has to emerge from this seething shitshow.
—Sure, she’s got a dumb name and made the colossal mistake of leaking NSA info on #TrumpRussia to The Intercept instead of WaPo or ProPublica, but Reality Winner is helping save the country.
—Jeff Session definitely calls it “medicinal mary-juwanna.

Wednesday, June 28

—White Texas cop, dead black teenager, white Texas cops lying to cover up the shooting. Another day in America. Independent prosecutor needed.
Trump’s racist ICE shock thugs are deporting this kid to a country he’s never been to.
—Save the ACA, DHHS.

Thursday, June 29

—Trump’s corporate stooge (and head of the EPA, because fuck everything) Scott Pruitt would like to despoil some of Alaska.
—I canceled my Paypal after Peter Thiel was outed as a Trumpie. Petition for others to ditch it if they don’t stop acting as the go-to funding platform for Nazis.
—SMU was plagued by racist fliers. A student protested with one of her own. SMU punished her.
Lin-Manuel Miranda
has a great (and fun) new fundraising thing going for immigrants’ rights groups. Wrote about it, and him being basically wonderful, for the AV Club.

Friday, June 30

—Called the Maine Secretary of State urging him to join the 22 (so far) states refusing to comply with Trump’s racist voter suppression czar (I said it) Kris Kobach in mining personal voter data. The Republican Party knows they can’t win without changing rules, stealing Supreme Court justices, and gerrymandering and suppressing voters they know they’ll never, ever earn with their shit ideas. Fuck these people. (Now it’s 24!)
More health care, this time from the AFL-CIO.
—Trump and the Republicans want to destroy the Johnson Amendment, which essentially enforces the whole church-state separation. So that’s… typical.
—More screaming into the Twitter void for another month of this daily nightmare. On to July!



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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” May 2017 page-a-day calendar

100 days.

Of this.


That can only mean one thing… April’s Dipshit shall hereafter be referred to as May’s Fuckhead. You know, Fuckhead! The one who’s cozying up to every dictator strongman he can find, lying about literally anything—large or small—when confronted by the truth of his criminality/incompetence/sexism/racism/homophobia. The Fuckhead who’s packed his adminstration with every white supremacist, dead-eyed bigot and anti-reason clown he can scrape up. The Fuckhead whose only saving grace is his utter buffoonery, that keeps him from doing anything too dangerous, despite Republican control of essentially everything. The Fuckhead who turns every morning internet-check a breath-holding, stomach-churning ordeal to see if we’re still living in anything resembling a democracy.


To it.

Monday, May 1

—Fuckhead continues to shut out refugees from war-torn (non-white) countries while occasionally bombing non-white countries. Fuck you, Fuckhead.
—Fuckhead’s pick for Education Secretary, the right-wing dilettante Betsy DeVos, denied a Maine university’s application for Upward Bound programs due to a formatting error. I guarantee Betsy DeVos has no idea how to operate a Word document on her own.
—In another wet slap at the social programs he’s determined to undermine, has appointed white supremacist sexist lizard-boy Stephen Miller to a task force on women’s issues alongside daddy’s little girl Ivanka. Here’s little Stevie!
Terrorist over-compensators the NRA would like to repeal any regulations against the use of silencers. Fuckhead loves this plan, naturally.
—Fuckhead and the Republicans (terrible band) continue their campaign to loot and pillage the environment before TrumpRussia really goes down. Out of the gate in May: fracking!
—Fuckhead and his #1 frenemy/fuckhead Paul Ryan are pushing for another, even crueler health care vote this week. Here’s a handy toolkit to contact the Republican reps still on the fence. Contact ’em and see if they actually still have souls! (Oddly, Maine’s Bruce Poliquin is on the “on the fence” list. Shocker.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.48.46 PM

I mean, I’m not NOT proud…

Tuesday, May 2

—PWAF is mailing your reps, urging them to oppose the AHCA (the Republicans’ patently evil health plan). My rep is Chellie Pingree, who’s cool, but sent it anyway.
Same for the American Cancer Society.
—Volkswagen is doin’ some union-bustin’, which they should stop.
—Fuckhead, a noted fan of sexual assault, is attempting to weaken protection for women on college campuses. Because of course he is.
—PFAW, again. Against bigoted slime-lizard Stephen Miller, again.
—The Republicans want to cut Social Security. Because, well, you know.
—Sherrod Brown also calls bullshit on that. I’m paraphrasing.
—Sometimes Twitter pays off like an unexpected slot machine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.00.35 PM

Okay, I’m a little proud of this one.

Wednesday, May 3

—Called Bruce “Undecided until I see which way the wind blows” Poliquin, urging his answering machine to vote against the AHCA.
—Chellie Pingree had a petition against the AHCA, so I signed it, as she is the good Maine congressperson.
—Same for Martin Heinrich, who’s not from Maine, but seems like another good one.
—Joined in signing for Caterpillar to not allow their cool trucks and backhoes and so forth to build Fuckhead’s racist, farcial Game of Thrones wall.
—Fuckhead is planning to issue an Executive Order allowing religious bigots to cite their rights to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Just…
Jordan Howard was 15. He was black in Texas and a cop shot him to death and then lied about the threat the boy posed. The cop, Roy Oliver, has been fired. He needs to be brought up on criminal charges.
Twitter, including, for a change, a whole lot of grief from some Bernie Sanders supporters. They don’t like it when you call them out for putting college sophomore purity politics over actual political process.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.31.53 PM

Look, it’s a little braggy. But fuck this family.

Thursday, May 4

—Joe Kennedy (who, again, is not the loony anti-vaxxer Kennedy) petition trying to keep House Republicans from passing the horribly cruel and transparently greedy AHCA.
—Sherrod Brown, too.
And Tom Udall.
Called Bruce Poliquin all morning. About 25 times before getting through—jam those phone lines, people. According to his very nice staffers, he’s still—wait for it—undecided! AKA, waiting to see if he can go along with the majority for political cover because he is a sad little man.
—The Republicans in the House passed it. I called Susan Collins. She’s next.
—Went online and found the closest anti-Poliquin rally I could. It was in Lewiston, so I drove up there to find a dozen or so old people who have made picketing Poliquin and Collins their business for a while now. They loaned me a sign, I stood and chatted, and waved my sign with them for an hour, and then drove an hour home. I hope it was helpful, at least for them. They seemed surprised and pleased I found them online and actually turned up. I dunno—I needed to do something. I’ll do more, and they’re all clearly not going to stop.
—On the way home, I called Poliquin again, post-vote. Got the machine. Told it I was going to make defeating him my fucking new hobby. Click.

Saturday, May 6

—Wrote my usual Saturday Night Live review for the AV Club, which tended more toward the silly this week (Baldwin only Trumped it up on the phone), but got in some decent shots. (It was actually a really funny episode—watch “SWAT Recon” if you want to be happy for three minutes.)
—Also wrote my SNL Newswire about a surprisingly smart Handmaid’s Tale sketch/parody they did. Thought it was going to go obvious, and it broadened the focus nicely.
The Twitter.

Sunday, May 7

The Twitter.

Monday, May 8

—PFAW for net neutrality. John Oliver urged viewers to flood the FCC with messages last night. We crashed the FCC website.
—Texas has passed SB 4, a bill allowing cops to ask any brown person to “show papers.” No, I am not exaggerating. Let’s all mess with fucking Texas. A lot.
—Fuckhead has finally gotten around to nominating judges left vacant by the Republicans blocking President Obama’s appointments. His first nominee, Amul Thapar, is predictably atrocious.
—The battle to murder people goes to the Senate. Petition to stop the AHCA.
Top to bottom, biggest to smallest, Fuckhead is nothing but duplicity and greed and slime. He is keeping the White House visitor logs secret.
Billionaire right-wing dilettante Betsy DeVos
is planning to speak at Bethune-Cookman, an HCBU. 1. She’s a fraudulent DOE head. 2. Trump just threatened the existence of HCBUs.

Tuesday, May 9

—Bob Casey petition urging the Senate to cut the shit, healthcare-wise.
And Tammy Baldwin.
—HAHAHA, Fuckhead just fired James Comey, head of the FBI. You know! The one in charge of investigating #TrumpRussia! And the FBI just handed down some subpoenas to associates of proven traitor Mike Flynn! They came out right after Comey got fired! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… We are FUCKED! Anyway, here’s a petition for an independent investigation from Kamala Harris.
And Martin Heinrich.
—Got to write about The Daily Show reunion held on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night for the AV Club. It was mostly chummy, which was nice. These folks need a little warmth before they get back to their day jobs, finding new ways to make this ongoing nightmare funny
Twitter. Where, I’m told, I swear quite a bit.

Wednesday, May 10

List of people/organizations calling out Fuckhead’s aspirational authoritarianism in firing Comey.
—The National Democratic Redistricting Committee. (“…slashing democratic norms on his way to what is looking more and more like authoritarian rule.”)
Common Defense. (“Trump knows that any full investigation will expose him for what he really is: a lying, corrupt, illegitimate fraud who betrayed the country we swore to defend.”)
Sherrod Brown.
Bob Casey.
Chris Murphy. (“No matter the mistakes made by Director Comey, the timing of his firing suggests that President Trump is trying to improperly influence or block the ongoing FBI investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia.”) (“We, the people, through Mr. Trump’s actions, have lost faith in a system that he has the power to manipulate. We will never regain faith in that system if it allows this kind of behavior to go unchecked.”)
Color of Change. (“Recently fired FBI Director James Comey must testify this week and must give a thorough update on the status of the investigation into Russian interference in our elections.”)
Senator Angus King (I-ME). (“After President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, it became abundantly clear that we must have an independent investigation into whether Russia influenced the presidential election.”)
—Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, who’s looking to unseat racist toad-man Ted Cruz. (“Enough is enough. It’s time for Congress to do its part.”)
—Wrote about Seth Meyers’ quite able takedown of this shitshow for the AV Club. They’ve got me scouring the late night shows for anything noteworthy, so getting paid (a little) to highlight such things feels nice.

Thursday, May 11

—That new late night show beat at the AV Club means lots of published Trump content. This time, he went after Stephen Colbert. Colbert’s response was pretty perfect.

Friday, May 12

—NARAL has a li’l Mother’s Day card they’re sending out to woman-hating healthcare ghouls Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.
—Fuckhead wants to allow people to kill hibernating bears. Just because his idiot sons think it’s cool, most likely. You know, as long as the sleeping bears are really, really sleepy.
— petition to draft all the living (or barely living, as H.W.’s case may be) presidents to join their mostly symbolic forces to call for a special prosecutor for #TrumpRussia.
—On the late-night AV Club front, write about Veep’s Tim Simons making fun of Fuckhead’s inability to keep from blurting out defensive, sweaty half-confessions like a child.

Saturday, May 13

—Not one fucking penny for Fuckhead’s fraudulent, transparently racist voter suppression task force, featuring grinning bigot-king of same Kris Kobach.
—Another one, from the ACLU. And read up about Kobach. He’s genuinely evil.
—Repressed bigot stereotypes like Vice President Mike Pence think gay people should be sent to “conversion therapy” where they can pray away their actual selves or, failing that, have it electro-shocked out of them. Only monsters would even think of this.
—The Democrats really need to work up the courage to shut this shitshow down until there’s a special prosecutor for #TrumpRussia.
—There was an SNL last night, which means I wrote about it for the AV Club. I described the Trump humor therein as being like scattershot punches, some below the belt. I thought it was some of the best work they’ve done on the topic. (Plus it was just a good episode.)
—And, since they trotted out another McCarthy-as-Spicer sketch, I wrote about that, too.
—So much Twitter.

“Did I get him? Is this over? No I didn’t? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters?”

Sunday, May 14

—Wrote about John Oliver’s takedown of the American for-profit dialysis industry. I know, it sounds dull, but Oliver makes it funny and infuriating. Sort of his specialty. #SaveACA.
—All the Twitter.

Monday, May 15

—Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…[extended Joker laugh]. Fuckhead divulged classified information… [wait for it]… given to us by an ally… [wait for it]… to the Russians. We are all gonna die. For real.
—Release Fuckhead’s taxes. I mean, nothing matters at this point, but c’mon.
—Wee hate goblin Jeff Sessions wants to go back to the failed, racist drug policies of the War on Drugs.
Net neutrality. See John Oliver clip, above.
Twitter fight!

Tuesday, May 16

—Join Senator Kamala Harris in calling out Fuckhead’s latest treason, won’t you.
Republican Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen personally contacted the employer of someone who opposed his unwavering support of Fuckhead’s agenda. She’s now out of a job.
—Squandering all that sweet goodwill it got from standing up for the truth/against Trump, the New York Times has hired climate change denier Bret Stephans as a columnist. C’mon, son.
—Along those lines, NBC has hired Fox News race-baiter Megyn Kelly. Sure, she quit Fox and bashed Trump some after he went after her in a typically sexist, gross way, but she’s a creep. NBC’s no NYT, but, c’mon, son.
—Just impeach, already.
—Donated $15 to Montana progressive Rob Quist, trying to flip a seat.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.47.23 PM

I keep posting these, but, if a little internet nobody’s snarky putdown of you transparent, traitorous lie gets twice as much attention, you’re not doing well. At all.

Wednesday, May 17

Wrote about Seth Meyers taking a piñata-whacker to Trump’s very bad, no good day for the AV Club. Oh, that day: Made an asshole of himself in his commencement speech to the Coast Guard Academy, whining about the press being mean to him; Fired FBI director James Comey now alleging that Trump (I mean Fuckhead—apologies) directly asked him to knock of that whole “investigating Mike Flynn being a Russian agent” thing; Democrats in congress now openly throwing around the term “impeachment” while Republicans hid under their desks with their fingers in their ears rather than appear to be defending Fuckhead; Oh, and the bombshell that former FBI director Robert Mueller has been appointed as a special counsel investigating—#TrumpRussia.

Thursday, May 18

—Petition for the Senate to add an equal number of women to the health care working group. You know, even though the Republicans would seek out the six worst women in the country, but still.
—Republicans and their NRA paymasters/abusive boyfriends want to ban those pesky “no gun zones.” At schools. Where children are.
—Despite not having drinkable, non-poisonous water for three years (they still don’t), 8000 residents of Flint, Michigan are in danger of being evicted for not paying their poison bills by Governor Rick Snyder. Shocker—he’s a Republican.
—Alex Jones’ lunatic rant conspiracy site-hole InfoWars just got White House press clearance. Among other things, Jones says the Sandy Hook massacre of school children was a hoax.
—Also wrote about Stephen Colbert mocking the crap out of Jones, who just lost a libel suit to a yogurt company. Oh, and lost legal rights to his kids. For being an insane bigot, among other things.

Friday, May 19

—Wrote a jokey Newswire for the AV Club about human charm machine Dwayne Johnson talking about running for president one day. The Drudge Report picked it up, sending literally thousands of crude little assholes to the comments to mock it, me, the AV Club, Hillary, those who don’t think 9/11 was an inside job, women, gays, Jews, and Johnson, too, I guess. My wonderful colleague Laura at the AV Club, who’s in charge of such things, emailed to joke about how many racist, sexist, gay-bashing little pricks she was permanently banning, as the AV Club is a place for people who can read and have thoughts and stuff. Great work, Trumpies. At the slightest provocation, you show who you really are.

Saturday, May 20

—Fuckhead wants to renegotiate NAFTA to pad some pockets and rape some earth.
—Sherrod Brown thinks it’s a sick joke that Trump gets to appoint a political crony to take the place of James Comey. People are suggesting Joe Lieberman, God help us.
—The Presidential Tax Transparency Act. Seriously.

Sunday, May 21

—Wrote about John Oliver doing us a public service by reminding us of all the various Trumpian scandals this week alone. Seriously—so, so many.

Monday, May 22

—Wrote about Rachel Maddow talking Trump on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Not gonna read the comments on this one. Just not gonna do it.
—Also reviewed Daily Show correspondent and comedian Hasan Minhaj’s excellent, deeply human new standup special that puts so funny and human a face on the immigrant experience that only a Trump voter could sneer at it. I know these don’t count as direct action of any kind, but I’m told they’re getting upward of 20,000 hits, so I’ll count it.
Twitter. Which gets a whole lot fewer than 20,000 eyes on it. (Or 40,000 eyes, I guess. You get it.)

Tuesday, May 23

—Wrote about Rachel Maddow talking all things Trump on Colbert.
—Yeah, Trump needs to release his tax returns. Trump will never release his tax returns. Trump is a criminal about 50 times over in those tax returns.
—PFAW is opposing the pistol-packing yahoos Trump is trying to cram onto the federal courts.

Wednesday, May 24

—Martin Heinrich petition urging Republicans in the Senate to not literally murder sick people in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy.
—Maine’s Angus King wants net neutrality. So do all people not beholden to huge, greedy, censoring corporations.
John McCain is a MAVERICK! In that he chirps about being “concerned” that Trump is trampling all over the Constitution and making a mockery of America and then votes with Trump 93% of the time. Wrote about him chirping on Late Night With Seth Meyers.Twitter.

Thursday, May 25

—Wrote about White House correspondent April Ryan appearing on Colbert, where she was a whole lot more diplomatic about this horrifying shitshow than I can be. See?

Friday, May 26

—PFAW petition for Montana Thugpublican Greg Gianforte to resign from his just-won seat in congress for beating up a reporter, lying about it, and basically being a fascist pig.

Saturday, May 27

Jared Kushner is so clearly an over-his-head Russian asset along the lines of Timothy hutton in The Falcon And The Snowman that he’s gotta be kicked out of the White House before he really breaks something important.
—Fuckhead just can’t wait to strip mine some national monuments.
—Why has the New York Times hired climate change denier Bret Stephens? Anyone? I’m at a loss.

Sunday, May 28

—Petition for Paul Ryan to keep reporter-beating Republican thug Greg Gianforte from taking his seat in the House. Which is something, in a time when American politicians had anything resembling human souls, wouldn’t be an issue because this brutal dipshit would have been shamed into resignation and ignominy immediately.
PFAW vs. Citizens United.
—Another group that thinks the Republican healthcare plan is a grotesque, cruel scab of a thing: mental health professionals.

Monday, May 29

—If a Democrat were fleecing the taxpayers to this extent, Republicans would not be this quiet while they line their pockets.
A logging company is suing Greenpeace and others for $300 million for exposing their environmentally awful practices. Petition to the various book publishers who are the loggers’ biggest clients, which is pretty ingenious, actually.
—Petition from Maine’s one decent member of the House, Chellie Pingree, urging Fuckhead not to drop out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Tuesday, May 30

—Black college student Richard Collins III was murdered by a white supremacist. This is happening. Petition from UMD students for the college to crack down on hate speech.
—Others are calling for Facebook to crack down on white supremacist assholes on their platform as well.
—Fuckhead and his GOP minions are attempting to expand their party’s shamelessly fraudulent crackdown on nonexistent “voter fraud” as a way to disenfranchise those people whose votes they know they’ll never, ever get.

Wednesday, May 31

Wal Mart treats its female workers even worse than its male workers. Shocker.
—Samantha Bee is back from vacation. 1. Bee should not be allowed to take vacations while this shitshow is ongoing. 2. Wrote about her interview with Watergate conspirator/informant John Dean, who said Trump would be more dangerous if he and his crew weren’t so goddamned stupid. Paraphrasing, of course.
—And a month of Twitter fights down. Here comes June. Bring it, dummies.

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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” April 2017 page-a-day calendar

We made it to April, still as something like a democracy, not annihilated in a hair-trigger nuclear holocaust, and with those of us horrified and righteously pissed off by Trump and his white supremacist cronies’ incompetently evil agenda gaining motivation, and momentum, every day. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t having much fun enacting his racist, gay-bashing, woman-hating, venal bullshit. Let’s go to the tape:

So far, Dipshit has seen:
—The Republican “Trumpcare/Ryancare/Fuckyoupoorpeoplecare” ACA repeal go down in ignominious, very public defeat and humiliation.
—That despite the fact the the Republicans have Congress and the presidency. Still couldn’t get that shit done. Sad.
—Dipshit’s head of National Security, Mike “The Beady-Eyed Evil Scarecrow” Flynn resigned in disgrace because he was in contact with Putin and lied about it.
—Oh, and Flynn is already approaching the many agencies investigating his treasonous activities asking for immunity in exchange for testifying. Against Trump.
—Dipshit just yesterday paid out $25 million to the “ordinary Americans” he defrauded with his bullshit, Ponzi scheme Trump University. yup—the “president” of the United States just paid millions to settle a fraud case against him.
—Dipshit’s racist Muslim ban (which is what it is) is mired in the courts, which are run by educated, thoughtful people dedicated to upholding America’s principles, and not Trump’s army of hypocritical, racist dimwits.
—Dipshit enters April historically unpopular, by any yardstick or standard.
—The White House is leaking like a colander, presumably because anyone there with any shred of dignity or patriotism can’t fuicking believe what’s going on in that place.
—Speaking of, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of government positions Dipshit hasn’t filled yet.
—Dipshit’s tiny racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was caught committing perjury in front of Congress about—wait for it—being in contact with Putin during the election.
—Dipshit has systematically insulted and alienated essentially every close ally the US has/had.
—He’s also still tweeting daily like a spoiled, petulant middle schooler with ADD.
—His “Islam expert” Sebastian Gorka has been revealed as a legit Nazi. No, really.
—He demonstrated, publicly, that he has no idea who Frederick Douglass was.
—He lectured a group of women activists about who Susan B. Anthony was, reading off the facts like he was reading from Wikipedia.
—Dipshit has authorized ill-considered military actions that have killed hundreds of civilians (in majority non-white countries, of course), and American personnel.
—He was proven to be lying, pathetically, about the historically tiny size of his inauguration crowd.
—He’s also been called out by essentially everyone on Earth for lying about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, about “millions” of illegal immigrants voting for Hillary Clinton, and literally every other damn thing out of his satchel-mouth.
—Dipshit is citing bullshit “prior commitments” so he doesn’t have to hear tens of thousands of Nationals fans boo the shit out him on opening day.
I’m forgetting a lot. Like, a lot. Go back through the archives of this exercise in sanity-keeping, petition-signing, and general fuck-Trump-ing. It’ll refresh your memory, and, hopefully, inspire some link-clicking and action-taking. It’s April. This asshole’s still in the White House. Let’s do this.

Saturday, April 1

—Demand Progress petition to my senators (Susan Collins and Angus King) urging them to oppose Dipshit’s right-wing, anti-worker, anti-gay, anti-woman SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch.
—Email to King on the same topic.
—PFAW petition against Republican “right to work” laws, which are anti-union, worker-hating, poor-shaming bullshit.
—Petition from Credo Action for the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee to withhold re-election funds to any Democrat who supports Gorsuch.
—North Carolina just “repealed” that bigoted “bathroom bill. Oh, except they definitely did not, instead pushing through a “compromise” that does next to nothing about the anti-transgender bigotry while making a bid for organizations (like the NCAA) to drop their enormously expensive boycotts of the state. Petition to said NCAA.
—Dipshit’s tiny, racist dipshit, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is targeting “sanctuary cities” taking a stand against Dipshit’s racist immigration crackdown.
—Said wee bigot Sessions is also looking to expand the use of patently evil private, for-profit prisons.
—DGA petition telling Republicans to keep their venal sausage fingers off Medicare and Medicaid.
—Because Dipshit’s hateful bullshit extends to all areas of American life, he wants to cut funding to public transportation. Seriously, fuck this little jerk.
—The Twitter war rages.

Sunday, April 2

—Republicans want to gut the Endangered Species Act. Because, from the largest to the smallest, the GOP wants to blot out all that’s good and pure and kind in this world. No, I am fucking not exaggerating.
—Another Daily Kos letter to Angus King, who’s holding out on announcing his position on Neil Gorsuch or the Democratic filibuster. C’mon, son.
—Dipshit and his grotesque trust fund family are looting the country. A congressman has a plan to at least keep Dipshit from having us pay millions so his 3rd trophy wife doesn’t have to live within 500 miles of him.

Monday, April 3

Called Angus King again about opposing Gorsuch/supporting the filibuster. He’s still not saying.
—Tammy Baldwin’s petition against Gorsuch.
—Joe Kennedy is opposing Dipshit’s racist immigrations bullcrap. And Joe is not that crazy, anti-vaxxer Kennedy.
—Bernie Sanders wants to expand Medicare. Sounds good, although if Bernie would stop trying to win over racist white voters while ignoring POC, that’d help me out.

Tuesday, April 4

Called Susan Collins, urging her to reconsider her support of Gorsuch and to not vote for the so-called “nuclear option,” which is a term I don’t think we should just throw around any more, considering whose stubby little fingers are on the button.
—The filibuster is on. Petition supporting Jeff Merkley, who’s on the floor now.

Wednesday, April 5

Thank you to Merkley.
—Symbolic Daily Kos petition to have all Republicans’ internet histories released publicly, since they just voted to allow ISP’s to sell our private information. You just know a whole lot of deeply closeted GOP bigots would fight this with every fiber of their beings.
—Petition supporting “Sriniva’s Law,” which would urge the Kansas state legislature to take hate crimes in their state seriously. Which they do not.
—Beto O’Rourke is a progressive who wants to take down loathsome man-goblin Ted Cruz. Good enough for me.
—EPA head/grotesque joke Scott Pruitt lifted bans on insecticides that were banned for really good reasons. Petition to get California to just ban ’em all over again.
Fuckhead wants to murder NPR. Probably because of all the factual reporting and literate programming he can’t understand.
—Cory Booker petition to Mitch McConnell & the other Republican hypocrites not to use the “nuclear option,” also called the “nothing we as a party have ever said means anything” motion.

Thursday, April 6

Donated ten bucks to Jeff Merkley. Brother filibustered for about 16 hours against the Republicans’ plan to… wait for it… destroy the filibuster. They did. Dude gets the bucks.
—Giovanni Rosales-Mendoza is being deported for no reason.
—Dipshit wants to cut funding for addiction treatment. He shouldn’t.
Right here in Portland, Trump’s shock troops in the ICE swooped in to grab an asylum seeker while he was in court. Bullshit.
—Mitch McConnell and the Republicans used the “nuclear option,” destroying the filibuster and letting Dipshit’s dipshit SCOTUS pick pass. This petition urges the Democrats to make them pay for every step they try to take from now on.
—Ol’ Bernie Sanders wants to tax Wall Street to provide free college for everyone. Sure, why not.
—Bill O’Reilly should be going down any time now, as most of his advertisers are pulling out in the wake of even more sexual misconduct lawsuits and allegations. Some haven’t.

Fuckhead, facing approval/disapproval of 35/55%, lobs a few Tomahawk missiles at a purposely empty (of Syrians and Russians) air field. The press whips out the pretty war graphics and theme music & politicians all fall in line. I mean…

Friday, April 7

—Dipshait launches some missiles into Syria without congressional approval. He did, however, apparently warn Syria and Russia so nothing of value would be disrupted or destroyed. #TrumpRussia ain’t going away, Dipshit.
—Like John Ossof in Georgia, a Democrat named James Thompson in Kansas is looking to flip a special election. Gave him five bucks.
—Twitter. So much Twitter.

Saturday, April 8

—The NCAA is using North Carolina’s sham repeal of the bigoted “bathroom bill” as cover to allow some sweet, lucrative games to come back to the state. Petition to let them know that they’re not fooling anyone.
—PFAW open letter to Mitch McConnell and the Republicans calling out their power-grab in using the “nuclear option.”
—Credo Action petition about Dickhead’s budget, which, among other patently evil things, would defund the NIH to pay for his bullshit Game of Thrones wall for white scaredy-cats.
SNL was back, which means so was I, reviewing the episode and analyzing how the show keeps leaning on Alec Baldwin’s increasingly bland and lazy Trump impression. Still, “Keep eating the finger-chili” is pretty solid, in context.
—Still, trotting out a second Baldwin-as-Trump alongside a Baldwin-as-Bill-O’Reilly sketch is another example of a mediocre impressionist (but huge star) stealing the show out from the cast. Double-still, fuck Bill O’Reilly, whose most recent sexual harassment scandal sees his advertisers running en masse. Which is fun, don’t get me wrong, although all these sponsors were fine paying this prickless dick millions to spew his racist, sexist bullshit. For years. Pretty funny sketch, though. even if Baldwin, as noted, can’t do an O’Reilly.


Sunday, April 9

—Speaking of Bill O’Rapey, his sponsors are fleeing. Here—let’s nudge that along.
—Tom Udall, calling out Trump’s glaring, cartoonish corruption with regard to his companies and his still-unreleased taxes.
—Care2 petition supporting the Immigrant Worker Protection Act. Which sounds like something America really fucking needs right now.
Fire Steve Bannon. Seriously. Dude shouldn’t be able to get into the White House as a tour visitor.

Monday, April 10

— petition calling on Google to stop dealing with neo-Nazi propaganda site (and former home of a whole lot of Trump’s cabinet, because they’re Trump’s only friends), Breitbart. #ChokeBreitbartOut
—The EPA is being run by Trump’s hand-picked corporate stooge, Scott Pruitt. Coincidentally, the EPA seems to be in collusion with chemical poison pals Monsanto.
—Speaking of, here’s an open letter sent to Chellie Pingree, Susan Collins, and Angus King telling them to hold Pruitt (the corporate stooge) accountable.
—The DLCC wants me to pledge to help elect every Democrat in sight in the next Maine legislative elections. I am genuinely fine with doing that.
Tuesday, April 11

—Deray McKeeson has a new website called that’s a helpful tool in fighting Trump’s bullshit, state-by-state. Sure I’ll be making use of it.
—Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson wants to execute every prisoner on his state’s death row because the state is running out of lethal injection drugs? Like, in a hurry? Seems like a typically blunt and brutal solution from a Republican.
— NILC Immigrant Justice Fund petition against the most xenophobic and patently shitty aspects of Dipshit’s proposed budget.
—This administration/shitshow is laughably blatant about selling out worker and consumer safety for cash. Petition, etc.
—Spineless Republican lickspittle Devin Nunes has gotta go.

Sometimes you just need to feel this in your brain when things get ugly. 

Wednesday, April 12

—The Chechen government is straight-up rounding up gay people, imprisoning them, and most likely torturing and murdering them. Mike Pence would be proud, but Amnesty International sure as hell ain’t.
—Dipshit’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, is not good at his job. Which is speaking. And communicating ideas. Was yesterday’s disastrous press conference, where he minimized Hitler’s gassing of millions of Jews (and reference to—wait for it—”concentration centers”) a mere gaffe or yet another white supremacist dogwhistle from this deplorable administration filled with blatant bigots? Dunno. But he’s gotta go.
—Also yesterday, an Asian doctor was bloodied and manhandled when he refused to give up his paid-for seat on United. Not specifically Trump-related, except that the cellphone-captured incident is capitalist greed and brutality at its nakedest. Oh, and United went on to half-apologize while a suspicious number of victim-shaming stories were fed to the media. The CEO’s gotta go.
—North Carolinian Dontae Sharpe has spent 22 years in prison for a crime he pretty clearly didn’t commit. In a country where Jeff “Fuck police reform” Sessions is Attorney General, cases like this need all the attention they can get.
—An insurance company wants to take away a little kid’s MS drug. Because insurance companies are just plain evil.

Thursday, April 13

—Dipshit O’Evilton, after his/Paul “Equally Evil” Ryan’s attempt to repeal Obamacare failed so miserably, is threatening to scuttle the Affordable Care Act through sleazy backdoor channels. Which means, of course, that millions will be hurt if not killed while he attempts to strongarm Democrats. Fuck. This. Clown.
—Chechnya still rounding up gay people into literal camps. Mike Pence secretly thrilled.
—Florida police zeroed in on the protestors against Trump at a rally after a Trump thug started a fight. Shocker.
—Martin Heinrich’s petition telling off his colleagues (the Republican ones, anyway) for selling off our internet privacy.
—It’s wordy, but The Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act (sponsored by Al Franken) is a fine thing.
—Asshole and the Keystone pipeline: a petition.
—Dipshit eliminated a rule forcing financial advisors to look out for the best interests of their clients. I’m just gonna leave that one there.

Friday, April 14

—Remember when that caretaker of a mentally-disabled man got shot? The one who was lying on his back, with his hands in the air, yelling “Don’t shoot?” And then he got shot? Yeah, the cops who shot him are on administrative leave. They should get fired. Oh, the caretaker was black. You probably figured that out already.
—The rich, entitled scumbag currently in the White House is literally looking to take food out of the mouths of the children of illegal immigrants. Not figuratively.
—Bloated bigot-slug Steve Bannon lost his place on the NSC (which he shouldn’t have had in the first place and which he seems to have gotten because Dipshit didn’t realize he was authorizing it). He should be fucking fired altogether.

Saturday, April 15

—Busy family day. Rushed home in time to review Saturday Night Live, which featured Jimmy Fallon and was about as watery on Trump as that’d make you expect.
—Melissa McCarthy came back as Sean Spicer. It was fine. Wrote about that, too.

Sunday, April 16

—Dipshit wants to kill Social Security for nothing but personal gain. Genuinely out of ways to describe the evil bullshit at this point.
—Jeff Merkley wants Dipshit’s taxes. So do I. And no one’s paying anyone to want this.
—Hypocritical sexist scumbag (you know, Dipshit) is a noted serial sexual abuser. He’s also proposing cuts to the Violence Against Women Act. Again. No fucking words left.

Monday, April 17

—On the last day before the Georgia special election, donated another $25 to Jon Ossoff’s campaign. Allowing myself to hope here, mister.
—Dipshit is trying to keep the White House visitor logs secret. I mean…
—Democrats have just introduced a (doomed) Constitutional Amendment to end big-money slush fund Citizens United. I signed in support anyway.

Tuesday, April 18

—Dipshit keeps nominating bigoted dipshits. This time it’s proposed Army secretary Mark Green, a major anti-LBGTQ bigot.
—Dipshit wants to pull out of the Paris climate accords.
—Republicans’ anti-democratic poison is seeping into Maine. Petition urging lawmakers to oppose any attempt to criminalize peaceful protest. Which really shouldn’t have to be debated in fucking America.

Wednesday, April 19

—Dipshit and his cronies are dying to sell off our privacy online. Guarantee Trump’s search history is all “Russian Lolitas,” all the time.
—Dipshit wants to build his moronic Game of Thrones wall right through a National Park, just because it wasn’t evil enough already.

Thursday, April 20

—Petition to bring DACA-recipient Juan Manuel Montes back from Mexico, where he was deported by Dipshit for no fucking reason.
—It’s only Republicans who keep trying to keep people from voting. I wonder why that could be.
—Dipshit wants to erase all LGBTQ people from the next census. I wonder why that could be.
—Dipshit is instructing his ICE shock troops and others to illegally steal people’s cell phone information at the border. I genuinely hate these people.
—Spineless partisan enabler Jason Chaffetz is fleeing his post, his office, and hey, maybe the country, according to sources. Can’t wait for that to pan out. In the meantime, petition for members of congress to reopen and reinvigorate the investigation (that Chaffetz was ineptly stonewalling) into #TrumpRussia.
—There are rumblings that Dipshit and Paul “Also a Dipshit” Ryan are thinking of reviving their grotesquely cruel healthcare repeal. As much fun as it’d be to relive their disastrous defeat on the issue, enough’s enough, assholes.
—Chechnya is still rounding up gay people. Putin says “nuh-uh,” Trump isn’t saying shit, Mike Pence has a secret shame-erection. There’s another international petition.
—Dipshit keeps the streak going, nominating anti-gay bigot Mark Green to be Secretary of the Army.
—Dogwhistle or incompetence, Sean Spicer’s whole “Hitler wasn’t so bad” nonsense should have him on the street.

Friday, April 21

—Trump’s seeping swamp of bullshit is lapping at Maine’s doors in the form of Republican (shocker) bigot Larry Luckman, who wants Portland police to joining Dipshit’s ICE deportation assholes.

Saturday, April 22

—Dipshit is planning to despoil the Great Lakes like a massive spray-tan spill.
—Kamala Harris has a more general petition to oppose Dipshit’s assault on the environment.
—Angus King asking for signers to tell Dipshit that climate change is real.

Sunday, April 23

—Emily’s List petition opposing Gorsuch, urging women to get elected to office and basically save us.

Monday, April 24

—Dipshit wants to loot Social Security.
—That dickhead gun fetishists the NRA wants it is reason enough, but the “concealed carry reciprocity” bill is terrible and irresponsible. Even for them.
—There’s a group called Real Alternatives that does that super-shitty thing where they lure vulnerable pregnant women in and lie to them about abortion. Oh, and they stole tax money.
Disenfranchising felon voters is inherently a race-based policy.
—Amazon is still advertizing on racist, sexist, totally Russia-funded Breitbart. There’s an organization called Sleeping Giants that’s doing fine work in getting advertisers to drop them.
—Dipshit lobbed some big bombs. Media went into “sell the big ‘splosions” mode.
—Dems (and Bernie Sanders) have been sending out whimpers that they’re flexible on reproductive choice. Just, no.

Tuesday, April 25

—I’ll level with you, this was a long, long day where I spent most of my time writing a fill-in review for this week’s episode of The Americans. So here’s that! I’m not on trial here.
—Did some Twitter, though.
Wednesday, April 26

Called Bruce Poliquin to urge him to oppose the GOP’s latest attempt to replace Obamacare with their own, greedy, heedlessly cruel plan. This one’s even worse. Seriously.
—Dipshit refuses to release his taxes (for a variety of reasons) but is proposing a tax plan that will benefit really rich people. Um, no fucking way.
—Care2 petition against Dipshit’s plans to open all our national parks to his land-rapiest pals.
Twitter. The fighting.

Thursday, April 27

—Some family medical emergencies. Although I did call Poliquin’s office again, right before the Republicans slunk away because they are even more unpopular in their fight to destroy healthcare than they were the first time. Classist, racist, cruel and cowardly—That’s the GOP!
—And nothing can keep me from pissing of the right people on Twitter.

Friday, April 28

Climate change, despite Dipshit and his hand-picked Dipshit Scott Pruitt say, is real.
—Dipshit and his band of dead-eyed bigots continue to circle right around outright Holocaust denial.
TrumpRussia. Investigate. Seriously, Congress.
—Democrats, Dipshit is flailing. He’s weak. This bullshit Game of Thrones wall is childish, racist, un-American nonsense. Fight.
—Sherrod Brown would like Congress to bring down prescription drug prices. Okey-dokey.

Saturday, April 29

—The Republicans want to murder the Endangered Species Act. Because of course the fucking do.
—Dipshit wants to despoil National Parks. Because of course he does.
—Dipshit wants to deregulate the banks. Because he’s a shameless greedhead and it worked to great the last time.
—Dipshit wants to kill net neutrality. Because there’s a buck in it.
—Self-proclaimed futurist Elon Musk is serving as an advisor to Dipshit, who doesn’t believe in science.

Sunday, April 30

—Dead-eyed southern racist stereotype Jeff Sessions says marijuana is essentially just as bad as heroin. And, again, I guarantee he’s called it “mary-juwana” more than once.
Handy tool to contact your reps to urge them to vote against the GOP’s latest, even crueler health care repeal plan. Strangely, Maine’s Bruce Poliquin has not entered an opinion as yet. Weird…
—And, closing April out with some dickishness close to home, Portland is considering shunting the city’s homeless to an abandoned industrial park. It’s remote.
—Aaaaaand, Twitter.

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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” March 2017 page-a-day calendar


Wednesday, March 1

Trump gave a speech last night. Dummies thought he sounded “presidential.” He was, and is, a racist clown. Martin Heinrich thinks that, so I signed his petition to oppose Trump’s bullshit agenda.
Wrote to Senator Susan Collins, basically calling her out for assuring us that Jeff Sessions—despite a long and documented history of racism and opposing voting rights—would, you know, not be racist and stand up for voting rights. Oh, it was also revealed tonight that Sessions lied to Congress about the fact that he—wait for it—was in contact with the Russians on Trump’s behalf.
—Trump and his greedheads want to scuttle net neutrality. CREDO action petition.
—Jeff Sessions is going down! This petition would like to speed that shit up.
—Texas Republicans are trying to pass another “bathroom bill” targeted at keeping trans people from using the fucking toilet. Let’s continue to mess with Texas.

Thursday, March 2

—The petitions for Jeff Sessions to resign are comin’ fast and furious.
—DailyKos petition denouncing the fact that Republicans, almost without exception, are blocking any investigation of Trump’s obviously damning taxes.
—Bernie Sanders is still looking to get an imported cheap drug bill passed. You know, despite the pharmaceutical industry pumping cash into politicians’ throats like chewable Flintstones vitamins.
—And heeere goes Jeff Sessions
—…If Kamala Harris has anything to say about it.
—Chris Murphy, too.
—Plus NARAL.
—And another one.
—iHeartRadio is planning to honor right-wing racist talk show host Michael Berry. Petition.
—President Racist Slugslime specifically targeted DREAM-er Dany Vargas after she spoke out about Trump deporting immigrants in that program. Petty and cruel cock-waving.
—SXSW(?!) is apparently threatening to report foreign bands to immigration if they do something SXSW doesn’t like? Normalizing fascist bullshit, if true. Signed a petition anyway.


You tell ’em Supes.

Friday, March 3

—Hey, Corey Booker thinks Sessions should resign, too!
— would like to see Trump’s taxes. You know, me too!
—Our Revolution would like Jeff Sessions to resign.
—Petition urging credit card companies and Paypal to shut down business with neo-Nazt groups.
—Another letter in support of Dany Vargas, this one from to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.
—Letter to Wisconsin judges supporting their decision to strike down Republicans’ racial gerrymandering in the state.
—The ACLU wants Jeff Sessions to resign. I signed on, like you do.
So does the National Democratic Training Committee.
So does Chellie Pingree.
So does
So does People For The American Way.
So does DailyKos.
So does something called BoldPAC.
—Maine’s itty-bitty bigot-bumpkin Trump, Paul LePage is hereby urged to protect immigrants.
Sent email to Homeland Security. They are considering a Trump/Bannon/scumbag policy of separating mothers and children as they attempt to cross the border. All the Sophie’s Choice references in the fucking world are not enough. Fuck these fucking people. Fuck them in their racist, black hearts.
— wants to investigate Trump’s Yemen fiasco. You know, the one where a SEAL got killed because of his incompetence and then he used the man’s widow as a prop to fluff up his ego during a speech.

Saturday, March 4

Petition for the NCAA to move and/or cancel any events in states (like Texas, of course) passing anti-LGBTQ laws.
Some racist bullshit happening with child protective services in Buffalo.
Saturday Night Live came back, so my reviews at the AV Club did, too. They’re going after Trump, to a moderately successful degree.
—The above video was a pretty solid sketch about how the GOP is very, very okay with Trump destroying the country as long as they can loot it. I wrote about that, too.

Sunday, March 5

—Another petition for Kiarre Harris, the (black) mom whose homeschooled kids got taken away over some racist bullshit.
—Sherrod Brown would like American workers to be treated better, so here’s a signature.
—The League of Conservation Voters understandably wants to prevent Trump from gutting all environmental regulations.
—Petition for Portland to fund the city’s public schools. You notice how any cause that has anything to do with decency, kindness, equality, or basically not being an asshole winds up comfortably in my anti-Trump list? Weird, huh?
—Daily Kos. Don’t steal people’s health care, you Republican pricks.

Monday, March 6

—Sherrod Brown has another Save the ACA petition. I signed it. New week.
—Martin Henrich, too.
—DailyKos-facilitated letter to Collins and King urging them to postpone any vote on Trump’s right wing SCOTUS pick until his obvious position as a compromised Russian asset are fully and independently investigated.
— has a “register me first” petition for non-Muslims to stand up against Trump’s racist bullshit. Sign it.
—Kamala Harris is sponsoring a bill demanding that all people detained under Trump’s bigot-bullshit Muslim Ban are granted access to counsel.
—Tom Udall would like Trump to not gut the EPA to enrich his grotesque corporate cronies. You know, I would as well.
—The Republicans want to do awful things to Planned Parenthood, as usual.
—Joe Kennedy wants to ban Citizens United, which, despite the rah-rah name, is just a right-wing rich asshole slush fund.
—Care2 petition for Jeff Sessions to resign or be fired. I mean, it’s about that whole “being a Russian asset and lying to Congress thing,” but there’s a whole list of other reasons, like racism and so forth.
Wrote to Susan Collins upon seeing a Portland Press Herald story that she sees Trump’s new-and-still-unconscionable Muslim ban.
—Same thing to Maine’s limp noodle Republican Representative Bruce Poliquin, who said the same thing.

Tuesday, March 7

—There are gonna be a whole lot of letters and petitions about the Republicans’ grotesquely cruel, just-announced Obamacare replacement. Here’s a letter from DailyKos, that goes to my representatives.
—Here’s a petition from Sherrod Brown.
And Chris Murphy’s.
And Corey Booker’s.
And NARAL’s.
And Tammy Baldwin’s.
—Oh, Trump and the Republican Party are trying to destroy the Violence Against Women Act. Seriously, fuck these pricks.
—CredoAction’s petition against Scumbag’s new Muslim ban.
And Equality PAC’s.
—NDTC petition condemning  Dickhead for accusing President Obama of running a super-secret plan to overthrow him.
—Everytown for Gun Safety is sending postcards to lawmakers opposing the GOP/NRA’s open carry efforts to make sure literally every other American is shot to death by an unstable fuckhead.

Wednesday, March 8

—As the Republican party attempts to steamroller their grotesquely cruel Obamacare replacement through congress, some epic trolling: Petition to cut free health care for all representatives and their families. It’s got 150,000 signatures. Including mine.
—This petition supports the idea that women have equal rights. Because it is not written by a blithering ding-dong.
—Tammy Baldwin agrees. And she would know.
So would Nancy Pelosi.
—The Republican health care plan (which Trump definitely doesn’t want us to call TRUMPCARE, since it’s already looking embarrassingly doomed) is awful for everyone but insurance companies and rich fuckers. Sherrod Brown and I agree on that.
—Senator Al Franken wants Trump’s obvious, glaring, red flashing light on top of an ambulance Russian connections investigated. Also, Al Franken is a Senator, and a damned fine one.
—The tweeting.

Thursday, March 9

—DailyKos prompt to email Angus King urging him to reject the Republicans’ grotesque, cruel, downright evil healthcare plan.
—Equality PAC has a petition to that effect.
—Credo Action petition against Trump (the crooked businessman) obliterating rules that require other crooked businessmen to look out for the financial interests of their elderly clients.
—DCCC petition to protect the EPA. That’s a lot of initials, but you get it.
—Al Franken wants a damned independent investigation of #TrumpRussia, already.
—NARAL opposes SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch. Possibly because Trump thinks he’s neat. More likely because he’s like a more evil Scalia, apparently.
—The Election Assistance Commission ensures elections aren’t hacked. It is being threatened by Republicans. After the election was clearly hacked. And most of Trump’s idiot administration is clearly in league with the country that did it. Fuck these people.
—Patty Murray is also against the Republican’s poor-person-murdering healthcare proposal.

Friday, March 10

—Scott Pruitt, the grotesque joke who is Trump’s head of the EPA, states that carbon dioxide is not a factor in global warming. So, this petition seeks to educate him that it is. And that he is a grinning corporate shill.
—Form letter to my reps urging them to fight the GOP’s bullshit health care bill.
—Iowa Republicans—shocker—want to institute a voter ID law to make it harder for poor people and minorities to vote. Because Republican ideas are shit and they know this is the only way to hold onto power.
—More people want Jeff Sessions to resign.
Sierra Club petition, for the sort of environmental things they do.
—Letter to Wells Fargo ineffectively shaming them for helping fund the DAPL.
—Credo Action’s petition in favor of the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. Guess who that’s directed at.
—Sierra Club letter to King and Collins urging them to oppose right-wing dingbat Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.
The twittering.

Saturday, March 11

—Wrote this week’s Saturday Night Live review for the AV Club, which contains plenty of words about Trump, and about how SNL’s unprecedented opportunity to really go after him is being squandered.
—That being said, I liked this Ivanka fake commercial, which I wrote about also.
—Lots o’ Twitter, although I was road-tripping to a family birthday for most of the day. It was an oddly satisfying feeling mocking the right wing asshole threatening to kick my ass while watching my beloved niece open the presents.

Sunday, March 12

—Wrote email to Bruce Poliquin and Susan Collins telling them they’d fuckign better make a public condemnation of Iowa GOP Congressman Steve King’s praise of Dutch Nazi Geert Wilders.
Republicans want to kill the Endangered Species Act. And a whole lot of endangered species.
—Petition urging LA’s mayor to divest the city from Wells Fargo because of their funding of the DAPL.
—Credo Action wants Senate Dems to actually stand up against Trump’s racist Muslim ban. You know what? So would fucking I.
—Scumbag Johnson wants to kill the NEA and NEH, because truth and beauty simply don’t mean anything to someone with no human soul.
—Amazon advertized with Breitbart. They should stop.
—GoTurnOutPAC petition to save the ACA.
—PFAW petition supporting Planned Parenthood.
—NILC petition opposing Dipshit’s bullshit, specifically his racist Muslim ban.
—Lots o’ Twitter. Strangely, inexplicably, if you mock Iowa Republican racist Steve King online, a whole lot of self-professed Nazis come for you. Weird…

Just sub in Iowa accents for Steve King supporters. 

Monday, March 13

—Petition to save the EPA. Which Republicans want to destroy. Seriously.
— petition to save the ACA.
—Tom Udall’s condemning corporate climate denier (and, of yeah, head of the EPA) Scott Pruitt for a whole host of reasons.
—Petition urging Republicans to actually condemn Steve King for being a no-shit, vocal, public white supremacist. He doubled down on his Nazi bullshit today.
Called Susan Collins urging her to call for Steve King’s resignation. Publicly. Collins is no moderate as she claims, but she has a great desire to seem like the nice one.
—Did the same with Bruce Poliquin. Shockingly, the nice lady at his Washington office said he has made no statement yet. (People in Maine will get the joke.)
—Trump and his loot-minded cronies want to destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Shocker.
—They also want to destroy the EPA.
—The White House is now soliciting “Obamacare horror stories,” which is really pathetic. I sent them mine about how Obamacare allowed me and my family to get healthcare for the first time and they shouldn’t kill millions of people by killing it.
—DCCC petition for Republicans to lay the fuck off the ACA.
—NRDC petition against the fact that Republicans loooove to gerrymander voting districts along racial lines because they know their shit ideas can’t keep them in power any other way.
The Twitter. Again—if you attack a white supremacist like Steve King, you get a ton of white supremacists sending you death threats and pictures of Hitler. Just FYI.

Tuesday, March 14

—Blizzard day. Had to settle for fighting with ignorant Trump-heads on Twitter all day.

Wednesday, March 15

Angus King has his own petition against the GOP “murder the poors and enrich ourselves and our wealthy masters” health care bill. Saves me a call.
So does Joe Kennedy.
—In addition to being a partisan, spineless toad about investigating Trump-Russia, Jason Chaffetz wants to destroy a National Monument. The Wilderness Society would like him not to do that.
— petition urging the University of Iowa to divest from banks funding the DAPL.
—Credo Action’s petition to buck Chuck Schumer and the Dems up to fight for reproductive rights. C’mon, Dems. Seriously. Blood in the water means attack, not call for a bipartisan commision on blood removal from local waterways.
—CredoAction again, urging passage of Barbara Lee’s bill to keep Dipshit from having the ability to send ground troops into Syria.
Thursday, March 16

—The Republicans want to destroy the EPA. Just…
—Dipshit wants to unnecessarily increase the defense budget to compensate for his tiny, tiny penis and impotence.
Called Bruce Poliquin urging him to vote against the GOP’s grotesquely cruel health plan. Shockingly, the nice lady at his DC office says he hasn’t made up his mind yet. People from Maine will get the joke.
—Kamala Harris’ petition for the GOP to leave Medicare the fuck alone.

Friday, March 17

Called Susan Collins urging her to oppose both the GOP’s budget and the GOP’s health plan.
—Same thing with Bruce Poliquin.
—Got an email from Poliquin (presumably about something I sent earlier) defending his decision to support repealing Obamacare. To be fair, he does express concerns about the shitty nature (y words) of the GOP plan. However, I sent him a response urging him to reconsider, etc.
—Email to Collins and Angus King urging them to oppose the hideous Trump budget. They want to cut ficking Meals on Wheels. Think about that.
The National Federation of State High School Associations banned a girl from playing high school basketball because she wears a hijab. Nope.
—CREDO Action petition urging Chuck Schumer and the Dems to fight against Fuckface’s completely unnecessary, graft-laden military buildup.
—American Cancer Network automated letter to all four of my reps urging them to protect those currently covered by Obamacare.
—Martin Heinrich petition to urge Dipshit Jones not to gut environmental protections.
—Something called People Demanding Action asked me to write to Angus King opposing Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. So I did.
—AVAAZ open letter to all the nice Dutch people for (mostly) rejecting blown-dry Nazi Geert Wilders in their recent elections.
Afghan interpreters are being denied entry to the US in Fuckwit’s doomed Muslim ban. Fuck him.

Sometimes you just need to find the calm. Here. Breathe. 

Saturday, March 18

—Dipshit Greedhead has nominated another greedhead Goldman Sachs crony, Jay Clayton, to head the SEC. Which would be a disaster.
—CREDO Action petition against the GOP gutting Medicaid and Medicare.
—More specific to the health care issue, this petition objecting to BlueCross BlueShield withholding medical care from a gravely ill little kid.
—Al Franken’s petition against the GOP shit-budget.
—Another shit-budget petition.
—Florida governor and skinless nosferatu Rick Scott just pulled Florida prosecutor Aramis Ayala because she chose not to pursue a death penalty case.
—So much Twitter. Whole house is sick here—nothing to do but argue with fools. And cough up phlegm. Both are about equally gross.

Sunday, March 19

—Someone put together this incredibly helpful, one-click spreadsheet that allows you to message GOP reps with exactly how many of their constituents (or “voters” if that’s all they recognize) will lose coverage under the grotesquely greedy and cruel Trumpcare. Seriously, this person deserves a medal of some sort.
—Donated another $25 to Jon Ossoff’s campaign. First special election=first referendum on Trump’s bullshit.
—DailyKos petition opposing the GOP’s health “care” plan.
Keep Trumphad’s assole off the Supreme Court.

Monday, March 20

—So sick for three days. Finally caught up with me. Managed to get yelled at on Twitter through my Nyquil haze. Still managed to school some fools.

Tuesday, March 21

—Alive and sniffling, so joined Tom Udall in calling out Trump’s war on the press. Man, it’s like he has something to hide. Or something.
—United We Dream’s petition objecting to Shithead’s budget, specifically, the $3 billion in racist anti-immigrant measures.
—Trump (aka Shithad) continues to adopt a “loot this motherfucker before I get impeached” approach to regulation, tapping one of his Wall Street cronies to oversee Wall Street.
Called Bruce Poliquin’s office again. Strangely, he has still not made up his mind on the GOP health”care” bill, according to his staffer. I told her I wished he’d vote against it.
Automatic voter registration. Seriously.
Email to King and Collins restating the obvious point that Neil Gorsuch’s SCOTUS hearing shouldn’t be held while Trump’s even more obvious Russian treason is being investigated.
—Kamala Harris versus the scumbag’s scumbag budget.
—Care2 Petitions let me know that scumbag wants to gut a nice little program that protects the oceans called Sea Grant.
Twitter. Including lots o’ racists!

Wednesday, March 22

—Tammy Baldwin’s petition against the GOP deathcare plan.
—Caled Bruce Poliquin. Again. His people said he hasn’t… wait for it… made up his mind! Again.
—Corporate stooge/guy who flunked 7th grade science Scott Pruitt says global warming isn’t a thing. It is.
—The NAACP’s petition against the GOP “health” plan. If the NAACP hates you, you’re wrong, by the way.
—Trump’s racist shock troops at Homeland Security are planning to deport a husband and father. Don’t.
—So much racist Twitter. It’s like they’re getting nervous and desperate or something.

Thursday, March 23

Called Bruce Poliquin again, bright and early. Staff says he still hasn’t made up his mind. Which no doubt means he’s studying very carefully and wrestling with his soul and not that he’s, as is his wont, ducking all controversy like a little babyman until he can scuffy out and hope his unpopular vote will get lost in the overall din. It won’t.
—Tom Udall’s petition against the GOP deathmurder plan.
—Portland’s dragging its feet on renovating four crumbling elementary schools. Again, any act in support of something decent and good is a move against Trump in the great scheme.
— petition about saving the EPA. Because Trump wants to murder it, probably with poisoned water.
Impeach this bitch.
Fuck his budget, while we’re at it.
—Kamala Harris’ petition against the GOP asshole medical bill.
—Asshole likes to golf on our dime. Like, a fucking lot.
—Ellen Weintraub, head of the FEC has a petition calling on Dickhead to produce the nonexistent proof of his “voter fraud” bullshit.
—Cory Booker calling for the end of for-profit prisons.
—Chellie Pingree has a petition to her congressional colleagues to back the fuck off the ACA. I’m paraphrasing.
—Petition against Asshole’s Muslim ban. Asshole.
—Twitter all day.

Friday, March 24

Assholes lose big, as that Republican murder-care health plan goes down—hard. Here’s one for you, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and “president” Dipshit.

—Spent all morning tweeting at GOP hacks on the fence, including Maine’s Bruce Poliquin, who never, ever declared a position. That’s his thing. He is a spineless nothing of a congressman.
—Oh, all his office numbers were busy/not being answered, as Poliquin was ducking his constituents. Mealy little nothing.
—The Twitter.

Saturday, March 25

—DailyKos kindly provided a form letter urging Collins and King to postpone Gorsuch’s hearing while we sort this whole “Trump is in collusion with Putin and committing treason” thing out.
—The NDTC, too.
—Scumbag’s State Department has denied the Tibetan women’s soccer team travel permission to come to America for a tournament. Of soccer. Oh, they’re not white.
—Scumbag’s Interior Department wants to start selling off public lands for Scumbag’s corporate pals to despoil.
—Gave a token $3 donation to Color of Change’s campaign to send 1000 baby dolls of color to Paul Ryan to protest Steve King (the white supremacist) saying white supremacist things about “our children.” Meaning white children. Fuck these people.
—Scumbag’s proposed budget targets… Meals On Wheels. You know, the service that gives food to elderly shut-ins? Fuck. These. People. Trump and the Republicans, not the elderly shut-ins.
—Stereotypical 1960s southern mayor/current Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on a crusade against that damned marry-ju-wanna, despite reason and states’ legalization laws. Hey, weren’t Republicans supposed to be all about states’ rights and whatnot? Oh, right—that’s only when it lets them set up little backwoods hate-fiefdoms.
—Hey, let’s boycott companies that do business with Scumbag, Incorporated.

Sunday, March 26

—Ivanka Trump posted a pic of herself at the zoo, in front of an elephant. So I sent her this petition against her dad gutting the Endangered Species Act.
—Susan Collins and her GOP pals voted to gut some consumer protections that kept corporations from buying and selling your online information. Because that’s the sort of mundane evil they do.
—Petition against Dipshit’s newest, still super-racist Muslim ban.
—The LPGA really shouldn’t hold events at Trump’s properties. For a variety of reasons. Some of it rape-related.
—Care2 petition to save PBS. From the biggest to the smallest issues, I genuinely hate Dipshit and his dipshits.
—ICE is using detained immigrants as slave labor. Because that’s… America, I guess.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.25.35 PM

After a day of Twitter.

Monday, March 27

—Email to Chellie Pingree urging her to vote against the Senate-approved (and Susan Collins-approved) plan to sell off our internet information to corporations.
—Kamala Harris’ petition against Gorsuch.
—According to Care2 petitions, there’s still a way to stop the DAPL.

Tuesday, March 28

—There is actual pending legislation to keep the President of the United States from having the authority to use nuclear weapons. Of course, that should read “president,” and it’s Trump, so I am all in favor.
—Undocumented immigrants swept up in Dickhead’s racist policies deserve legal counsel. Strange that that should need to be said, this being America and all.
—Stereotypical southern racist Attorney general Jeff Sessions’ attitudes toward marijuana are also stuck in the 1950s.
—ACLU petition against spending a fucking penny on Dickhead’s racist immigration schemes.
—Emails to King and Collins urging them to oppose Gorsuch.
—Bernie Sanders wants Medicare for all. Sure, why not.
—It’s supported by this group, too.
—Oxfam automatic letters to King and Collins telling them to oppose Dickhead’s executive dickhead orders reversing climate change protections.
—Sierra Club letter to EPA director/grotesque corporate stooge Scott Pruitt, basically telling him I’m not putting up with his climate change-denier bullshit.
—Fight for Equality. Petition. Fuck Dickhead’s racist immigration bullshit. Paraphrasing.

Wednesday, March 29

—Avaaz petition to Democratic senators urging them to vote no on Gorsuch.
—Gave another $10 to Jon Ossoff’s campaign in the Georgia 6th. Referendum. Invested.
Tom Udall’s pissed about Trump gutting all environmental protections.
—TrainDemocrats wants GOP weasel Devin Nunes to recuse himself from the TrumpRussia investigation, since he’s in it up to his pasty neck and all.

Thursday, March 30

—Called Angus King’s DC office & left a message urging him to vote no on Gorsuch and to support any Democratic filibuster.
—Friends of the Earth letters to King and Collins. Dipshit wants to gut the USDA. Because rich people won’t be eating poisoned food.
—Corey Booker wanted me to object in writing to Dipshit’s racist immigration bullshit. So I did.
—Sent email from some group urging state lawmakers to block the DAPL.
— petition calling on squirmy GOP obstructionist shill Devin Nunes to recuse himself from the #TrumpRussia investigation he’s neck-deep in.

Friday, March 31

Called Angus King again, asking the nice lady (named Katie) who answered the phone at his DC office to tell him I think he should vote no or Gorsuch and support the Democratic filibuster idea. She said, for what it’s worth, that they’ve been getting a lot of similar calls.
—Bernie Sanders has a plan for inexpensive imported medications.
—He’d also like Medicare for everyone.
—There’s another pipeline a company wants to run through a low-income native American area.
—Republicans are trying to sell off public lands to oil companies, because that’s what they do.
—Neil Gorsuch is, among other things, a homophobe. Petition to keep his pasty ass off the Supreme Court.
—And, as always, hours and hours of Twitter. Next.



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My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” February 2017 page-a-day calendar

Just a movie about three people with different views engaging in challenging but thoughtful and respectful debate for a few hours. You know, in case you want to live in come sort of lovely, crazy sci-fi universe.

Wednesday, February 1

Called Susan Collins to urge her not to vote for Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions.
—ACLU-sponsored letter asking my reps to answer exactly where they stand on Trump’s bigoted Muslim ban.
—Petition to impeach president dipshit-bigotmeister.
—Fuckhead is planning to kill the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Because he is a fuckhead.
—Fuckhead wants to kill PBS. See above.
—Petition urging Democrats to stop fuckhead’s right-wing Supreme Court nominee.
—Another anti-DeVos petition.
—Wrote to Susan Collins, Angus King, Bruce Poliquin, and Chellie Pingree, outlining a whole lot of the ways Steve Bannon and Trump are showing their white supremacist roots and asking for a response.
Opposing Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court right-winger.
—Petition defending marriage equality. Dipshit’s coming for that, too.
—Sent email to a rep of Senator Pat Toomey, who apparently plans to vote for unqualified religious plagiarist DeVos because Toomey’s phones have been off the hook all day. Because he’s a coward.
—Starting the month off with only about 12 hours of Twitter. So no eye-blood for this guy! No siree!

Get the job done.

Thursday, February 2

—Apparently, Homeland Security is taking calls asking what people think about the whole “Steve Bannon the unconfirmed, unqualified white supremacist propagandist being on the NSA” issue. I came down predictably. Number: 202-224-4751.
Journalists covering the inauguration protests were charged with felonies. Petition!
—Sherrod Brown’s anti-Gorsuch petition.
—Twitter. 12 hours. Still no eye-blood. So that’s a win.

Friday, February 3

—George Takei sponsored a petition against Trump’s Nazi Muslim ban. I signed it.
—Petition against one of the various bills the Republicans are introducing to despoil our environment.
Dump DeVos petition.
—Scumbag and the mini-scumbags want to gut Social Security.
Bigoted asshole is banning members of a particular religion. That’s some Nazi shit I, strangely, do not support.
—Unelected, bloated, racist gasbag Steve Bannon is on the NSC. That’s fucking terrifying.
—Signed letter to King and Collins urging them to question the hell out of SCOTUS pick Gorsuch on guns.
Fire scabby bigot Steve Bannon.
Called that “Steve Bannon is a scabby bigot” line at Homeland security. 202-224-4751
—Planned Parenthood letter to my lawmakers, defending Title X.
Stop Sessions. Sally Yates is an American hero.
Republicans want to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns. No, I am not engaging in some of my patented comic exaggeration—they actually want to do exactly that.
—All Twitter, all the time.

Saturday, February 4

—Petition for CEOs (IBM, Disney, etc) to stop serving to advise Trump. The bigoted asshole.
Called Homeland Security about Bannon again. That whole “white supremacist scumbag thing.” You know. 202-224-4751.
—Online letters to King and Collins opposing the Republicans gutting environmental regulations. Because of all the money-licking and evil.
—Daily Kos petition urging networks to stop booking inveterate liar and unquiet ghost of a woman who accused other women of witchcraft, Kellyanne Conway.
Twitter. And I stayed up to write my SNL review until 5, as usual, meaning I had Twitter running for a record zillionty-jillion hours.
—Speaking of, plenty of high-profile Trump analysis in that SNL review.
—And the accompanying Newswire on Melissa McCarthy’s astoundingly good surprise appearance channeling Press Secretary/liar Sean Spicer. Here!

Sunday, February 5

Called about Bannon again. I don’t know if it’s doing anything, but it feels goood.
Anti-anti-LGBT petition. Ted Cruz is behind the bullshit evil. Or course.
—Daily Kos letters to King and Collins urging them to vote against Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
—Another anti-DeVos petition. Vote’s tomorrow.
—Petition urging Portland’s cops and city government to stand up and reject any help for Trump’s bigoted anti-immigration plans.
Investigate Trump’s investment in the Native American land-despoiling DAPL.
All the Tweeting. All of it—even though a lot was Super Bowl-related, most of that meant making fun of Trump and fighting with right wing losers planning to boycott every product whose ads had brown people in them.

Monday, February 6

Keep the ACA, Republican assholes.
—Maine People’s Alliance letter to Susan Collins urging her to reject fast food mogul and enemy of worker’s rights Andrew Puzder.
Petition to Senators Blunt and McCaskill urging them to vote no on Betsy DeVos tomorrow. It’s 50-50, with closeted hate-doll Mike Pence prepared to break the tie for the side of evil.
Petition for prisoners to have visitation rights. Which is something we really shouldn’t have to stipulate, but that’s Trump-world.
—Another email to King and Collins urging them to vote against Jeff Sessions.
—Another petition against Trump’s Muslim ban. Which is what it is.

Warren 2020. 

Tuesday, February 7

Thank you letter to Senate Dems, who held the floor all night to oppose DeVos. She was confirmed because the Republican party is worthless, collectively.
Another anti Sessions petition. Looks like that asshole’s getting confirmed, too.
Save PBS.
Save PBS.
Stop having rickety hate-scarecrow Kellyanne Conway on news shows to lie her arse off.
Fuck Trump’s racist Muslim ban.
Support Standing Rock.
Called Susan Collins expressing, let’s call it disgust, that she voted to shut down Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor tonight. Senator Warren was reading a letter opposing Jeff Sessions. From Coretta Scott King. (202)224-2523.
E-faxed Coretta Scott King’s letter to Mitch McConnell’s office. AV Club colleague Laura Browning’s idea. She’s the coolest.
—And then to Collins.
—Signed Elizabeth Warren’s petition opposing Sessions.

Wednesday, February 8

—White House petition for Trump to just fucking resign.
—White House petition for asshat not to fuck with the NEA and the NEH.
—The Twitter.

Thursday, February 9

—Petition against the proposed “religious freedom” law, aka the “I’m a bigot so someone make it legal for be to discriminate against gay people” law.
—Bernie Sanders thinks the GOP should apologize for silencing Elizabeth Warren. I agree.
—Trump wants two chemical companies to merge. Which, one assumes, would mean flipper-babies.
—Trump and the Republican party hates women. Just fucking hates them.
—Why isn’t there a fucking investigation into how Russia incontrovertibly interfered with our election? Oh, right—the Republicans won.
—Sierra Club petition to the Army Corps of Engineers opposing DAPL.
— petition against Trump’s evil Muslim ban.
CAIR is suing Trump over his Nazi-adjacent Muslim ban.
—Another petition urging Trump not to throttle the NEH and NEA with his wee, girly hands.
—Signed on in support of Kamala Harris’ Right To Legal Council bill.
Support sanction against half-transformed were-snake Kellyanne Conway for violating various laws by promoting Ivanka Trump’s business,
—Tom Udall’s open letter to tell Jeff Sessions we’ve got eyes on his racist ass.

Watching out for Jeff Sessions’ bigotry like.

Friday, February 10

—Signed on to oppose scumbag’s attack on undocumented immigrants. Call them “illegals” in my presence and get at least loudly and publicly humiliated until you cry or take a swing at me.
Donated $25 to Let America Vote, which seeks to counter Scumbag Johnson’s attack on voting rights. Which is what the Republicans do because their ideas are shit and they know they’ll never win a vote where non-white people and poor people can vote.
Donated $25 to the National Immigration Law Center, because, even though scumbag lost all the court cases against his Nazi Muslim ban, he’s having Homeland Security raid immigrant communities all over the country. Fuck them, and fuck him.
—Petition to ban inveterate-yet-incompetent liar and half-animated Ralph Bakshi drawing Kellyanne Conway from CNN.
—Open letter to clenched closet case bigot Mike Pence to order him to keep his sweaty hands off of LGBTQ rights.
—Demand spineless partisan hack Jason Chaffetz investigate Trump’s incontrovertible Russia ties.
—Twitter ’til the darkness comes.

In which SNL gives a shout-out to, well, me. I genuinely have no idea how to process that.

Saturday, February 11

—Wrote an AV Club Newswire about their Kellyanne Conway-Jake Tapper sketch. Trump-bashing that many people will read. Count it.
—And wrote my AV Club SNL review. Which a lot more people will read. The show went in hard on/against Trump, and I… reported on that.

Sunday, February 12

—Petition against Seth Mnuchin for Treasury.
—Emails to Angus King and Susan Collins urging them to oppose SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch.
Opposing Andrew Puzder for Labor.
Protect Dodd-Frank.
—Investigate shithead’s rat’s nest of corruption and conflicts of interest.

Monday, February 13

—Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel is—wait for it—a dangerous, racist asshole. Here’s a petition.
—Petition from Sherrod Brown against Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

Tuesday, February 14

—ICE agents scooped up a DREAM-er. It’s bullshit.
Fuckhead wants to destroy the national parks.
Investigate Trump’s Russian ties. Oh, Trump’s NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR just got fired for being in bed with Putin. So look for this particular issue to het up, as they say.
—Petition for Disney to cut ties with Trump.
Reject Andy Puzder for Labor.

Wednesday, February 15

Keep white supremacist bloat-bag Steve Bannon off the National Security Council, for fuck’s sake.

Impeach. (Thanks: Samuel James.)

Thursday, February 16

—We need a Presidential Tax Transparency Act, huh?
—Tammy Baldwin calling for an independent investigation into the fact that our “president” is totally a Russian asset.
—The GOP voted not to investigate Trump’s tax returns. Which is shady as fuck.
Save the EPA. Which the GOP want to abolish. Because of the evil.
—Kamala Harris’ petition against Shithead’s deportation force.
Fuck Trump’s Muslim ban. And fuck him, too, while we’re at it.
Open letter to King and Collins to vote against Scott Pruitt for EPA. As he is a—wait for it—crooked, right-wing asshole. Also, King and Collins are already voting against him, apparently, but gonna keep up the pressure.

Friday, February 17

Get Citibank to defund the DAPL.
Donated $25 to Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign. It’s a special election to replace Tom Price’s Georgia seat.
—Petition thanking good ol’ Al Franken for calling out Trump’s obvious ties to Putin.
—Petition against asshole’s deportation force. Which is something the country has now.
The Republicans want to gut consumer protections. Because this is what they are.

Saturday, February 18

Investigate the increasingly even more obvious fact that Trump is in league with Putin.
—Tom Udall is pissed Scott Pruitt is now head of the EPA. As am I.
—Fuckhead’s new FCC chair wants to destroy net neutraility. Because of the evil and greed.
—Donated $20 to Antonio French’s campaign for Mayor of St. Louis. He’s fighting the fight & fighting local is the way to go.

Sunday, February 19

Thanks to John Lewis for, well, being John Lewis, really. Look, I know a lot of these are just collecting mailing list info, but some days, it’s all I’ve got in me. Shut it.
Investigate greasy beanbag chair in a suit Donald Trump for, well, everything about him, really.
—Petition for Portland to put body cameras on the cops. They killed a guy yesterday.
—Dipshit wants to loot Social Security.
—Dipshit wants to kill the Johnson Amendment, that keeps churches from becoming right-wing PACs.
—Sierra Club urging local leaders to support renewable energy.

Monday, February 20

—Jeff Merkley’s calling for an independent investigation of shithead’s Russia ties.

Tuesday, February 21

Wednesday, February 22

23 House Republicans voted not to investigate dipshit’s tax returns.
Fight fake news. There’s a whole law and everything.
Destroy Citizens United. I know that phrase sounds like something a supervillain would say, but trust me.
—There’s something called the RAISE act. It’s another racist GOP anti-immigrant project.
—Another one about Citizens United. Which sucks.
Twitter fights!

Thursday, February 23

—Call on Chuck Schumer to dump “Democratic” quisling Joe Manchin from a DNC leadership position.
—Hey, John McCain, you say you’re into the whole “Russia interfered on Trump’s behalf” idea. So investigate it.
Email to Angus King, urging him to catch up with Susan Collins, of all people, in calling for a real investigation of TrumpRussia.
House Republicans want to abolish the EPA. Because straight-up evil.
—Jeff Sessions just—wait for it—fucked with civil rights. This time it’s Title IX protections for trans students. Joined in sending him a li’l letter.
Get white supremacist slime-goblin Steve Bannon off of the NSC. And preferably the surface world.
—Petition to Paul Ryan opposing Trump’s “immigration force” Nazi bullshit.

Friday, February 24

—Trump has the nuclear codes. Donald Trump. There’s a bill. Now go change your underpants.
—PFAW petition urging the Senate to oppose Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
—Jeff Merkley’s calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the super-apparent fact of Trump’s ties to Putin.
Scumbag attacked trans kids.

Saturday, February 25


Sunday, February 26

ACLU petition for duickhead to reveal his conflicts of interest.
—The Dems are calling for an official investigation of #TrumpRussia. Republicans are going to derail it. So, that’s bullshit.
—Some are proposing the Presidential Tax Transparency Act which, yeah, let’s have that.
—Twitter, including some juicy fights.

Monday, February 27

Betsy DeVos wants to stop collecting civil rights data on schools. There is no reason to do this other than to tell non-white, not-straight students (and women) that they don’t fucking matter any more. Left a comment.
—Emails to Collins and King urging them to co-sponsor a bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren demanding investigation of Trump’s conflicts of interest.
Petition calling Mitch McConnell all manner of bad things for silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren when she was trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King in opposition to bumpkin-bigot Jeff Sessions.
White supremacist bile tick Steve Bannon should not be on the National Security Council.
He really, really fucking shouldn’t.
“Right to work” laws are poor-hating legalized indentured servitude. Naturally, Republicans love them.
—Kamala Harris thinks the Republicans shouldn’t destroy the ACA. You know what, I agree.

Tuesday, February 28

—Some people think Trump should not have the ability to fire off nuclear weapons whenever SNL really gets under his skin. You know, I agree.
Tom Udall wants to hold Trump accountable. There’s a petition. Sure. It’s what I do now.
—Trump’s after the environment, too. More petitioning.

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