“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”—Underrated, or the MOST underrated?


I spent, genuinely, about 100 hours researching and writing this overview of Sunny for the A.V. Club. I regret nothing. From the thing:

With all these pieces in place, Sunny began to explore the nuances of human depravity with dizzyingly deft comic inventiveness, as the gang discovered deeper wells of lunacy—and the barest snatches of empathy. The keys to keeping Sunny palatable through all the sordidness is that the gang can never win, and that the show can never allow them to be truly sympathetic. The gang are all underdogs, which should lend them pathos. Yet they all harbor delusions of enormous self-worth, which causes them to act superior to each other and the rest of the world, and they lash out in unpredictably destructive ways when those delusions are punctured. If any member of the gang comes out on top in a particular episode, it’s at the expense of one or more of the others, and their victory only comes about through actions viewers can never truly get behind. It’s a high-wire act, a delicate construction of sledgehammer awfulness and broad, often wildly physical comedy.

Read the whole thing here. And then rewatch all 10 seasons. Regrets will not be had.

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