TV Review: Mr. Robinson

Sorry, Mr. Robinson.

Sorry, Mr. Robinson.

I love Craig Robinson. I was actively groaning and holding my head and rocking back and forth by the fourth episode of his eponymous sitcom. I still had two more to go to review the whole first (and, one hopes, only) season for The AV Club.

And the dialogue. There’s hardly a line from Mr. Robinson’s six-episode run that doesn’t provoke cringing rather than laughs, with Robinson himself left to inject a little of his comic personality where he can. (His Office character Darryl Philbin would be shooting deadpan disgusted looks at the camera all over the place.) Jackson’s “Aw, hell no!” is an intended big catchphrase that falls flatter every time, as do lines like: “Once you go white, you’re gonna be all right,” “She’s like a gremlin—just add booze and she goes crazy,” and an exchange that works Grammer’s extracurricular activities into a tortured “poles”/“climate change” joke.

Read the rest of the review here at The AV Club. It’ll be more entertaining than watching the show squander its star.

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