TV Review: Married— “Koreatown”


Nat Faxon, John Hodgman, Brett Gelman (FX)

At this writing, my AV Club review of this episode of Married has 23 comments—which makes a certain amount of depressing sense. Married’s a hard sell. But most of my favorite shows are. (I was happy—then very sad—to get a Tweet from Mike White after I called Enlightened a hard sell. His out-of-the-blue response: “Tell me about it.”) From the review:

Over the course of the series, we’ve seen the Bowmans cope with the fact that they are in over their head. That their problems aren’t especially unusual or difficult in the grand scheme of things is necessary to the show’s comedy—Married isn’t about big traumas or dramatic reveals, it’s about feeling overwhelmed by the everyday business of being married (and a parent) because you don’t think you’re really an adult. Judy Greer and Nat Faxon continue to make that knowing distress the source of their characters’ actions—that Russ and Lina are fully aware there’s nothing special about their various predicaments is key to the show’s appeal. The weary banter they’ve adopted is both their defense against daily disappointment, and a wry remnant of how fun they—and life—used to be. For as much as they exhaust each other, they’re stronger as a team.

Check out all my reviews of Married here. And watch Married, fer chrissakes—hard sells are good for your soul.

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