The Funniest Five Minutes Of TV I’ve Ever Seen

I wrote about this for the AV Club. I did not share that I became so obsessed that I went as Ferrell as Goulet at a very drunken Halloween party that year. I also may have gone to work as Ferrell as Goulet. And stayed in character as Ferrell as Goulet for approximately 12 hours. I had a suit jacket full of pocket combs and drink umbrellas that I handed out as Ferrell as Goulet all night while drinking endless beers out of an oversized martini glass. I may also have shaved off my ever-present beard, except for an approximation of a Goulet mustache. These are all things that happened, so watch the clip—it’s clearly that funny.

From his first days on SNL to present-day mega-stardom, Will Ferrell never shows up to a talk show empty-handed. Seemingly averse to the usual movie-promotional chit-chat, Ferrell always comes to play, usually with a funny, strange conceptual comedy bit under his arm, none more brilliant than his 2002 appearance in character as Robert Goulet on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Following up on his then-recent Goulet SNL sketch—where his version of the perpetually out-of-touch crooner dropped a very ill-considered rap album—Ferrell sweeps onto the set as Goulet, upping the ante of his subject’s boozy, Las Vegas schmoozing to delirious heights. From consistently mistaking Conan for Carson (“Burbank!”), to reminiscing about the sexy dames he imagines he saw in Johnny’s green room (“Dyan Cannon—she’s got a shape to her”), to breaking out into inexplicable hostility (“I’ve choked bigger men than you!”), to getting lost in the middle of his decidedly un-requested rendition of “My Favorite Things,” it rapidly becomes apparent that Ferrell’s Goulet is the only guest Conan’s getting that night. The way that the audience intermittently lapses into confused lulls, only to be jump-started into helpless laughter by the singer’s catchphrase (“Goulet!) is echoed by O’Brien, who can barely keep it together. At the time, I was certainly a fan of Ferrell’s, but this sustained, lunatic appearance cemented him in my mind as one of the funniest bastards I’d ever seen.

Read the whole article at the AV Club. Guaranteed huge laughs, one five-minute bite at a time.

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