TV Review: Married— “Guardians”

Jenny Slate, Rachel Eggleston, Raevan Lee Hanan (FX)

Jenny Slate, Rachel Eggleston, Raevan Lee Hanan (FX)

Jenny Slate’s presence on Married has been scaled way back in season two, since she’s got a deal for another FX series (which seems like fishing in your own pond, FX, but whatever). Still, if Slate has to be sent off, then this episode was the way to do it, especially since it also indicates tat Paul Reiser will be sticking around. Sneer all you want—Reiser’s outstanding on this show, and he’s never been better than he is here. Like, Emmy outstanding. I said it. From my AV Club review:

There’s the temptation further to see Shep (and, by extension, Married’s) rejection of Jess as more judgmental than it is. Apart from the fact that Slate—a revelation on this show as much or more so than in Obvious Child—makes Jess’ irrepressible antics both hilarious and deeply sad, her departure here isn’t a condemnation of her (or even her infidelity or drug use, both of which Paul Reiser’s Shep clearly understood were part of the bargain). Married has, from the start, been about how people are deeply fucked up and how the idea of marriage is where a lot of people look to provide what they think they’re lacking. For some people, the attendant compromises and disappointments they find there are worth it. For others, marriage is a bad choice, and a dead end. Tearfully trying to explain how she’s arrived at the end of her marriage, she tells Shep, “I’m really just not trying to, like, tear the world down, but I want to be happy. I just want to be happy.” For Jess, that means taking the exit Russ ultimately decides not to take. Shep’s response is, for the first time in their final fight, touched with bitterness, sure. (“Everybody wants to be happy but it doesn’t just come. I want you to be happy, I really do. Go be happy. Hey, if it gets too hard you can run away from that, too.“) But, as Married has always shown, being married means your happiness can be the cause of someone else’s pain.

One episode left in Married‘s season (life?). They’re going out strong.

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