My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” November 2016 page-a-day calendar

It’s 2 days since racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic, Russia-backed conman huckster Donald Trump won the election. I’ve been literally dazed and crying in heartbreak & shame since then. (Once today at the tire store, since they had Fox News on. Fun!) But I’ve been online, since that’s all I am, ever, and I’ve been reading and listening and fighting with not-shockingly-obstinate and variously bigoted Trump types the whole time. Not fun!

So, fuck it. It’s going to be like a hobby—every day, I’m going to list all the things I have done to fight against this utterly unqualified, piggishly dim asshole. I don’t care if it’s piddling. I’m a relatively powerless guy who, nonetheless, don’t want to feel that way any more. So here’s what I’ve done. (I’m never done with Twitter, so, when I write “Twitter,” assume it to mean I was retweeting helpful (to us) or damaging (to him) things, and/or that I was bashing my head against the wall that are Trumpies’ weakass debate techniques.)

PLUS: each day will be followed by something more entertaining that what I write, because no one needs unbroken me.

Wednesday, November 8
—Wrote a letter to “moderate” Maine Senator Susan Collins, urging her to stick to her (admittedly tardy) renunciation of Trump during the election and oppose his policies going forward.
Twitter: Lots of arguments, lots of retweets of the massive anti-Trump protests going on all over the country, lots of various favorites showing support for people either fighting this prick or sharing stories of already being victimized by Trump assholes.

If you want a banana republic that bad/why don’t you go move to one…

Thursday, November 9
—Signed three online petitions, two concerning Supreme Court Justice in waiting Merrick Garland (who people are urging President Obama to simply appoint, since the GOP has stonewalled the nomination for half a year, because they are horrible, obstructionist bullies who think the system of checks and balances should only be determined by them and not by actual democratic process), and one for the “give Hillary the electoral college victory” (which seems silly, honestly, but which I did anyway).
—Put an old digital camera in the glovebox of my car as aid in documenting any instances of harassment or outright violence by Trump assholes out in the world. Got new batteries, tested it out. I should get a cellphone, but I’ve never had one and don’t really like them. Still.
Twitter: Including sending insulting messages (that’ll show ’em!) to People Magazine (for Trump-arse-kissing coverage just weeks after running a story about one of its reporters being sexually assaulted by Trump), Amazon (Jeff Bezos—suck it), and New Balance (I don’t own any of their mediocre footwear currently, but told them I never will, thanks to their support of Trump).

Friday, November 10

—Spent most of the day in a wisdom tooth-Vicodin haze. Still:
—Signed online petitions to abolish the electoral college (issue more complex than this, but fuck it at this point—HRC is on track to win by something like 1,000,000 popular votes & I’m sick of hearing “mandate”), and to keep Trump’s global warming denier pick, Myron Ebell, from running the fucking EPA. C’mon.
Twitter: Hey! Trump’s already reneging on a lot of promises to his supporters! Shocker. Retweeted with question, “#Trump fans—feeling suckered yet?” This will continue. Also spent several hours fighting with any Trump fan who objected to me calling out Trump’s super-fun Klan connection. Passed the time, although it’s, as ever, enduringly infuriating to deal with the same lame memes, insults, & super-genius “points” they think are nailing this sucker shut. Today lots of stuff about Hillary’s connection to Robert Byrd who was… in the Klan! Until the late 50s. And who completely renounced them, openly. And who was honored by the NAACP. Nailed me, Trumpies! Hillary’s the Klan-lover, not Trump, who is currently endorsed by the Klan (who are holding a “yay Trump!” rally next week.) Fuck everything.

(Plus, woke up to find out Leonard Cohen died today. Because 2016 is the year all god in the world dies.)

Saturday, November 11

—Still with the tooth-coma. Delightful. It’s like my soul is manifesting itself in snotty, violent pain inside my skull.
—Many twitter fights. Every time I resurfaced, 20-30-40 Trumpies were coming at me with the same old shit. It was almost refreshing when one of them finally used the N ward rather than pretending they were being rational and sensible in their bigotry.
—Have to review Saturday Night Live tonight. Sort of a big deal for a couple of reasons. 1. See: tooth-coma. Have a brief window of lucidity now (3pm), but the last two days have been a grunting, barely verbal nightmare of pain and confusion. So, yes, a little worried. 2. Dave Chappelle’s hosting, it’s the 1st SNL since the election, and there are going to be a lot of eyes on both the show and what I wrote about it. No fucking pressure.
Donated more money than I ever have to any organization. Not going to solve anything, considering my financial situation, but here’s to you, ACLU.

(Then SNL and Kate McKinnon did this to me. Typing through tears is not a productive way to work at 1am.)

Sunday, November 13

Twitter. Same non-arguments with people not interested in anything but braying memes and Trump talking points, and don’t forget good old personal attacks. Ugh. Retweeting pics of the ongoing & massive anti-Trump protests, people making solid points, & news stories about horrible Trump people (and/or horrible Trump) doing their horrible things—it’s something to do, I suppose.
SNL review went up. Managed to write it (& the SNL Newswire) by 6am in head-hammering pain because I didn’t take my pain meds to write them. Hope it was worth it, if you read it. Didn’t receive the expected Twitter hate mail, so that probably means I didn’t do a good enough job.
—Signed online petition intended to get a teacher his job back after he, a Holocaust survivor, drew parallels between Trump and Hitler. God, I do not miss dealing with parents when I was a teacher.
Signed online petition from the Southern Poverty Law Center calling on Trump to denounce all the bigotry being carried out in his name, etc. Only positive outcome is that he’ll look worse the more people sign it, so I signed it.
Wrote email to Maine Senator Angus King, urging him to stand up to Trump at every turn.
Cancelled my Paypal account because of their (Peter Thiel)’s support for Trump.
Wrote another email to Susan Collins after she praised Trump’s appointment of Reince Preibus and conveniently left out Trump appointment of hideous white supremacist bigot Stave Bannon (of Brietbart and your nightmares).

Monday, November 14

Sent email to Maine Representative Bruce Poliquin specifically requesting that he come out against the appointment of bigot white supremacist Steve Bannon.
Signed online petition from SPLC denouncing anti-Semite scumbag Steve Bannon.
Donated to Louisiana Democrat Foster Campbell, who has forced a runoff election for that Senate seat. Act locally, baby. Let’s do this.
Signed an online petition for the Democrats to appoint Keith Ellison as DNC chair. I did the requisite Googling and he looks like a guy I can believe in. More importantly, he looks like the kind of progressive who can rally a wider base of energetic voters.
—Goddamned Twitter. For about 12 hours. My soul is drying up inside me.

Tuesday, November 15

Wrote to Susan Collins again. About Bannon again. The Press Herald called for her to come out against this pig this morning. I cannot fathom that the GOP is not finding some backb—Oh, wait. I completely believe that. Still, I wrote. Again.
Twitter. Although only a few hours this morning/afternoon, as I have ungodly deadlines. I even close the tab while I’m working. It almost helps.
Signed another online petition, this time from, about removing racist, sexist, Jew-hating pustule Steve Bannon. I dunno. It’s something to do between feverishly trying to meet deadlines I suddenly feel deeply uninterested in. That had better not be permanent, by the way.
—And another online petition, this time demanding Trump release his tax returns (as every presidential candidate has done, ever) before the electoral college votes in order to check for potential conflicts of interest. like how he owes the Deutsche Bank tons of money and that a foreign power could leverage that against a sitting US President. You know, fun stuff like that.
Made my second substantial donation since the election, this time to Planned Parenthood. Same amount as to the ACLU. I don’t have much, but did just receive an unexpected windfall, which is allowing me to give more than I ever have at once. Little steps still, but that’s what this whole diary thing is all all about, right? Keep track of what I do every day, so I can look back at the end of the day and see concrete evidence for myself. So it all doesn’t just blend into one, undifferentiated mass and my ongoing depressive self- and world-hatred doesn’t rear up and just obliterate me some day. Soon.

Wednesday, November 16

Twitter. Weird how I’m not being called “cuck” and sent pictures of Jews being fed into ovens since Twitter cracked down & booted those white supremacist accounts yesterday. Hm. Nazis must sleep late.
Signed this statement from Planned Parenthood. Which will be completely disregarded by anyone in the Trump coterie of racist, sexist assholes, but still.
Signed this petition from SPLC which basically calls on Trump not to be a racist dickbag. (I’m paraphrasing.)
Another letter to Susan Collins, this time about the fact that she (nor any elected Republican?!?) joined the many Democrats who publicly denounced racist pork-tumor Steve Barron.
And another to Angus King, on the same topic. Of Steve Barron being a bloated, ranting Nazi.
—Signed another petition for the GOP to confirm Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Honestly, I am losing my shit and trying to beat back the anger and futility I feel with tiny little, probably meaningless, actions. Signed a few more I agreed with. Not helping. The causes or myself, I expect.

Mood, but not as well-written.

Thursday, November 17

Donated the same amount to CAIR as I did to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.
Twitter. Although I think I need to not do that as much, at least for tonight. Or for a while. The incessant march of awfulness and my incessant need to retweet, respond, and all the rest of it left me in a very bad, manic, desperate place by the end of last night. I was online for my usual 12 hours or so, and, between writing assignments (which I barely kept my mind on, honestly) I obsessively watched for the next thing that would make me feel terrible. I feel weak, but I need to hang on for a long time, and I am not sure how long I could do what I did last night without something debilitating happening. I’ll pull it together, I swear.
Called House Oversight Committee to “support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest.” That from the script going around, but that’s what I want and I suck on the phone, so. Actually, the Maine number mailbox was full, so called Chairman Jason Chaffetz, the dick who thinks a cool Twitter handle (Jasoninthehouse) can fool ding-dongs. In case you want in, the central number is (202-225-5074), while Jasoninthehouse’s number is (801-851-2500).
Signed online petition from a joint Jewish-Muslim group protesting heap of bigot-suet Steve Bannon.
Signed online petition urging the country’s mayors to declare their cities “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants.
Signed open letter from Senator Al Franken (still sounds a little weird, but he’s a great Senator) chastising the obstructionist GOP Congress to do their jobs and hold confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.
Signed petition for Trump to denounce ranting conspiracy theory psychopath Alex Jones for, among other things, claiming that the children and teachers murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary never existed. Seriously, these fucking people.
Signed another online petition for Trump to denounce yet another racist, dimwit member of his clown car of an administration. This time, it’s bigot Kris Kobach, Trump’s choice for Attorney General, because that’s the bullshit world he’s trying to create out of his fevered, sludgy brain.
Signed online petition to prevent Trump from receiving security briefings until his ties to Putin & Russia are fully investigated. Bonus: Cool fan art of the two making out.
And another! This time from maine Rep. Chellie Pingree, about Trump and sweaty Nazi turd Steve Bannon.
Took an absurdly slanted push poll from Paul Ryan’s office about how shitty Obamacare is and how killing it and depriving millions of people of healthcare would be the American way. (I can slant, too.) Strangely, after I pressed the button indicating that I approved of the Affordable Care Act, there were no further questions. Huh.

This is the video I use when I have to shut out the world and write. Sometimes it’s effective in shutting out the world in general while I’m online. And, yes, there are many such videos on YouTube, but, yes, this is the best one. Trust me. 

Friday, November 18

Signed online petition urging Trump to publicly denounce acts of bigotry against kids being carried out in his name. It’s sort of “Won’t somebody think of the children?!?” but, well, someone fucking should.
Finally got through to 202-225-5074 to call for the House Oversight Committee to “support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest.”
Sucked it up (considering my phone anxiety) and called the offices of Maine Senators Collins and King and Representatives Pingree and Poliquin to urge them to speak out against Trump’s racist trio of Session, Flynn, and Bannon. Chellie Pingree got a “thank you” call, considering she spoke out against Bannon already, and the other three got a brief script I typed out beforehand. Easy to do and fucking hard to do—I hate making these sorts of calls. In case you’re in Maine reading this (and for my future needs):
Pingree: 207-774-5019 (Portland) 202-225-6116 (DC)
Poliquin: 207-784-0768 (Lewiston) 202-225-6306 (DC)
Collins: 207-780-3575 (Portland) 202-224-2523 (DC)
King: 207-622-8292 (Bangor) 202-224-5344 (DC)
Stupid Twitter. Trying to keep myself down to five retweets a day. Partly because my very sweet sister emailed me to worry if I was okay after my incessant, increasingly incoherent such behavior a few days ago.
—And Susan Collins just pledged support for Sessions. So another letter to her.
—Donation number 4:
This time to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Signed ACLU petition opposing Jeff Sessions
, who is a caricature of a southern bigot.
Signed petition demanding an audit of the election, considering the fucking fact that the head of the NSA claims Russia hacked it on behalf of Trump-pet. (Trump+Russian puppet.)

Because Mike Pence and Donald Trump and their dimwitted minions have spent all day whining and making moronic attacks on Hamilton, here’s a song from it that will brook no such nonsense. 

Saturday, November 19

Wrote a thank you to Senator John McCain for coming out against the Trump administration’s intent to say, “Hey, waterboarding isn’t torture, and even if it were, it’s okay.” Keeping track of McCain’s wobbling principles is a full-time job, but thanks where they’re due.
Online petition. Save Obamacare. Why not.
Wrote to Angus King urging him to oppose folksy racist Jeff Sessions.
Another petition for the Republicans to confirm Merrick Garland.
—Had a major sweat-flu or something last night that’s left me wiped out and hazy. So counting reviewing SNL tonight (until 6am or so) as action #5 tonight. Sue me. And here’s the resulting review. The episode gave me plenty of Trump material to pontificate about.
—Oh, and since my SNL Newswire piece is also Trump-related, I’m counting that, too. My tally, my rules, people.
Twitter. Etc.

Trump’s second choice of Attorney General after Sessions. 

Sunday, November 20

Another online petition, an open letter to Trump to publicly denounce the acts of violence, bigotry, and intimidation being carried out every day by his thuggish, asshole supporters. (Who should know I have a digital camera and a baseball bat in my car should I witness any of their neo-Nazi horseshit.)
Another online petition, this one from the League of Conservation Voters, urging Trump not be be such a goddamned fucking dumbass and work to stem the climate change that has produced the most terrifying Arctic temperature rise in recorded history. Dumbass.
Twitter. With the seething, impotent anger and the fighting.
Online petition to get Trump to stop the Keystone Pipeline. Sure, why not.
Another online petition opposing Sessions, this time from Color of
Online petition about restoring the Voting Rights Act.
Another petition about Steve Bannon. Who is a white supremacist.
—Just put a baseball bat in the back of my car. For defusing and defending purposes only.
—Perhaps to counteract all the cozy self-congratulation about what are most likely inconsequential online activism, here’s my final of the five biggest contributions I’ve ever made, to Lambda Legal. A note on this: I’m not trying to be coy about how much I’m donating. I’ll just say that, as a professional freelance writer, I don’t have a lot. but I received an unexpected and moderate windfall and I have chosen to give more than my usual scraps. I chose the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, the SPLC, and now Lambda Legal. They represent groups and causes I determined (in my thoroughly overwhelmed way) that I thought would need the cash to fight Trump’s racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, classist agenda most. If I had more, I would give more, but these five identical donations represent a more significant portion of my yearly income than I’ve ever given. From here, I will survey the landscape and plan to give more when I may, and to organizations that look like they can do the most good.


Monday, November 21

—Called Paul Ryan’s office again to oppose the repeal of Obamacare. (202-225-0600.)
—Donated another $25 to Foster Campbell’s campaign for Senator in the runoff in Louisiana.
—Wrote email to Texas State Senator Konni Burton calling her bill that would require teachers to out gay students the bigoted bullshit it is. Not specifically Trump related, but, hey, work local.
Wrote another letter to Susan Collins, specifically referencing the neo-Nazi in a suit on CNN today who was invited to debate “Are Jews people?” I am… there’s nothing more to say.
—Called the CNN comment line to express my… whatever feeling you have when your soul is screaming in pain… about them allowing that whole “Are Jews people?” debate on their airwaves. Here’s the number: 404-827-1500
Another “Trump, stop being a racist prick” (I’m paraphrasing) online petition, this time from, I think, Working Assets, the nicey-nice phone company.
Called the DOJ to request an election audit. The fact that there is legitimate evidence of election tampering from an outside country and that no one in the government seems to be all that concerned is, well, concerning. Number: 202-353-1555.
Donated $25 to NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper, whose narrow win is being threatened by the NC GOP’s sleazy maneuverings, led by Pat “bathroom bigot bill” McCrory.
Signed online petition from opposing Trump’s tax plan which will, among many other things, hurt single-parent families. Because he’s human garbage.

Tuesday, November 22

—Signed up as a #MulsimAlly at the site Hopefully, this will get me on some sort of watchlist.
Signed a petition for sore loser and bigot Pat McCrory to concede the NC Governor’s election, which he and the GOP are trying to steal. He, of course, immediately demanded a recount, so online petitions continue to be super-effective.
Another petition about beached, alcoholic globfish Steve Bannon. Or maybe the same one. Honestly, it’s all a blur now.
Twitter, damned Twitter.

Wednesday, November 23
—Signed DGA petition supporting Planned Parenthood.
That oughta do it.
Another anti-Bannon petition, this one from friends of the Earth. Oh, and Steve Bannon is a dead-eyed racist crapsack.
Sent email to Maine Rep. Bruce Poliquin condemning his choice to switch sides to allow Republicans to strip away LGBT protections. I send these things out there and feel foolish, but I won’t stop. Especially when local politicians are involved—they’re the ones most affected by such things, I suppose. Fight.
Signed online petition for a hand recount of contested states in the election. Russia, gerrymandering, voter suppression, guaranteed to piss of Trumpies. Bring it.
Twitter. Got in some decent yelling.
Ordered David Cross’ standup CD. Sure, I’ll enjoy it (and already reviewed it for the AV Club), but Cross is donating the full purchase price of every copy sold to the ACLU. Win-win.
Gave $20 to progressive journalist Oliver Willis for his launch of I follow him on Twitter and think he’s got a good head on his shoulders, etc.

Thursday, November 24

—Signed this local petition for Portland’s mayor to declare us a sanctuary city.

Back when it was thought America would turn on a hateful, ignorant demagogue if he accidentally said what he really thought into a hot mic. 

Friday, November 25

Petition asking Trump and company to acknowledge that science exists. Essentially.

Soundtrack to my brain

Saturday, November 26
Online petition/letter to Senators urging them to oppose Trump’s pick of elitist Amway charter school scam artist Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.
Online letter to House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz (he of the super-cool-guy Twitter handle “jasoninthehouse”) to investigate the slimy web of Trump’s conflicts of interest an outright dictator-style corruption.
Sent my “Not Bannon” postcards to Trump as part of that #postcardavalance weekend thing. Why not.
Bought 20 postcard stamps and have a box of vintage baseball postcards. Sending physical mail is more effective than email, so I’m told.
Another petition “to hold Trump accountable,” etc. I’m going to have to up my game—these things are not providing much relief.
And another, this one about Trump’s climate change-denier dipshit choice for head of the EPA, Myron Ebell, because of course he is.

Save us, Leslie

Sunday, November 27

—Wake up, get out of bed, sign another online petition—this one urges Chuck Schumer, essentially, to grow a pair and not play appeasement with Trump’s evil/incompetent agenda on all fronts.
Wrote one of my shiny new postcards to Angus King urging him to oppose hayseed bigot Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.
—Signed up for Michael Skolnik’s mailing list for some sort of resistance to Trump—who just tweeted that he actually WON the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally. Because he is a full-blown megalomaniac lunatic. If this turns out to be some sort of purge mailing list, well, that’ll save some time.
Twitter. So much goddamned Twitter. My eyes are bleeding.

Monday, November 28

Online petition to get Trump to stop the Keystone Pipeline. Good luck.
Wrote postcard to Susan Collins condemning Nazi fart-bag Steve Bannon, who, revealed today, pitched that only property owners should be able to vote. Old-school racism.
Online petition basically telling Congress to urge Trump to stop acting like an internet troll while he’s theoretically supposed to be preparing to be—[stifles barf]—president.
Online petition from the League of Conservation Voters urging Trump and his anti-science goons to, you know, accept science with regard to climate change.
Another one, this time from the Sierra Club, urging President Obama to somehow safeguard environmental protections before he leaves office. Honestly, I just want to leave the guy alone at this point, but…

Tuesday, November 29

First online petition of the day. Pro choice.
Sent emails to Susan Collins and Angus King, and Congressman Bruce Poliquin, basically expressing the need for them to stand up to this flood of hateful, ignorant, fascist bullshit.
Online petition for the media to stop using “alt-right” in place of the more accurate “white supremacists.”
Online petition for the Republicans to keep their fucking hands off of Medicare. Jesus Christ.
Signed an online petition from Elizabeth Warren regarding a bad bill benefitting Big Pharma.
Twitter. Hot tip: If you want a lot of childish bigots and bullies to send you abusive messages all night, challenge Kellyanne Conway’s latest piece of propagandistic trumpeting.

Wednesday, November 30 

Twitter. Those Kellyanne Conway Trumpies are maaad. And mean, unoriginal, and very, very dumb.
Petition for Paul Ryan to leave Medicare the fuck alone.
Open letter for lawmakers to oppose Tom Price for Health and Human Services Secretary. Price has a 0% score from Planned Parenthood, which is pretty impressive, if you think about it.
Petition urging President Obama to discontinue a Bush-era, discriminatory immigration registry before Trump can get his tiny hands on it.
Another one about Jeff Sessions, comical bumpkin-bigot and Trump’s pick for Attorney General, because of course he is.

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