My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” February 2017 page-a-day calendar

Just a movie about three people with different views engaging in challenging but thoughtful and respectful debate for a few hours. You know, in case you want to live in come sort of lovely, crazy sci-fi universe.

Wednesday, February 1

Called Susan Collins to urge her not to vote for Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions.
—ACLU-sponsored letter asking my reps to answer exactly where they stand on Trump’s bigoted Muslim ban.
—Petition to impeach president dipshit-bigotmeister.
—Fuckhead is planning to kill the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Because he is a fuckhead.
—Fuckhead wants to kill PBS. See above.
—Petition urging Democrats to stop fuckhead’s right-wing Supreme Court nominee.
—Another anti-DeVos petition.
—Wrote to Susan Collins, Angus King, Bruce Poliquin, and Chellie Pingree, outlining a whole lot of the ways Steve Bannon and Trump are showing their white supremacist roots and asking for a response.
Opposing Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court right-winger.
—Petition defending marriage equality. Dipshit’s coming for that, too.
—Sent email to a rep of Senator Pat Toomey, who apparently plans to vote for unqualified religious plagiarist DeVos because Toomey’s phones have been off the hook all day. Because he’s a coward.
—Starting the month off with only about 12 hours of Twitter. So no eye-blood for this guy! No siree!

Get the job done.

Thursday, February 2

—Apparently, Homeland Security is taking calls asking what people think about the whole “Steve Bannon the unconfirmed, unqualified white supremacist propagandist being on the NSA” issue. I came down predictably. Number: 202-224-4751.
Journalists covering the inauguration protests were charged with felonies. Petition!
—Sherrod Brown’s anti-Gorsuch petition.
—Twitter. 12 hours. Still no eye-blood. So that’s a win.

Friday, February 3

—George Takei sponsored a petition against Trump’s Nazi Muslim ban. I signed it.
—Petition against one of the various bills the Republicans are introducing to despoil our environment.
Dump DeVos petition.
—Scumbag and the mini-scumbags want to gut Social Security.
Bigoted asshole is banning members of a particular religion. That’s some Nazi shit I, strangely, do not support.
—Unelected, bloated, racist gasbag Steve Bannon is on the NSC. That’s fucking terrifying.
—Signed letter to King and Collins urging them to question the hell out of SCOTUS pick Gorsuch on guns.
Fire scabby bigot Steve Bannon.
Called that “Steve Bannon is a scabby bigot” line at Homeland security. 202-224-4751
—Planned Parenthood letter to my lawmakers, defending Title X.
Stop Sessions. Sally Yates is an American hero.
Republicans want to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns. No, I am not engaging in some of my patented comic exaggeration—they actually want to do exactly that.
—All Twitter, all the time.

Saturday, February 4

—Petition for CEOs (IBM, Disney, etc) to stop serving to advise Trump. The bigoted asshole.
Called Homeland Security about Bannon again. That whole “white supremacist scumbag thing.” You know. 202-224-4751.
—Online letters to King and Collins opposing the Republicans gutting environmental regulations. Because of all the money-licking and evil.
—Daily Kos petition urging networks to stop booking inveterate liar and unquiet ghost of a woman who accused other women of witchcraft, Kellyanne Conway.
Twitter. And I stayed up to write my SNL review until 5, as usual, meaning I had Twitter running for a record zillionty-jillion hours.
—Speaking of, plenty of high-profile Trump analysis in that SNL review.
—And the accompanying Newswire on Melissa McCarthy’s astoundingly good surprise appearance channeling Press Secretary/liar Sean Spicer. Here!

Sunday, February 5

Called about Bannon again. I don’t know if it’s doing anything, but it feels goood.
Anti-anti-LGBT petition. Ted Cruz is behind the bullshit evil. Or course.
—Daily Kos letters to King and Collins urging them to vote against Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
—Another anti-DeVos petition. Vote’s tomorrow.
—Petition urging Portland’s cops and city government to stand up and reject any help for Trump’s bigoted anti-immigration plans.
Investigate Trump’s investment in the Native American land-despoiling DAPL.
All the Tweeting. All of it—even though a lot was Super Bowl-related, most of that meant making fun of Trump and fighting with right wing losers planning to boycott every product whose ads had brown people in them.

Monday, February 6

Keep the ACA, Republican assholes.
—Maine People’s Alliance letter to Susan Collins urging her to reject fast food mogul and enemy of worker’s rights Andrew Puzder.
Petition to Senators Blunt and McCaskill urging them to vote no on Betsy DeVos tomorrow. It’s 50-50, with closeted hate-doll Mike Pence prepared to break the tie for the side of evil.
Petition for prisoners to have visitation rights. Which is something we really shouldn’t have to stipulate, but that’s Trump-world.
—Another email to King and Collins urging them to vote against Jeff Sessions.
—Another petition against Trump’s Muslim ban. Which is what it is.

Warren 2020. 

Tuesday, February 7

Thank you letter to Senate Dems, who held the floor all night to oppose DeVos. She was confirmed because the Republican party is worthless, collectively.
Another anti Sessions petition. Looks like that asshole’s getting confirmed, too.
Save PBS.
Save PBS.
Stop having rickety hate-scarecrow Kellyanne Conway on news shows to lie her arse off.
Fuck Trump’s racist Muslim ban.
Support Standing Rock.
Called Susan Collins expressing, let’s call it disgust, that she voted to shut down Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor tonight. Senator Warren was reading a letter opposing Jeff Sessions. From Coretta Scott King. (202)224-2523.
E-faxed Coretta Scott King’s letter to Mitch McConnell’s office. AV Club colleague Laura Browning’s idea. She’s the coolest.
—And then to Collins.
—Signed Elizabeth Warren’s petition opposing Sessions.

Wednesday, February 8

—White House petition for Trump to just fucking resign.
—White House petition for asshat not to fuck with the NEA and the NEH.
—The Twitter.

Thursday, February 9

—Petition against the proposed “religious freedom” law, aka the “I’m a bigot so someone make it legal for be to discriminate against gay people” law.
—Bernie Sanders thinks the GOP should apologize for silencing Elizabeth Warren. I agree.
—Trump wants two chemical companies to merge. Which, one assumes, would mean flipper-babies.
—Trump and the Republican party hates women. Just fucking hates them.
—Why isn’t there a fucking investigation into how Russia incontrovertibly interfered with our election? Oh, right—the Republicans won.
—Sierra Club petition to the Army Corps of Engineers opposing DAPL.
— petition against Trump’s evil Muslim ban.
CAIR is suing Trump over his Nazi-adjacent Muslim ban.
—Another petition urging Trump not to throttle the NEH and NEA with his wee, girly hands.
—Signed on in support of Kamala Harris’ Right To Legal Council bill.
Support sanction against half-transformed were-snake Kellyanne Conway for violating various laws by promoting Ivanka Trump’s business,
—Tom Udall’s open letter to tell Jeff Sessions we’ve got eyes on his racist ass.

Watching out for Jeff Sessions’ bigotry like.

Friday, February 10

—Signed on to oppose scumbag’s attack on undocumented immigrants. Call them “illegals” in my presence and get at least loudly and publicly humiliated until you cry or take a swing at me.
Donated $25 to Let America Vote, which seeks to counter Scumbag Johnson’s attack on voting rights. Which is what the Republicans do because their ideas are shit and they know they’ll never win a vote where non-white people and poor people can vote.
Donated $25 to the National Immigration Law Center, because, even though scumbag lost all the court cases against his Nazi Muslim ban, he’s having Homeland Security raid immigrant communities all over the country. Fuck them, and fuck him.
—Petition to ban inveterate-yet-incompetent liar and half-animated Ralph Bakshi drawing Kellyanne Conway from CNN.
—Open letter to clenched closet case bigot Mike Pence to order him to keep his sweaty hands off of LGBTQ rights.
—Demand spineless partisan hack Jason Chaffetz investigate Trump’s incontrovertible Russia ties.
—Twitter ’til the darkness comes.

In which SNL gives a shout-out to, well, me. I genuinely have no idea how to process that.

Saturday, February 11

—Wrote an AV Club Newswire about their Kellyanne Conway-Jake Tapper sketch. Trump-bashing that many people will read. Count it.
—And wrote my AV Club SNL review. Which a lot more people will read. The show went in hard on/against Trump, and I… reported on that.

Sunday, February 12

—Petition against Seth Mnuchin for Treasury.
—Emails to Angus King and Susan Collins urging them to oppose SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch.
Opposing Andrew Puzder for Labor.
Protect Dodd-Frank.
—Investigate shithead’s rat’s nest of corruption and conflicts of interest.

Monday, February 13

—Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel is—wait for it—a dangerous, racist asshole. Here’s a petition.
—Petition from Sherrod Brown against Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

Tuesday, February 14

—ICE agents scooped up a DREAM-er. It’s bullshit.
Fuckhead wants to destroy the national parks.
Investigate Trump’s Russian ties. Oh, Trump’s NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR just got fired for being in bed with Putin. So look for this particular issue to het up, as they say.
—Petition for Disney to cut ties with Trump.
Reject Andy Puzder for Labor.

Wednesday, February 15

Keep white supremacist bloat-bag Steve Bannon off the National Security Council, for fuck’s sake.

Impeach. (Thanks: Samuel James.)

Thursday, February 16

—We need a Presidential Tax Transparency Act, huh?
—Tammy Baldwin calling for an independent investigation into the fact that our “president” is totally a Russian asset.
—The GOP voted not to investigate Trump’s tax returns. Which is shady as fuck.
Save the EPA. Which the GOP want to abolish. Because of the evil.
—Kamala Harris’ petition against Shithead’s deportation force.
Fuck Trump’s Muslim ban. And fuck him, too, while we’re at it.
Open letter to King and Collins to vote against Scott Pruitt for EPA. As he is a—wait for it—crooked, right-wing asshole. Also, King and Collins are already voting against him, apparently, but gonna keep up the pressure.

Friday, February 17

Get Citibank to defund the DAPL.
Donated $25 to Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign. It’s a special election to replace Tom Price’s Georgia seat.
—Petition thanking good ol’ Al Franken for calling out Trump’s obvious ties to Putin.
—Petition against asshole’s deportation force. Which is something the country has now.
The Republicans want to gut consumer protections. Because this is what they are.

Saturday, February 18

Investigate the increasingly even more obvious fact that Trump is in league with Putin.
—Tom Udall is pissed Scott Pruitt is now head of the EPA. As am I.
—Fuckhead’s new FCC chair wants to destroy net neutraility. Because of the evil and greed.
—Donated $20 to Antonio French’s campaign for Mayor of St. Louis. He’s fighting the fight & fighting local is the way to go.

Sunday, February 19

Thanks to John Lewis for, well, being John Lewis, really. Look, I know a lot of these are just collecting mailing list info, but some days, it’s all I’ve got in me. Shut it.
Investigate greasy beanbag chair in a suit Donald Trump for, well, everything about him, really.
—Petition for Portland to put body cameras on the cops. They killed a guy yesterday.
—Dipshit wants to loot Social Security.
—Dipshit wants to kill the Johnson Amendment, that keeps churches from becoming right-wing PACs.
—Sierra Club urging local leaders to support renewable energy.

Monday, February 20

—Jeff Merkley’s calling for an independent investigation of shithead’s Russia ties.

Tuesday, February 21

Wednesday, February 22

23 House Republicans voted not to investigate dipshit’s tax returns.
Fight fake news. There’s a whole law and everything.
Destroy Citizens United. I know that phrase sounds like something a supervillain would say, but trust me.
—There’s something called the RAISE act. It’s another racist GOP anti-immigrant project.
—Another one about Citizens United. Which sucks.
Twitter fights!

Thursday, February 23

—Call on Chuck Schumer to dump “Democratic” quisling Joe Manchin from a DNC leadership position.
—Hey, John McCain, you say you’re into the whole “Russia interfered on Trump’s behalf” idea. So investigate it.
Email to Angus King, urging him to catch up with Susan Collins, of all people, in calling for a real investigation of TrumpRussia.
House Republicans want to abolish the EPA. Because straight-up evil.
—Jeff Sessions just—wait for it—fucked with civil rights. This time it’s Title IX protections for trans students. Joined in sending him a li’l letter.
Get white supremacist slime-goblin Steve Bannon off of the NSC. And preferably the surface world.
—Petition to Paul Ryan opposing Trump’s “immigration force” Nazi bullshit.

Friday, February 24

—Trump has the nuclear codes. Donald Trump. There’s a bill. Now go change your underpants.
—PFAW petition urging the Senate to oppose Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.
—Jeff Merkley’s calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the super-apparent fact of Trump’s ties to Putin.
Scumbag attacked trans kids.

Saturday, February 25


Sunday, February 26

ACLU petition for duickhead to reveal his conflicts of interest.
—The Dems are calling for an official investigation of #TrumpRussia. Republicans are going to derail it. So, that’s bullshit.
—Some are proposing the Presidential Tax Transparency Act which, yeah, let’s have that.
—Twitter, including some juicy fights.

Monday, February 27

Betsy DeVos wants to stop collecting civil rights data on schools. There is no reason to do this other than to tell non-white, not-straight students (and women) that they don’t fucking matter any more. Left a comment.
—Emails to Collins and King urging them to co-sponsor a bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren demanding investigation of Trump’s conflicts of interest.
Petition calling Mitch McConnell all manner of bad things for silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren when she was trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King in opposition to bumpkin-bigot Jeff Sessions.
White supremacist bile tick Steve Bannon should not be on the National Security Council.
He really, really fucking shouldn’t.
“Right to work” laws are poor-hating legalized indentured servitude. Naturally, Republicans love them.
—Kamala Harris thinks the Republicans shouldn’t destroy the ACA. You know what, I agree.

Tuesday, February 28

—Some people think Trump should not have the ability to fire off nuclear weapons whenever SNL really gets under his skin. You know, I agree.
Tom Udall wants to hold Trump accountable. There’s a petition. Sure. It’s what I do now.
—Trump’s after the environment, too. More petitioning.

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