My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” June 2017 page-a-day calendar

It’s hard to keep track. All the duplicity, hypocrisy, buffoonery, naked corruption, and downright evil spewing from the Donald Trump White House (TM) floods daily life. I’d say that that’s their grand scheme, except it’s pretty clear that these people are as incompetent as they are vicious, which is really the only thing that gives me hope some days.

So here’s to another month of writing it all down. Of documenting in passing the horrible, mean-spirited, bigoted, thoroughly vile things these people do, in the process of fighting back, in my own puny ways. Petitions, letters, phone calls… I’m always looking for better ideas from anyone who reads this. But it’s all mostly to stay sane, to keep track, to have a record to refer back to when the shit comes down—and it’s time to hold the right people accountable.

June, 2017. Let’s do this.

Thursday, June 1

—IT just pulled the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. So that’s what we’re going to kick of June responding to. First up: Daily Kos petition.
—The Sierra Club.
—Senator Patty Murray.
—The League of Conservation Voters.
NextGen Climate. This one gets sent to Maine Governor and bigot-bumpkin Paul LePage, so good luck there.
—Palate cleanser: The Kansas City Royals are teaming up with anti-choice freaks The Vitae Society to broadcast churchy propaganda at their games?
—Back to Trump’s greedhead climate bullshit. Cory Booker.
—You have to change it up now and again: Martin Heinrich urging Republicans to stop their plans to literally murder sick and poor people.
People’s Climate Movement.
Tom Udall.
—MSNBC just beat (the shit out of) Fox News for this first time in forever, largely because people wanted actual coverage of the TrumpRussia scandal and all the other scandals, while Fox was doing its Pravda spin. So why the hell is MSNBC and NBC hiring conservative commentators and laying of young people of color for their airwaves? Seriously.
—Back to the Earth: NRDC Climate Fund.

Friday, June 2

—Kamala Harris keeping the Paris outrage rolling.
—And SumofUs, targeting the CEOs on Trump’s advisory commission.
—In case you missed it, Trump’s son-in-law/advisor/slumlord Jared Kushner is under investigation for lying on his applications for security clearance about multiple meetings with the Russians. Hey, maybe revoke his security clearance until we can get all that cleared up, huh?
—Those white terrorists at the NRA are pushing for murder insurance to cover all legal costs involved when you exercise your God-given right to shoot a black kid. Call it the Zimmerman policy.
Wrote a pair of AV Club pieces, one about Al Franken on The Daily Show, one about Michael Eric Dyson on The President Show
—Twitter, etc.

Saturday, June 3

—There were massive demonstrations around the country (and the world, as Trump’s freaked out literally the Earth) calling for the truth about #TrumpRussia. I went to the Portland #MarchForTruth, where a large crowd of appropriately crusty Mainers had had enough of this shit.


Crusty. Call the guy in green a paid protester and he will take a poke at you.

—Hey, the FEC should investigate that!
—In his purge of all US regulatory agencies, Trump wants to eliminate the US Chemical Board.

Sunday, June 4

—A guy named Desmond Phillips was shot dead by police. In front of his mom. The story is pretty damning. The cops haven’t been disciplined, or charged. Phillips was black.
Racist hate-gnome Jeff Sessions recused himself from #TrumpRussia investigation, because he’s, you know, implicated in it and stuff. Oh, and he lied to congress. He has not recused himself.
—Speaking of #TrumpRussia.
—John Oliver went comprehensively and acerbically bananas on Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. I wrote about it for the AV Club.

—The Twitter.

Monday, June 5

—Open letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, apologizing for Trump attacking British gun policy and Khan himself over the recent terrorist attack there. He didn’t do that to the Mayor of Birmingham after the terrorist incident there. The mayor of Birmingham is white. Khan is Muslim, and not white.
—The Republican Party is all about that crazy voter suppression, since their ideas are shit and they know they don’t have the votes. Oh, you know what’s comin’…

                                                  Uh huh huh, huh huh huh…

—After Trump pulled us out of the Paris agreement, numerous governors and mayors are banding together to uphold the climate goals in spite of his ignorant, flabby ass. I’d like Maine/Portland to do the same. (Although with bigot-bumpkin Paul LePage in the Blaine House, we’d better focus on the even more local.)
—A young woman with the improbable name Reality Winner has just been arrested for leaking classified #TrumpRussia information about Russian election hacking. Sadly for her, she did it to those hacks at The Intercept instead of The Washington Post or ProPublica, so she’s in trouble. Petition for the DOJ to drop the charges,
—The Republicans have introduced the Orwellian CHOICE Act, which will undo all the regulations that prevented Wall St from tanking the economy. Top-to-bottom swine, these swine.

Tuesday, May 6

—Aussie comedian and cheeky monkey jim Jefferies has a new Jim-Jeffries-infused Daily Show called… The Jim Jefferies Show. Wrote about it for the AV Club. Never enough people telling Trump to sod off.
—Another petition (sure, I know they’re mostly meaningless) about the GOP’s ongoing, blatantly racist voter suppression.
—Sinclair Broadcast Group is essentially trying to start up tiny local Fox Newses everywhere.
Tiny shrunken applehead racist Jeff Sessions is re-waging war on the black community through a return to the failed “mandatory minimums” and harsh drug sentences that were good only for swelling the US prison population, disenfranchising and destroying minority communities, and, oh yeah, doing exactly nothing to stem drug abuse.

Wednesday, June 7

—Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA) was killing it today at hearings questioning the heads of US intelligence on TrumpRussia, Trump-Comey, and other horrid things, when Republican Senator Richard Burr essentially pulled an Elizabeth Warren and told her to sit down and shut up. She’s also about net neutrality, so I signed her letter to the FCC. Donate to Kamala Harris here.
Happy that Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling has signed on to the Climate Mayors network of mayors pledging to stick to the Paris climate goals despite Ding-Dong’s decision to pull the United States out.
—Wrote email to Susan Collins urging her to vote against the AHCA. I shall be doing this a great deal.

Thursday, June 8

Called Bruce Poliquin urging him to vote against the Republicans’ attempt to repeal Dodd-Frank, so that their richest donors (and themselves) can return to the economy-tanking dishonesty of the past. Shocker: His staffer said he hadn’t made up his mind. Shocker: He voted in favor. Bruce poliquin is a spineless little greed-lump.
Called Susan Collins, urging her to vote against the Senate’s AHCA. Left a message. There’ll be a lot more, Susan.
—The calculated way Jeff Sessions is targeting every aspect of the black community is as damning as all of the corny “Beauregard” jokes. Let Sam Bee show you one particularly, nefariously overlooked strategy in this piece I wrote for the AV Club.


Friday, June 9

—Trump would like to spy on everyone. I wouldn’t trust this asshole to water my plants.
—Petition about the GOP House voting to abolish Dodd-Frank. Because of the greed. And the awful.
—Another paper airplane with the word “IMPEACH” scrawled on it.
—The Republican Party is targeting immigrants’ health care. Because fuck the Republican Party.
—Petition to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the three people who were killed by a white supremacist named Joseph Christian who was harassing two Muslim women. Trump has yet to even acknowledge this. Because of course.

Saturday, June 10

—This traitorous jackass should obviously not be allowed to name a new FBI director.
—Kris Kobach is the country’s number one voter suppression enthusiast and a stone-cold racist, so, naturally Trump put him in charge of a voting task force.
—Trump and the Republican Party have attacked the legitimate press as a depressingly successful strategy, at least with their dim-bulb, cultist followers. Petition from PFAW calling on lawmakers to stand up for the press against this bullshit.

Sunday, June 11

—Wrote about John Oliver talking Brexit, the Tories getting paddled, and, naturally, some Trump for the AV Club. You know, about James Comey calling the president a congenital liar about 10 times in front of a senate hearing. That sort of thing.
—Lots of Twitter, including an Alex Jones fan sending me a picture of racist nutcase Jones firing a gun at me. Fun times. Oh, NBC is allowing Jones on the air, being interviewed by Fox News hire and noted race-baiter Megyn Kelly.

Monday, June 12

—Call #2 on this round of Republican “murdering poor people” health care to Susan Collins.
—Look, sometimes a guy just needs confirmation that his furious tweets aren’t just disappearing into the void.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.22.37 PM  Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.23.12 PM

Tuesday, June 13

—Sent email to Angus King (I-ME), urging him to join(and encourage) Democrats in slowing down, blocking, and in every possible way scuttling the AHCA.
—Called Susan Collins urging her to vote against the AHCA.
—Called Republican (shocker!) Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL, 202-224-5744) telling the very nice staffer there that Shelby’s attempt today to restrict reporters from interviewing senators inside the Capitol Building is some anti-American, shameful bullshit. I didn’t say bullshit to the nice lady on the phone, but I asserted that this will not stand. In fact, it hasn’t, as, seemingly, Shelby has backed down in the face of, well, a lot of phone calls.
—Petition that NBC shouldn’t have lunatic racist conspiracy goon Alex Jones on their air, being interviewed by recent Fox News hire and race-baiter Megyn Kelly.
Unemployed, worthless bigot-blowhard Bill O’Reilly is embarking on a “give me some money, I’m unemployed for being a serial sexual harasser” tour. Let’s spoil that for him.
Called Collins’ Portland office on AHCA. Because I don’t know what else to do.

Wednesday, June 14

Called Susan Collins’ Portland office on AHCA. Because, again, it’s something.
—Wrote about Trevor Noah swapping Trump notes with Stephen Colbert for the AV Club. —The Tweeting.

Thursday, June 15

Collins. Again.
—Jeff Sessions is ramping up the war on drugs and Trump got a whole lot (like, an illegal amount) of money from GEO Group, the private prison company. C’mon, son.
—”Egyptian Jon Stewart,” Bassem Youssef is an interesting guy and was on The President Show last night. I wrote about it for the AV Club.
—So much Twitter, you don’t even know.

Friday, June 16

Called Collins. She will not be rid of me while this AHCA bullcrap is going on.
—Gave another $20 to Jon Ossoff, who’s not only in a squeaker in the Georgia 6th, but is also running against a real piece o’ work bigot named Karen Handel.

Saturday, June 17

—Another message for Susan Collins. I work weekends.
—PBS is airing some straight-up conservative school privatization propaganda.
—Hey, remember when jackass pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement? yeah, fuck that jackass.
—A cop named Jeronimo Yanez murdered a black man named Pilando Castile, for no reason, in front of Castile’s daughter. He just got acquitted, naturally. And although he got let go (in an attempt to keep angry people from burning the city of St. Anthony to the ground), he’s due severance. Bullshit. It’s a pitiful recourse, but all that’s left.
Trump is looting the country by, among other things, funneling foreign monies to his grotesque family from foreign payments (you know, bribes). 200 or so Democrats are suing his ass.
—Keeping up with the Trumps, Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner is also corrupt up to his shifty eyeline. He has security clearance, and should not.

Sunday, June 18

Called Susie.
—Wrote about John Oliver taking on Trump’s pandering, hypocritical coal jobs nonsense for the AV Club. He also mocked the hell out of one Bob Murray, a coal CEO who threatened to sue Oliver shoul Last Week Tonight report on his own venal hypocrisy. Bad move, Bob.

Monday, June 19

—Hey, you know how Trump tweeted that he was all mad and whiny that he’s being investigated for the obstruction of justice he admitted to on national television? Well his new lawyer says nu-uh, but then says yeah, okay, but then tells you you didn’t hear him say what he totally said. Shitshow. Wrote about it for the AV Club.


Tuesday, June 20

Called Susan Collins.
—The Twitter, including calling out trust-fund nonentity Li’l Donnie Trump for his driveling richboy nonsense. And look what happened…

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.18.12 PM

Wednesday, June 21

—Called Susan Collins. Yes, again.
—Wrote about Samantha Bee ranting ineffectually against the Trumpian assault on words, truth, and all that is. Not that the segment was ineffectual, just that there’s no defense, seemingly. You get it.

Thursday, June 22

Called Susan Collins, and that was even before the Republican Secret Thirteen allowed us to see their shitty, shutty health “care” bill which is—wait for it—even shittier than I could have imagined.
—PFAW is on it with a petition.
Signed a few more from my phone. So no links. Deal.
—And called Susan Collins again after the bill was released.
—And a DailyKos form letter to Collins.
—The guy who’s running against Paul Ryan had a petition opposing the GOP plan, too.
—The Twitter.

Friday, June 23

Collins. Call. Gonna call again.
—There’s a G20 summit in Germany, where Trumphead will try to bully other leaders into dumping the Paris climate deal like that asshole did. C’mon, Angela.
—Oddly, I believe that WalMart should pay its workers a living wage.
—The Republican Party is actively attacking the press (at times, physically).

Saturday, June 24

Called again. Told you.
—DailyKos letter prompt to Collins.
—Joe Manchin is a Democrat in name only. Chuck Schumer shouldn’t be cozying up.
—Signed a number of online petitions from my phone, while I was curled up in bed trying not to think about all the things I was signing petitions about.
—The Tweets.

Sunday, June 25

—For the AV Club, wrote about John Oliver taking on the anti-vaxxer crowd. (Of which Trump is, of course, a part.) I will not be dipping into the comments.

Monday, June 26

—Another petition on health care.
Republicans want to withdraw from an agreement to grant citizenship to foreign nationals who’ve aided the US military. Because those people are brown.
—Care2 petition on the Republicans’ tarry-souled health plans.
—AARP is also not a fan.
The Twitter. 

Tuesday, June 27

Single payer. Why not—something has to emerge from this seething shitshow.
—Sure, she’s got a dumb name and made the colossal mistake of leaking NSA info on #TrumpRussia to The Intercept instead of WaPo or ProPublica, but Reality Winner is helping save the country.
—Jeff Session definitely calls it “medicinal mary-juwanna.

Wednesday, June 28

—White Texas cop, dead black teenager, white Texas cops lying to cover up the shooting. Another day in America. Independent prosecutor needed.
Trump’s racist ICE shock thugs are deporting this kid to a country he’s never been to.
—Save the ACA, DHHS.

Thursday, June 29

—Trump’s corporate stooge (and head of the EPA, because fuck everything) Scott Pruitt would like to despoil some of Alaska.
—I canceled my Paypal after Peter Thiel was outed as a Trumpie. Petition for others to ditch it if they don’t stop acting as the go-to funding platform for Nazis.
—SMU was plagued by racist fliers. A student protested with one of her own. SMU punished her.
Lin-Manuel Miranda
has a great (and fun) new fundraising thing going for immigrants’ rights groups. Wrote about it, and him being basically wonderful, for the AV Club.

Friday, June 30

—Called the Maine Secretary of State urging him to join the 22 (so far) states refusing to comply with Trump’s racist voter suppression czar (I said it) Kris Kobach in mining personal voter data. The Republican Party knows they can’t win without changing rules, stealing Supreme Court justices, and gerrymandering and suppressing voters they know they’ll never, ever earn with their shit ideas. Fuck these people. (Now it’s 24!)
More health care, this time from the AFL-CIO.
—Trump and the Republicans want to destroy the Johnson Amendment, which essentially enforces the whole church-state separation. So that’s… typical.
—More screaming into the Twitter void for another month of this daily nightmare. On to July!



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