My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” August page-a-day calendar


Another month. Still here. The worst people in the country run it. The rest of us do what we do. I can’t do much, not on my own. You’ll see, as ever, a lot of petitions, a lot of phone calls, the donations I can spare to organizations full of people with more will and organizational skills and smarts than I’ve got. This blog got taken over by this monthly exercise in keeping the panic tamped down, venting profanely, and giving myself documentation of the concrete things I do each day. That way this whole rotten tangerine nightmare doesn’t just melt together into a toxic sludge of ignorance and hate and hopelessness. It actually has worked relatively well, in that respect, at least.

Regardless, not gonna stop. Not ever. The country’s on fire. Let’s go. Hit it.


Tuesday, August 1

—One of the main elements of the prison-industrial complex is disenfranchising felons. Petition to kick things off.
—Another one is locking up disproportionate numbers of young black men for weed while America marches toward legalization. Senator Cory Booker is introducing a nationwide legalization effort.
—Dead-souled corporate shill Scott Pruitt (who’s also the head of the EPA because Trump has turned America into a sick, remorseless joke) wants to gut smog regulations. He’s the head of the EPA. Just putting that out there again.
—The August Twitter offensive begins.
—Wrote about Al Franken—that’s Senator Al Franken, to you—on Colbert for the AV Club. If we have to have unlikely TV personalities as influential politicians in our lives, I’ll take him, Al Franken.

Wednesday, August 2

—Sinclair Broadcasting is the largest owner of local news stations in the country. They also force local stations to carry low-rent Fox News-esque propaganda. Maine’s Channel 13, WMPG is one such station and Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree ain’t happy. (Here’s a fine piece by John Oliver about this bullshit.)
—Hey, maybe don’t get into a shooting war in Syria. Just a thought.
—Wrote about Samantha Bee’s musical takedown of Trump’s pet racist (voter suppression variety), Kris Kobach, for the AV Club.

Thursday, August 3

—Biggest to smallest, top to bottom, the Republicans are leaving no way to hurt poor people untried. Now—let’s take away their cell phones!
—And their access to low-cost, completely necessary medications!
—And another!
Billionaire dilettante bigot Betsy DeVos (the head of the Education Department, because America is in the hands of literally the worst possible people) is meeting with rape apologists and “men’s rights activists” (you know, sad, dickless cretins) to undermine rape protections on college campuses. No, that’s not me making up crazy shit to prove a point.
—Hey look, Washington DC cops are openly wearing KKK regalia. So that’s… horrifying.
—Twweeeeeeet, damn you.

Friday, August 4

—Made a recurring donation to ProPublica, largely in response to racist little hate-kobold Jeff Sessions most recent attacks on the press.
Abortion rights are human rights. No debate. I’m done debating with people who don’t see women as human.
—Look, John McCain got all the press (as he intended) for voting against the Republicans’ loathsome health care bill. But Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is also battling cancer, and she interrupted treatment to vote against it—without having to be forced into it. Hero.
—Trump and his pet spider monkey racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions are attacking affirmative action, using the age-old white person excuse “reverse racism.” Which is the grossest proof yet of this administration’s white supremacist agenda. I mean, it’s a close race, but…
The Twitting. 

Saturday, August 5

—Trumphead is blundering ahead with his bigoted transgender military ban (differentiated from his bigoted Muslim ban). Fuck this guy.
—Pressure banks to stop funding Trump’s bigoted agenda by getting them to stop investing in his immigrant concentration camp detention centers.
—And hey, bank-folk, how please note that your funding of disputed, polluting oil pipelines has not escaped our notice.
—People in congress—including a shocking number of democrats—want to make it a felony for individuals to take part in boycotts of other nations (it’s about Israel) for political reasons. This is unconstitutional nonsense, obviously.
—The grift is on, what with the Grifter-In-Chief in the White House and all. Now he’s looking to abolish regulations that ban US companies from dodging billions in taxes.

Sunday, August 6

—Prisons are cutting off in-person visits in favor of expensive, unreliable, and isolating phone or Video-only visitation. Senator Tammy Duckworth is calling bullshit, and so am I.
—Naturally, the Republicans see Trump as their casino greeter to despoiling the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge.
—Tinyhands McGoo is looking to fire Robert Mueller, the person investigating him and his cabal for treason. Anyone who stands for this is one of those stereotypical peasants whose fruit carts get tipped over by El Comandante’s stormtroopers in a bad movie.
—The Democratic Party would like me to sign on in support of their “A Better Deal” agenda. I did so, even though the Democratic Party remains mumblingly awful at promoting itself.
—Nissan is engaging in some serious Pinkerton shit in trying to keep some of its American workers from unionizing.

There is power in a union. Also, this is just a great movie. 

—Trump turned a Boy Scout jamboree into a neckerchief-ed, short-pantsed white supremacist rally.

Monday, August 7

—Hey, GOP? Yeah, that game show host with the long history of racism and sexual harassment (at least) that you (sort-of) elected president is going to tweet us right into a nuclear war that ends life on Earth. So, thanks, dickheads.
—As cartoonishly venal as Trump is, the Republicans are doing everything they can to bull-rush every horrible thing they can get away with before… well, you know. That’s evil. Here’s where they’re trying to despoil some ocean.
—Bernie wants Medicare for all. I’m tiring of Bernie and his increasingly bro-ed out, dismissive acolytes, but sure.
—Trump’s on vacation and still managed to bring the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Wrote in the AV Club about Colbert and Meyers‘ takes on that whole… situation.

Tuesday, August 8

—Credo Action petition urging Dems to support Medicare for all while everyone’s super-pissed at the Republicans’ attempt to literally kill moms, kids, and loved ones.
—White House site petition urging Dipshit to not interfere with a governmental report about climate change. Because that’s something we have to fucking worry about now.
—Wrote about Stephen Colbert’s take on how we’re all gonna die for the AV Club. It was funny. We’re all gonna die.

Wednesday, August 9

—When billionaire bigot dilettante Betsy DeVos isn’t the worst person at the Department of Education, that’s a problem. Meet Candice Jackson, who took the side of rapists and rape apologists everywhere when she proclaimed that “90%” of all campus rapes are the result of silly drunk women lying. These are evil people, and Claire McCaskill would like Candice Jackson fired, please.
—Hey, Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a QB job. And the NFLPA (his union!) won’t say a word on his behalf. Nothing like a league-ful of old, white men deciding to punish an uppity black man for daring to speak out about equality.

Thursday, August 10

—As a palate-cleanser amidst all the racism, here’s a petition demanding UPS pledge not to ship “hunting trophies.” You know, the decapitated heads of endangered species that rich white scumbags pay thousands to shoot so they can feel like big, manly men with functional, adequate-sized penises. You know, like the dipshit sons of the dipshit “president.”


Pictured: Two trust fund halfwits grinningly holding the corpse of a creature worth approximately 5000 times more than they.

Friday, August 11

—Wrote about Stephen Colbert havin’ a li’l fun at Trump’s childishly megalomaniacal need for complete and constant validation at all times for the AV Club.
—Donated $25 more bucks to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dunno what else to do.

Twitter-wars, this night mostly about the caught-on-camera-and-soon-to-be-publically-shamed-if-I-can-help-it white supremacists rallying in Charlottesville tonight.
Anti-Nazi petition.
—”Hey Fuckhead, don’t toilet-tweet us into a nuclear war with north Korea” petition.

Saturday, August 12

—In Charlottesville, the Nazis marched, and then one of them drove his car into a crowd of anti-Nazi protesters. Many injured, 30-year-old Heather Heyer is dead. A Nazi terrorist attack in a US city. Donald Trump called out “both sides.” Refused to mention, let alone condemn, the white supremacists chanting Heil Trump and making Nazi salutes in his name while they carry torches. The president if the United States is a white supremacist. Been saying it for a long, long time, and been called a hysterical Social Justice Warrior for the trouble. Well, Heather Heyer was a Social Justice Warrior. Warrior. And so am I.
—Here’s a Twitter hashtag I started to call out and identify bigots. Flush them into the light and then flush them out to the damned sea. #MakeBigotsFamous. 

Sunday, August 13

—The NRA is a racist terrorist organization.
—In addition to human decency, Trump and his minions hate science.
James Alex Fields Jr. is a Nazi terrorist who killed a woman and injured a lot more people. Jeff Sessions is a stone-cold racist who’s also—because America is trash—the Attorney General. He will fight any attempt to call white supremacist bigots what they are, let alone prosecute them.

Monday, August 14

—There are several bills (from those wacky Republicans) seeking to make it legal to run over anti-racist protesters. Because that’s who these people are.
—And let’s not forget the whole Trump-Russia thing.

Tuesday, August 15

—So today, Donald Trump openly doubled down on his defense of the Charlottesville Nazis. Unequivocally. I don’t care if it’s Bannon, Miller, Gorka, or Satan himself whispering in this prick[‘s ear. Donald Trump has tossed in, once and for all, with Nazis. Gloves off. Shit’s on.
—And to start things off on the meekest possible note—petition! Granted, it is for Shithead Johnson to be impeached, but I’ll do better.
—Even weaker: This petition only calls for Fuckhead to be censured.
—But seriously, impeach this bitch.
—The Dems are calling for a motion of “no confidence.” Which, meh.
—Marginally better: Called Maine Republicans Susan Collins and Bruce Poliquin to tell them that they will be held accountable if they don’t immediately call for Trump’s impeachment.
—Hey, you know how Trump went out and made a point to make excuses for the Charlottesville Nazis? Stephen Colbert wasn’t having it, and I wrote about that for the AV Club.

—Wednesday, August 16

—Trump and his wee little hate-leprechaun Jeff Sessions are trying to get an anti-Trump website to turn over the personal info of over a million people who think he’s a dick. He’s a dick. Please feel free to read this website, wherein I spell out why you’re a dick. My name is Dennis Perkins, and I approve that message.
—Fire Trump’s Nazi Hutt, Steve Bannon.
—As Seth Meyers showed, Donnie doesn’t like to be told to condemn Nazis because Donnie is a big, racist boy. Wrote about it for the AV Club.
—The Twits.

—Thursday, August 17

Defend DACA. You know, against the white supremacist president.
—Bing-Bong and his fellow corporate stooges are shutting down any science that might prevent them from looting the world’s natural resources.
—Hey! Remember how Trumpies said we were being hysterical when Trump cut off funding and manpower meant to investigate the rise of white supremacist terrorism? Because I sure as fuck do.
SNL is back! Sort-of. I wrote about the Trump-heavy Weekend Update: Summer Edition for the AV Club. I don’t think I nailed Tina Fey. (Yes, I wrote that on purpose.) Still, her “sheetcaking” bit was funny, and I think there’s more going on that the criticism being lobbed at it would suggest. Regardless, I’m pissed I didn’t get into it more fully.

Friday, August 18

Wrote for the AV Club about Stephen Colbert bringing on the host of Face The Nation to get tipsy and very genteelly suggest that Donald Trump is off his fucking nut.


Saturday, August 19

—My friend Samuel James and I dove down to Boston to march against the Nazis planning their “free speech as long as we’re talking about yelling slurs at brown people, Jews, and women” rally. It was a long, restorative, inspiring day, where 40,000 people scared the piss out of the 100 or so Nazis who dared to show up (for about a half-hour). Poor babies.
—Twitter, with heatstroke.


Me, Sam. Not pictured: Nazis, who fled.

Sunday, August 20

—John Oliver took time out from ripping Trump (okay, he did some) to write about how Congress keeps kicking the nuclear waste can on down the block. Wrote about it for the AV Club.

—I had a wonderful sunny Maine afternoon looking at wild animals with my perfect niece. That’s what you call self-care, people.

Monday, August 21

—After betraying his knuckle-dragger followers (Mexico ain’t payin’ for nothin’), Dipshit wants Congress (you know, meaning those tax-paying knuckle-draggers) to pay for his racist Game Of Thrones wall.
—Amidst all his racist bullshit, never forget that Trump’s in this to loot the country.
—Bannon and Gorka are out, but let’s pressure the networks to stop booking them (and still-employed minor concentration camp commandant Steven Miller) on their airwaves.

Tuesday, August 22

—A judge messed with Texas, throwing out the Texas GOP’s bullshit, racist gerrymandering and voter suppression-for-all. Beto O’Rourke, who’s running to unseat human slime-salamander Ted Cruz wants people to sign on against the Republicans trying that nonsense again.
—Another greedhead, polluting pipeline is set to despoil some sacred Native lands. Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline, in case you’re looking for a new thing to be pissed about.

Wednesday, August 23

—Petition for news organizations to stop using the term “alt-right,” a rebranding effort by Nazis, white supremacists, and assorted dickless scumbags. All of which would be acceptable replacements for “alt-right.”
—I think people should be able to afford necessary medications. That’s what a Commie I am.

Thursday, August 24

—There’s something called the DISCLOSE Act, which would force politicians to, um, disclose sources of what’s currently called “dark money.” Strangely, they don’t like that idea. Hmm.
—Racists hate DACA. So does the Trump administration. Hmm.

Friday, August 25

—Before Trump tweets us into nuclear war from his gold toilet.
—Or gets a reporter or someone he rage-dumps at killed. Again, from his golden toilet.
—Oh, Trump wants cow cursed into human form but still possessed of a cow brain Sam Clovis to be the head scientist of the USDA. You know, despite the fact that he’s outspokenly anti-science. And a conspiracy nut. And a bigot. And not a scientist. Moo.
—Petition to stand up for science. The concept of science is under attack by these people. Science.

Saturday, August 26

—Hey, Trump voters! Dickhead wants to cut your overtime pay! Great work, gang!
—Senator Kamala Harris wants hearings on the (Trump-endorsed and aided) rise of white supremacist groups in the United States.

Sunday, August 27

—Houston is underwater, so naturally Trump’s racist shock troops at Border Patrol and ICE are using the mass evacuations of families fleeing a hurricane to look for more brown people to deport. I hate these people. Just, hate.
Seriously. Hate.

Monday, August 28

—Trump wants to use NAFTA to pillage other countries without oversight. Which is so him.
—Corporate stooge (and head of the EPA, because everything sucks now) Scott Pruitt wants to end the ban on several deadly pesticides, because they’ll only be poisoning poor people, presumably.

Tuesday, August 29

—Scotty also wants to end the Clean Water Act. There’s a buck in it.
—In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and another, possibly worse storm heading for Florida, Republicans are trying to gut federal flood insurance. There’s a buck in it.

Wednesday, August 30

—Scumbag and Scumbag Inc. want to deport DREAM-ers.
—Seriously, I hate these people.

Thursday, August 31

—Jeff Sessions really has a tiny little elf hard-on for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders.

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