My “fight Trump and everything he stands for” September page-a-day calendar


Friday, September 1

—Trump is, naturally, attempting to pack every court in the land with the whitest, most racist extremists in all the land. Let’s not have that shit.
—And again.
One more time.
Seriously, and the Republican Party is all about that nonsense, as well. Let’s not forget them when this horrorshow crumbles.

Saturday, September 2

—We need to keep information on DREAmers from wee bigot Jeff Sessions. There’s an act that congress should pass.
—And let’s keep these slavering bigots from wrecking 800,000 DREAmers lives in the first place.
—Here’s a good one-stop shop to fight this white supremacist bullshit.
—And here’s another. Do it, you.

Sunday, September 3

—In a non-Trump palate cleanser, Pepsi is murdering the rain forests.
—Hey! Republicans want to gut Social Security to pad their pockets! I hate them! Reject H.R. 3423, the Social Security Commission Act of 2017.
They’d really like a racist Game of Thrones wall, too.
—Letter to Susan Collins urging her to continue opposing Republicans’ efforts to kill people who can’t afford healthcare.

Monday, September 4

—The Democrats really need to (learn to) stand up and take swings every time Dipshit opens his damn mouth.
—HahahahahaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaa…. Trump has nominated an Oklahoma congressman named Jim BrideOfFrankenstein Jim Bridenstein to run NASA. Great pick! You know since Dingus doesn’t believe in climate change or, you know, science.

Tuesday, September 5

Billionaire dilettante rape apologist Betsy DeVos wants to destroy the public school system. She was a Trump nominee to head the Department of Education, shockingly.
—She’s also really, really interested in protecting the rights of campus rapists. Like, it’s her hobby.
Climate change and science denier Scott Pruitt was also put in charge of the EPA. Just leaving that there.
—And let’s urge Pruitt to ban a poisonous insecticide, which he will never do because of his aforementioned corporate shilling.
—Calling all Democrats to resign from the bogus, racist Trump voter fraud commision led by Trump bigot-pitbull vote suppressor Kris Kobach.

Wednesday, September 6

—Las Vegas police arrested NFL player Michael Bennett (violently) for no discernable reason. Oh, and Bennett is black. And has sat during the national anthem at NFL games to protest, among other things, police brutality. So, yeah.
—Seth Meyers had another voice of sanity, Jake Tapper, on his show and I wrote about it for the AV Club.
—Republicans want to renegotiate NAFTA to—wait for it!—pad some motherfuckin’ pockets.

Thursday, September 7

—Hey, you know how Texas and Florida are underwater due to climate change? Trump moved to gut Obama-led rules to combat flooding—in areas affected by climate change.
—DACA. Save it.

Friday, September 8

—There is simply no reason for Trump and his white supremacist li’l kobold Jeffy Sessions to cancel DACA other than bigotry.
—Same goes for banning trans people from serving in the military. Which that bloated cane toad never had the balls to do. So to speak.
—Oh, and more DACA. Congress needs to pass the DREAM Act. Now.

Saturday, September 9

—Urging Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree to join in on a formal censure of Trump for… well, it could be a lot of things, really.
—Some pathetic, dickless little toads sure looove their Confederate flags.
—The GOP would like to know my opinion on their traditional “tax breaks for us and our wealthy donors, fuck the poor and needy” tax plans. You know, I don’t care for them, as a rule

Sunday, September 10

—North Carolina continues to vie for the “shittiest state” title (although it’s too close to call). Here is a petition calling the state’s “it’s not rape if a woman withdraws consent” law, because, as everyone in NC knows, once you get a man all revved up, he deserves to ejaculate inside you.
DACA. Save it from bigots. It really is that simple.
—Speaking of bigots and other assorted soiled weasel-bedding, here’s John Oliver beating the squirmy crap out of Trump’s buddy, racist, disgraced (then shamefully pardoned) cop Joe Arpaio in the AV Club.

Monday, September 11

—Just get rid of the electoral college already.
—Republicans are really invested in passing laws protecting people who drive their cars deliberately into protesters.
—Seth Meyers puts all this “is Trump actually an independent?” gibberish to bed. Wrote about it for the AV Club.


Tuesday, September 12

—Hey, Democrats? Yeah, Dennis here. Anyone who capitulates to Trump in the time before this flailing national nightmare comes crumbling down will be primaried. Just a heads-up on this tax break nonsense, Heidi Heitkamp and Tim Ryan, you spineless goons.

Wednesday, September 13

—Trump has picked another—wait for it!—Wall Street lawyer to regulate Wall St. So that sucks.
—Speaking of feckless greed, Wells Fargo is shitty, even for a huge corporate banking entity.
—ESPN has reprimanded Jemele Hill for, among other things, calling Donald Trump a white supremacist. Which he empirically, unquestionably is.
—For the AV Club, wrote about Samantha Bee (who I love) doing a Full Frontal segment that I found a little “white privilege-y” concerning what to do with Nazis. You decide.

Thursday, September 14

—Bernie Sanders has a dozen or so Democratic senators co-sponsoring his latest Medicaid-for-all bill. Sure.
—Not specifically Trum-ian, but Brazil’s government is looking to despoil the rainforest at an even more Earth-strangling rate.
—Wrote about journalist Katy Tur talking about Trump’s creepy, creepy, creepy obsession with alternately insulting and sexually harassing her on Conan for the AV Club. Ew.

Friday, September 15

—The GOP simply will not rest until they kill some poor people by stealing their health care. Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy are pushing another “murder the poors” plan. Jesus Christ.
Letter to Susan Collins, urging her to remain opposed to this hateful bullcrap.
—And if there’s anything Republicans love more than poor-murder, it’s despoiling public lands.
—Pumpkinhead wants money for his racist, ludicrous Game Of Thrones wall. Let’s give that to hurricane victims instead, hey?

Saturday, September 16

—Now there are rumblings that trump has caved on pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement? or not? Anyway, here’s to mayors and governors signing on in defiance of him pulling out in the first place.
—Seriously. Enough with the wall nonsense, you ninnies.

Sunday, September 17

—Donated $25 to ILAP (Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project: Maine). I don’t have a lot, but I’m donating far more to worthy causes than ever before. So, thanks, Trump, you motivationally racist scumbag!
—Facebook took over $100,000 from a Russian troll-farm (which is not nearly as magical as it sounds) during the election, and is refusing to divulge the information. Zuckerberg…

Monday, September 18

Called Susan Collins office urging her to, again, stand up against the most recent effort of her party to murder some poor people.
—Another letter to Collins and King on the same, grotesquely cruel subject.
Defend DACA from Trump and his sweaty white supremacist pals.
—So says Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. And, you know, me.

Tuesday, September 19

Called Susan Collins (still silent), Angus King (stolidly against), and Paul LePage (raving asshole-bigot-bumpkin) urging them to come out against the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal nonsense.
Another petition, on the same infuriating subject.

Wednesday, September 20

—Another delightful aspect of the new GOP health-destroyer bill is elimination of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Because, evil.


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