After Stephen Colbert opens up his secret bar on The Late Show, Jennifer Lawrence calls Harvey Weinstein an “ass-boil”

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Just because I’m about to delete it from the AV Club CMS “drafts” folder, here’s a largely irrelevant story item I wrote about a memorably fun late-night TV interview. Memo to all you kids out there: If the site you write for has a carefully thought-out story-claiming process in place, use it! Otherwise, you’re scrambling to replace an hour of work with a few more hours of work. Possibly at 3 a.m. 

After Kyle Chandler brought along the whiskey for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, the throwback “watch celebrities get sauced on talk shows” vibe continued in delightfully entertaining fashion on Monday. There to talk to host Stephen Colbert about her upcoming Russian spy thriller Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence gleefully accepted Colbert’s offer of refreshment (in the form of some good-looking Cuban rum) from the bar he has hidden behind some paneling on the Ed Sullivan Theater set. It’s hardly the first time Colbert has broken out the hooch for a guest (or just himself), but, unsurprisingly, the professionally free-spirited Lawrence took to the bit with abandon, as did Colbert.

The two-segment chat between the two proceeded in predictably unpredictable fashion, as Lawrence sounded off in increasingly relaxed bluntness on a series of subjects. Sure, it’s unlikely Colbert’s plan to ply Lawrence with liquor wasn’t planned beforehand, but it was pretty clear that that wasn’t prop iced tea, as Lawrence upped her already garrulous persona as the show went on. (Second guest and noted liquor aficionado Patton Oswalt, following in Lawrence’s boozy, shoeless footsteps, nodded appreciatively when Colbert busted out the bourbon for his segment.) She answered Colbert’s question about Harvey Weinstein’s attempt to use Lawrence to rescue his irredeemably obliterated reputation by calling Weinstein, “that horrible ass-boil that won’t go away.” She told Colbert about her double-shot of inappropriate behavior at Amy Schumer’s recent wedding, hinting at some saucy dog talk that managed to make even seemingly unshockable comic Bridget Everett blush, and making a long, unreciprocated pass at fellow guest Larry David. And, after taking off her shoes and stroking Colbert’s face before the first commercial break, Lawrence told the host about her plans to take a year off from acting to work with students on “getting big money out of politics,” stressing that her hiatus isn’t in any way due to being burned out with the grind of press tours and dealing with being dragged into industry sex creeps’ public meltdowns. “I really love my job and I’m very happy,” deadpanned Lawrence, before shooting the camera a long, long look, and taking another drink.

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