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Dennis writes stuff for the week of 1/25-1/31

Weeks now are strange. All marked out by deadlines, the need for more deadlines, and fear of both having deadlines and not having deadlines. I joke about being “a gentleman of leisure,” since I work at home (or from home—take … Continue reading

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TV Review: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia— “Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo”

I’ve written—at length—about how this show is a uniquely impressive outlier in TV comedy history. Sure, it seems, on the surface, like coming out of the starting gate for its eleventh season with a sequel to a beloved episode is … Continue reading

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“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”—Underrated, or the MOST underrated?

I spent, genuinely, about 100 hours researching and writing this overview of Sunny for the A.V. Club. I regret nothing. From the thing: With all these pieces in place, Sunny began to explore the nuances of human depravity with dizzyingly … Continue reading

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