TV Review: Married— “The Sandwich”


Brett Gelman & Sarah Burns in Married. (Courtesy of FX)

This is a show whose low-key, subtle virtues are being watched by, apparently, nobody. Clearly, I am fond of the hard sell. From my review at The A.V. Club:

Luckily for A.J., Abby proves a much more interesting subject than anticipated, especially since her inability to keep from fixating on the sandwich that kept the bereaved husband from his wife’s bedside at exactly the wrong moment scotches Lina’s plans to match the two up. A.J. appreciates a good trainwreck, but he also finds Abby’s constitutional inappropriateness familiar enough to decide to join in, partly to amuse himself, and partly because the widower is such a self-indulgent pill. When he and Abby ditch the date in order to find the best pastrami sandwich in town, Lina ends up at the graveside of the guy’s dead wife, where his statement, “I miss the boring shit, the everyday nothing” brings a smile to Lina’s face as she sums up Russ. “I love the boring shit. My husband’s boring. I mean he’s regular…he’s great.” Judy Greer can go broad brilliantly, but in moments like this, where warmth emerges grudgingly from beneath Lina’s wry, weary shell, she’s an actress of heartwarming subtlety.

Read the whole thing here. And watch Married already, Jesus…

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