TV Review: The Last Season of Monty Python’s Flying Circus

I wanted to love you, Mr. Neutron.

I wanted to love you, Mr. Neutron.

I wrote this for Videoport Jones, the blog I started for the late, lamented Videoport, the video store where I worked for a ridiculously long time. (This will explain the very Videoport-centric references, which I didn’t take out, because of sadness.) For some reason, we didn’t have the last season of Python, which always gnawed at me. After refreshing my memory of that season—which I’d only really seen in pieces and thought “hm, they’re having an off episode,”—I realized, once I’d watched it all in a lump, that pretty much all the badness was concentrated in this one, sweaty, effortful season. Yipes. From the thing:

Recently, I made the plunge and finally broke down and bought the entire series on DVD (and of course, Videoport will give you a free rental if you do the same from us- PLUG!) And so the lovely Ms. Elsa S. Customer and I have spent a nerdily-delirious week plowing through the entire, giggle-fit-inducing, awe-inspiring sketch comedy legend, because we are Python fanatics and comedy geeks (and because my lovely wife indulges my geekiness to an almost saintly degree.)

Until we came to season 4.

A couple of facts you might not know about this, final, Python season:

1. John Cleese had left the show after season 3.


2. It will bum you out.

It really will. (The exception is the enduringly creepy and conceptual “Michael Ellis” episode, which Emily rightly calls a precursor to Mulholland Drive. (It makes sense when you hear her explain it.) Anyway, read the whole thing here.

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